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I have blond hair and inherited baldness, so I'm either completely bald, buzzed, or have it short enough to where I don't look older.

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After my time in the military I'm going for the obligatory Jesus look.... How ever the fucking Marines and their short hair cuts is making this process slower than I'd like

This will be my first time with long hair. For the past Few years I rocked a Infantry haircut, and before that during highschool no longer than an inch on the sides and 2 on top.

Right now rocking some facial hair and my hair looks like The Beatles kinda like Ringo from the 60's.

Oh yeah, my hair is A light brown with some Red/White............

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I like my hair short, but right now I have short hair on the sides and back, kept the hair long on the top. Also it's black.

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Christopher Walken circa 1991.

Was going for a Guile look, but couldn't pull it off.

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You know default Commander Shepard? Like that.

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Its... uhh...

What the name for 'very thick yet fairly short with no particular attempt to style it'?

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Mohawk. A simple one.

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Growing it out. I fear of my receding hairline is getting worse so I don't know if I'll end up bald later in life so I'm just letting it grow out while I have it.

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I used to have long hair but now I keep it short.
Here's an old picture of me.

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Pretty sure there's already a thread for this question. 
Same length as the kid <- just black and no gel. 

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I'm a baldbeardo.

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A number 16 on the barber hairstyle chart.

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Mine is brown and relatively short. I have a fringe swept across my forehead, and tend to spike the rest of it.

There's a picture of me on my page if you're, for whatever reason, interested.

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Basically this except my hair is black and hangs to the left. When FES came out and I started playing it, my roommate's girlfriend asked if I had made the main character to look like me.

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long on top shaved on the sides. If anyone knows who Dallas Green is, Like that

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Short blonde hair with blue eyes. The american dream, duders

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Buzzcut baby. 0 all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea

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That depends, doesn't it?

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Short back and sides.

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Straight, waist-length. I headbang like a motherfucker.

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1 inch on top, 3/4 on the sides. Sometimes I flip the front up

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I used to have long hair that came down to the middle of my shoulder blades with closely shaved sides and back. Now I have short hair. It looks like Thomas Gibsons (Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds) hairstyle.

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Far too long, but that's how my wife likes it.

edit: oy..

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Much like OP, inherited balding, so I keep it buzzed.

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mohawk yo!

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My hair's curly and black. Grows thick really quickly, too. I used to keep it long but it was terrible to deal with. Untold numbers of hair ties had been sacrificed in futile attempts at taming it all. Now it's super short and hassle free.

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Shorter hair, black. I style it on EXTREMELY rare occasions.

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Short all around, sorta like in this picture. The face is blurred for security reasons at the time

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it's short used to be long kind of a light brown maybe a really dirty blonde kind of colour

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@Darkraven said:

mohawk yo!

YEAH! Finally another duder with a mohawk.
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I get a number 1, so very short.

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@Giantstalker said:

Short all around, sorta like in this picture. The face is blurred for security reasons at the time

Pfft security reasons lol

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@MikeGosot: cheers mate! pics or gtfo! :)

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@Darkraven said:

@MikeGosot: cheers mate! pics or gtfo! :)

CHEE-- Oh, I don't take pictures of myself... *Getting the fuck out*
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Yosuke hair.

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Shoulder length and freaking curly.
Either black (natural) or red (not so natural) most of the time.

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Brown shortish and I never style it or do anything with it.

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@MikeGosot: :D oh well! I tried! :D

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@clumsyninja1 said:

Short blonde hair with blue eyes. The american dream, duders

I don't think an Indian dude immigrates to America thinking he's going to turn into a blonde haired blue eyed man. 
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Long and unkempt.

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Shaved down to the wood.

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Parted on the right, and going <------ that way.  Short/Medium length. I was tired of long hair so I just went for something simple.

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Just below the shoulders, slightly wavy at the ends and jet black.

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I have a jewfro

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Exactly like this but a little less curly in the bangs.
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Short at about a 2.

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@Masha2932 said:

A number 16 on the barber hairstyle chart.

They are all too short, so I am none of them. Medium length, wavy and auburn. No chance of going bald short of chemo.

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@Contrarian: Look at the positives man. If you are none of them, then you are obviously all of them combined.

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I look startlingly like this dude.