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   If this thread has been made before i apologize, nothing showed up in the Similar Topics window.
Question: When you play a game that lets you choose your characters sex, do you prefer to play as a man or woman? Why?
Answer: I honestly cant recall the last time i made a male character in a game. For me the attraction of making a female character over a male one isn't just the obvious, and now cliche, because of her butt. For some reason i have always found a strong female lead in any story to be more attractive and interesting then when a male is. Despite this i always find myself in uncomfortable and angering situations because of this decision in a lot of games. There is always at least one situation where you come across a character who see's you as worthless or less then, because of your chosen gender of female. But instead of being able to smack the guy around and teach him a lesson, or to even give back some smart ass remark all we ever get is an option to bat our eyes and giggle pretending like it never happened. 
The most recent game where i have noticed this, is Mass Effect when your sent to the bar on citadel station to talk to the drunk. As a female when you walk up to the guy he refers to you as a sexy "thing" and asks you if you want to go somewhere and fuck. Now I'm not an expert here, but if a girl walked up to a guy in a bar and first thing he said was " HEY SEXY! Why don't you and me go find us some place to get our fuck on!" there would be something said. But the only choices we get are to ignore it entirely and pretend nothing happened, or to do the equivalent of saying "Tee hee hee" and then pretending nothing happened. 
Anyway, didn't mean to go off on that tangent there, sorry about that. I'm just curious to know if other people like to play the opposite sex or the same sex when playing games. It can be a very interesting topic to hear everybody's reasoning as to why they play what they do. Do you always play a certain sex when given the choice? Do you hate to play a game when your forced to play one sex over another? Does it matter to you what sex you play? Do you always make yourself when ever possible? Do you just like seeing the world through a different perspective? or Could you honestly care less and just make what ever is default?

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Straight sex.

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If I know I'm going through a game more than once, I'll make one character a female, and the other a male.  Otherwise, I subscribe to the "I might as well stare at girl ass" philosophy.

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The kind where the girl is on top.
Sorry...it had to be done.

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Depends what I feel like at the time.

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My first characters in Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fable II were dudes, but my first Commander Shepard from Mass Effect was a lady (Miranda Shepard). Playing a female character is cool in roleplaying games, but I wouldn't probably do it in other types of games. I never played as Zoe in Left 4 Dead, picked a male dude for Far Cry 2, played through almost all of Tales of Vesperia with Yuri as my top dude, and same with Eternal Sonata, where I rolled Allegretto pretty much the whole way. As for fighting games, many of my favourite create-a-souls in Soulcalibur IV were female, and Taki, Talim and Xianghua are characters I love to throw down as. In Street Fighter I love playing as Chun-Li, and same for Pai Chan in Virtua Fighter. But none of the Tekken ladies really stood out to me...
I guess what I'm saying is I'll go either way depending on how the mood takes me. Wait, that came out wrong, didn't it?

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Male, because I am Male. Unless we're talking fighting games, I sometimes pick both male and female characters.

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I normally choose to pick to play as a girl. I would rather look at a girl for hours than a guy... just how it is. I also like choosing girls like Zoe in character selection games because normally no one picks them.

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I don't really care what I play as. As long as it's a likable character, then I'm satisfied.

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I usually play games twice if there's an option to do so as a different sex. For instance, if the game has character creation, I'll usually play as a male first, if only so I can make myself (with a manly cleft chin). Next, I'll make a female character whose looks, personality and general skill set are based on my preferences for a mate. The male is usually the nice, heroic, upstanding type because I just can't stand to see my avatar doing horrible, reprehensible things. I let my "perfect woman" character be the sociopath.
So... yeah. Both.

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I like to play as a lady, just to see what it's like. Yup, men are jerks.

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Wait does it actually matter who you pick in Left 4 Dead?  I just roll with whatever.

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I chose male because my first playthrough is usually that, but like in Fallout 3- i went abck and made a female person so i could try out all the black widow special stuff.
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I usually play as males most of the time.

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i play as male most of the time. the only time i choose girl if know there is going to be different parts in the game. resident evil 1 for the gamecube comes to mind. i played both chris and jen i thin her name was. the girl was a lot different to chris' part.

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#19 Posted by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

Almost always: male, but there a few games like GunZ that I use a female.

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#20 Posted by NickM (1156 posts) -

Male, but in L4D Zoey's my girl!

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Meh, female. It's an automatic choice, it's not that I dislike playing as a male in an RPG or anything like that. It's just, if you're trying to empathise with the character throughout the story, it's easier to do so if that character is the same sex as you. Particularly if they throw the "human dude or alien gal" question at you. ;)

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#22 Posted by zudthespud (3337 posts) -

My charachters in Fable 2 all started as dudes....

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I always play as a female character if given the choice, Ive done it every time except for in Fable 2

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Female, because when I make a character I want that character to be the farthest thing from me and if I make a dude character he always winds up being me...
Or if we are talking about an MMO in which case I am going to be staring at a characters ass for hundreds or thousands of hours on end then that ass better belong to a hot lady.

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I don't believe the "if I'd rather look at someone, have it be female" line. It's not like you're trying to multitask between oogling at female bodies while playing a video game. I believe it comes down to whether you want to admire your character or be your character. It makes sense that you'd admire a PC more if it were the opposite gender (or whatever your specific orientation is). Personally, I try to have my character act as I would, and when I play female characters, I lose a sense of immersion because its more difficult to place myself in their shoes.
There are some exceptions to what I believe, I'm sure. Some people would rather watch an ass they like because it means so much to them (somehow). In some RPGs (Oblivion is one for sure), I've made a female character after I've had a few males, but I could only really do it in story-driven games.

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The first character that I create in any game is automatically Male.  This is because I try to create a version of myself as close as I can.  Why do I do this?  I like the thought of it being me in a game.  No other reason.  My second playthrough/character is usually female just to see if there is any new dialogue trees that open up (Drunkin Mass Effect Guy) or if the story evolves differently.
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#27 Posted by GreggD (4595 posts) -

Men. Manly men. Manly men named Julius... But that's just me.

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#28 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

I find it hilarious how people that say "female because I want to stare at her ass instead of a males ass all the time" are most likely the same people that say "EWWWW ITS JUST PIXELS IN A GAME WHY ARE YOU NERDS ATTRACTED TO THAT!"
And I'm sorry, if all you do is stare at your characters ass during an RPG instead of making it as immersive as possible, You're doin' it wrong.

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#29 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
" Male, because I am Male. Unless we're talking fighting games, I sometimes pick both male and female characters. "
Because you like to beat your women, boy?!
;) Just kidding.
I usually pick males because, well, I am male. But I do like to play as females in a few games like Mercenaries and Left 4 Dead.
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#30 Posted by LiquidPrince (16829 posts) -

Depends on the game. Most of the time guy, but I look at what the characters look like. For example in Pokemon Platinum the guy looked like a douche so I chose the girl.
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I play with men.... wait... what?

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@RHCPfan24 said:
" @Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
" Male, because I am Male. Unless we're talking fighting games, I sometimes pick both male and female characters. "
Because you like to beat your women, boy?! 
Yes. XD
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#33 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4314 posts) -

Male, 100% of the time.

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#34 Posted by WitchHunter_Z (894 posts) -

Doesn't really matter to me, I either go and make the character I have in my head at the time that I think would be cool in that role, or when theres no character generation whichever character model looks the best.

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As i said in my OP i pretty much roll girl in every game. The only exception is in an MMO after i have played it for a long time. City of Heroes for example i have played for 5 years, and oddly the handful of guys i have gotten maxed out are all male despite the fact that 99% of the chars i ever made are female. I guess it was weird that all the classes i found i liked where on male character designs lol. 
I think the main reason i usually play as female is because i base my characters level of awesomeness on how they look, and i always find I'm able to admire the female form much easier then a mans. I'm the type to always run around in vanity mode (3rd person) and pan the camera around my character when ever I'm standing still. While i play the game i still make my in game choices as if it was me in that position, unless i set out saying ok this is going to be my uber good do no harm character, or my bring on da puppies for da kicking character.
And on the Left 4 Dead comments, i never play as Zoey. If i did how am i supposed to enjoy the nude mod! ^_-

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#36 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

I'll play as a male first playthrough, and then as a female on my second playthrough.

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#37 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Male, as Bushwald Sexyface only works as a man.

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#38 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

Male because I'm a guy.  Usually games with those choices are for role playing purposes, and I don't want to feel a gender disconnect with the character I'm playing as.  I want to  be that character when I play, I don't want to be controlling a character.

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#39 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

I'll more often than not, choose to play asa dude but my 2nd runthrough will always have a female character. 
Mass effect 2 though will probably have me continue as a woman though, considering that both voice actors for both genders are confirmed and well jennifer hale totally beat the male voice actors dry n bland performance for like every conversation there was in mass effect.
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#40 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

That actually depends on how good the character will look in the game. For example, when I saw a friends über-strong female in Fable 2, I was pretty repulsed and decided to go with a duder.
In Mass Effect I've gone with a female twice, but not because I stare at her ass.

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#41 Posted by Teptom (2074 posts) -

I usually play as a male. Immersion is key most of time and I can't get that if I'm playing as a gender I'm not.

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#42 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -

Doesn't really matter really, though moslty I play as a guy.

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#43 Posted by Damian (1521 posts) -

I usually make myself (a dude) first if I can, and go through making choices I'd like to make in those situations. Then I'll go through as my idealized girl (which never fails to raise a snark or two from the lady) and make her more of a bad ass, and pick a few of the darker choices my virtual conscience wouldn't allow my main dude to make. The girl will most likely use a vastly different set of skill/weapons as well.

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#44 Posted by MeierTheRed (5231 posts) -

Usually pick males. And if possible i always select the biggest, strongest and slowest dude i can, don´t know why. I already know i´m picking the melee class in borderlands.

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#45 Posted by Virago (2563 posts) -

I think it's pretty fair to say that guys pick guy players, and chicks pick chick players. Not all the time, of course, but i think that's the status quo. unless the chick is ugly, in which case, i'll just play as a freaking dude.

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#46 Posted by Mikemcn (8107 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ said:

Male because I'm a guy.  Usually games with those choices are for role playing purposes, and I don't want to feel a gender disconnect with the character I'm playing as.  I want to  be that character when I play, I don't want to be controlling a character.

Ya, and its always weird to have everyone refer to "you" as a she, like at the beginning of fallout 3, "We have a beautiful Baby...... girl!" Yo, what did you just call me?
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#47 Posted by Osaladin (2688 posts) -

I like for the in game character to be as much like me as possible, so a guy.

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male just because everything that happens and when people talk to your dude and things that happen to your dude I can relate more with
though when there is no difference between the 2 its always random
EDIT: though for MMOs it will usually be a girl because if your going to stare at this character fo a long time it should be a girl and last time I was a guy it was on WoW and some guy was making the kissing emote and thne proceded to tell me he was gay and than followed me around everywhere

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I usually pick the girl. If I'm playing a game for that many hours might as well have something pretty to look at.
In all seriousness the only time I have to pick the girl is in Left 4 Dead, only to stop Zoey acting like a retard with that fucking hunting rifle.

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I usually play as the male I am. I try to make the closest me possible with the character gen. because when I'm playing a role playing game that's me saving the world. Also, I like a lot of bioware games, and they've got a boning sub plot almost always. Let's face it, I don't want to play 60 plus hours to seduce a dude.