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So I'm a budding web designer/developer, but I'm feeling a little schizophrenic. I keep bouncing from editor to editor, IDE to IDE, and I just can't seem to settle on any one environment. Just so you feel my pain, here's a list of programs I've worked with over the past three weeks:

  • Aptana Studio 3 (a full-featured, albeit unwieldy IDE that's slow to load, but has one of the best predictive text interfaces I've found so far.)
  • Sublime Text 2 (came across this via Snide's recommendation during the re-design discussion...very aesthetically pleasing, but lacks some of the functionality I'm looking for.)
  • BBEdit (a better TextWrangler -- loads quickly, has a handy CSS "cheat sheet". It's a nice program, just not sure if it's for me.)
  • Espresso (has the best CSS editor I've ever seen, but it lacks in the auto-complete department, which slows me down a fair bit.)
  • JEdit (see my comment about Aptana, sans the awesome auto-complete.)

I think I'm forgetting a few. I've used TextMate in the past, but I'm not sure if I want to commit to that before the new version comes out.

Anyway, I'd like to know what other people are using. Do you have any recommendations? My wallet doesn't open very wide, so anything under $80 is preferable. Also, do you have any tips for someone new to coding? I'm pretty comfortable with HTML and CSS, and I'm building a pretty good efficiency with PHP -- still a little weak on the JavaScript front, though.

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Notepad++ on windows, gedit on linux. If you are a masochistic neckbeard, learn emacs (or VI if suicidal).

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Notepadd++ on windows and for Mac osx textwrangler or Xcode.

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Short Answer


Long Answer

When editing Html code I used to use Notepad, now I don't remember much. But for me it was all about the process, creating something, compiling it, then seeing if it worked. I came from a programming background so I liked getting down into the code. I liked remembering the code, and if I didn't remember it looking it up, or problem solving it. I didn't like the ease of pop-ups, or fill in the blank code, I understand them, and I see there need to exist, but I felt more a part of the process if I did everything my self.

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Coda It does everything I want it to do and is cleverly designed.

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Back when I could still remember HTML it was notepad and that Adobe program whos name is escaping my mind right now. Fire something iirc.

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I've been using TextPad for several years now. It's pretty good, at least for me. It's free, but it does bug you to pay every once in a while. About the most advanced thing it does is color code tags and whatnot so you know if you forgot to close something, so if you really want auto-complete look elsewhere.

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@Zidd: Coda is actually one of the editors I forgot to mention. I do like it.

@Dagbiker: I'm with you in regards to wanting full control over the language. The auto-complete, as far as HTML, CSS, and PHP are concerned, is more of a speed issue. I don't like writing the same tags over and over (and sometimes I miss a semicolon in my PHP, sloppiness on my part that might be remedied by basic automation.)

@VanillaPlant: Unfortunately I'm neck-beardless. I just took a look at emacs...you're not kidding: that's some serious business.

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@B0nd07: Yeah, I actually learned to code with TextWrangler, which is quite similar to TextPad. Both are great free programs that I'd recommend to anyone. I just need something a little meatier at the moment. Thanks, though!

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I use Notepad++ or TextMate for Windows and OS X, respectively, for coding and general purpose stuff. When I'm writing for the sake of writing, WriteRoom for OS X.

@crusader8463: I think you're thinking of Fireworks?

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Notepad++ and I also messed around with Sublime Text 2 a little

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@Colt45: its expensive for what it is but its worth it if you want an all in one solution.

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@Ubersmake said:

@crusader8463: I think you're thinking of Fireworks?

Dreamweaver is and GoLive was the HTML editor that Adobe makes.

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@Zidd said:

@Ubersmake said:

@crusader8463: I think you're thinking of Fireworks?

Dreamweaver is and GoLive was the HTML editor that Adobe makes.

Fireworks is weird. It was a Macromedia thing, before Adobe bought that company, but Adobe just kept supporting it as a separate product, instead of trying to roll it into Dreamweaver: http://www.adobe.com/products/fireworks.html

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I'm a sublime text 2 guy, switched from vim, ST2's vintage mode is pretty good, there are plugins to make it better. With the package manager plugin its really easy to install new ones too.

I do still use vim for a lot of things though.

I do a lot of python, some html/css, some js, as little PHP as possible (I hate it) and also some C.

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My school uses Dreamweaver and I'm building a website right now with it. It works, but it's not great. As soon as I'm done with this course I will look at other programs. I'll bookmark this thread so I'll know what to look for.

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EMACS or Vi. Both are equally capable.

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@Ubersmake: Ya. Those were the two I was thinking of.

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I use ScITE for general programming but mostly Java development or if I need to write SQL. I stick to Eclipse for Android stuff for obvious reasons.

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@VanillaPlant said:

[...] If you are a masochistic neckbeard, learn emacs (or VI if suicidal).

I came to give this terrible advice. It's heartening to see that there's someone else out there trying to drive coders insane.

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Notepad, but i almost never use it. I'm kind of old-fashioned.

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Vi, because I'm fucking hardcore.

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Sublime Text 2 on Windows/Loonux

Vim is fucking pointless unless you type like a normal person.

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Basic Text - Notepad or Open Office


Java - Eclipse

HTML - Notepad

Any other language? Notepad ++

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Notepad++ and Sublime Text 2. I'd like to thank Dave Snider for talking about Sublime Text 2 on the podcast. It's the best text editor that works on Windows, Mac and Linux that I've used. It's not perfect but it works really well. I'm trying to learn to use Vim since it's what all the cool kids are doing.

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@Riboflavin: I hadn't even considered looking into plugins ST2. Thanks!

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Notepad++ for me as well. The add-ons like the FTP plugin make editing files and uploading/downloading them seamless.

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Vim just beeps at you and then you don't know how to quit.

And no, you won't get RSI or "Emacs Pinky" if you press the Control keys with your palm and use the left Ctrl for keys on the right and vice versa. Press Alt with your ring finger.

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Leafpad or nano

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I use Notepad++

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Write Room for straight text, Pages if I'll need to do a lot of formatting.

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I use Vim. Occasionally gedit.