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A few weeks back super hungover an a lil baked my wife and I went to a yum cha place. I went at a vegan chicken bun too aggressively and got it stuck in my throat. It came back up followed by a lot of tequila. I tipped generously.

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@naru_joe93: Puking during a migraine always gets rid of it for me. Worth it every time.

You guys are my kindred spirits. I still get a lot of migraines.. last time migraine puking was on Thursday. Woke up at 3 AM and everything was going wrong with my body.

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Last summer. I got food poisoning or something so I had to miss work, and instead sort of just watched EVO in bed the entire time.

I feel sort of ill right now, so let's see if we can change that to "In like an hour"

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@buneroid said:

Just waiting for the Dark Souls stream to start and realized I haven't thrown up in many years.

Is this a normal reaction to Dark Souls?

I threw up a couple times a month ago right after coming out of anesthesia and a surgery. My body didn't like that I guess.

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It was March for me, got stomach flu or something for a few days. Before that it had been a year or 2. I sadly throw up....typically once a year I'll get sick enough to throw up and that's it for year minus colds and coughs

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This thread is gross.

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I got totally hammered about 6 years ago, then we went to a fish and chip place on the way back called "The Codfather" and I got food poisoning. Apparently I projectile vomitted black stuff all over my friends house, on the rug, up the stairs, and in the bath. I woke up at 4am with no shirt on in their back garden. It was terrible

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like 3-4 months ago after having extended catch up drinks with one of my friends. It was convenient that the "black out" portion was only about 30 minutes long just enough for me to end up on the wrong subway and realize I had puke down the front of my shirt and get reoriented. Yeah people get wasted at home its a way better way to do things/

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Last time was probably when I was like 8 or 9 due to probably the worst stomach flu / bug I've ever had. Looking at food, let alone trying to put it in my mouth would make me gag. After I threw up I ended up eating the left overs we had for dinner that night though, which was kind of funny. It's been a really long time since then and luckily I've never really had the feeling of needing to throw up. Consuming alcohol generally just makes me feel bloated, gassy and uncomfortable, but I have never really felt nauseous while or after.

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Yesterday. I choked on water and it came back up.

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I puke when I get really hungover or if I have a shot go down badly (I tend to avoid shots as a whole now). Maybe 3 or 4 months?

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I have diagnosed fear of public places and large crowds and i go to a big university, so i vomit at least once a week? Yup. Sucks. Need to go refill my meds >.<

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I can't remember, must be over 10 years when I was really sick.

Since then I've never thrown up, I can't get sick because of too many cheap beer( bars, festivals) because my stomach will just say" No more" and I can't drink one gulp more and with tasty beer like premiums like special distilleries and such I can drink all night, I'd get drunk and loud but not sick.

The only way for me to throw up is car sickness, on straight stretches I'm fine but I can't read or play my DS in the back of the car and curvy roads are a nightmare if I don't look out the window all the time.

#114 Posted by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

Like a year and a half ago, I think. I don't puke very often.

#115 Posted by Bismarck (450 posts) -

Summer of 2010 on an archaeological dig site, had a few drinks too many with my university mates.

#116 Posted by ChrisTaran (1780 posts) -

I average about once every few weeks. Sounds about right.

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It was about 2 years ago, I threw up after having surgery.

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It must have been last year. I had seafood in a restaurant for lunch and it obviously didn't agree with me or maybe I'm just allergic because I wasn't feeling too good in the evening. I took one of those odd fizzy medicines and sure enough I lost it. I felt a lot better afterwards though. What a delightful thread.

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Not quite sure it either was about a year ago or past February. I came home from a wild night out and made a grilled cheese. While that was heating up. I went to sit on the couch and passed out. Woke up briefly threw up and fell back asleep. I woke up when my dad found me covered in puke. Also that grilled cheese had been sitting on the grill for quite some time at that point. The stench wouldn't go away for about two weeks.

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I've been almost-throwing-up a lot lately. Also not eating much. I've been really stressed out lately and maybe I'm dying?

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Probably about 13 years ago.
I don't recall being sick before it happened, but I was in the middle of camming with a girl I was into at the time and then out of nowhere I felt woozy, turned my head and puked mostly off-camera.
Pretty sure that was the last time we talked.

#122 Posted by TheHBK (5662 posts) -

Maybe a couple months ago?

Haven't thrown up in a while because I was drunk, not since I was in college so a long time.

As for food, well I occasionally have issues digesting food, salmon seems to be a common problem for me. Where I will eat, then a few hours later, I will feel uncomfortable, kinda sick in the stomach and I know what it is. I go, make myself throw up, and there is what I ate, and it looks as if I had just swallowed it. It is weird. Sometimes my stomach just decides not to digest something and it can be kinda annoying.

Another weird thing, my last year of high school and beginning of college, I would have an issue where I would get queasy really fast after eating. I couldn't stand up and would have sit and wait for half an hour before I could get up and not feel like barfing all over the place.

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A few months ago when I had one too many.

#124 Posted by Blue_Eon (19 posts) -

After my gallbladder removal.

#125 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

A month ago, I get the worst hangovers if I don't stick to only a couple types of liquor.

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Hmmmmmm... That last time I remember was a couple of years ago when I had food poisoning at a restaurant. I think that the staff working at the time were newbies, so they made a little mistake on my order, but I forgive them.

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A few months ago I pushed a workout too far and during a ab exercise I actually threw up a little bit. But before it had been well over 5 years or so I think.

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11 years ago, which is pretty great considering that I dislike throwing up.

#129 Posted by Optix12 (640 posts) -

about a month and a half ago? I went too hard at a house party. I dont remember where or how i puked but the rim of my t shirt had some very puke like stains. Other than that its been a few years as I know my easy trigger is shots of anything. Theres no nice way shots can go down for me

#130 Posted by rand0mZer00 (360 posts) -

5 years ago. I would go on to find out later that day that I had Appendicitis & gallstones. I'm all better now though!

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Like 5 months ago. Second date with my current girlfriend. Ate some bad food and vomited all over her. Surprised we're still dating.

#132 Posted by notdavid (859 posts) -

Summer last year I was working outside a lot, and I have the constitution of an infant. I ended up throwing up every other day for around a month.

#133 Posted by Max_Cherry (1210 posts) -

Not since June 29, 1980.

#134 Posted by Quarters (2105 posts) -

I'm...honestly not that sure. Has to have been a few years, for sure. Never was a big throw-up person. Only happens if I am a very specific kind of sick.

#135 Posted by Svenzon (806 posts) -

About two months ago. Drank way too much at my birthday party. Actually I think it could have been averted if we didn't suddenly decide to honor Ryan by drinking stupid amounts of Maker's Mark.

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About ten minutes ago. I was working as a guard for a Bar Mitzvah tonight and they gave me some food that didn't sit well with me. Feel a lot better now though. Based on my track record maybe I should just never eat at work.

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Last week the Bacardi really snuck up on me.

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I got food poisoning last Christmas and I threw up an ungodly amount in a rough 24 hour period. I would just be on all fours over the toilet throwing up for a good hour or so at a time. Eventually, I threw up so much and my throat and stomach were in so much pain that I would just cry whenever I had to throw up again.

After I puked up everything but my soul, I passed out on the floor wearing nothing but my underwear. By choice. I was sweating like I just spent 12 hours working out and for some reason the floor was infinitely more comfortable than my bed.

It was quite the sad sight to behold.

Yeah, "food poisoning".

You damn junkie.

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Saturday...because, drinking (which so far i'm not great at). Made some pretty classic rookie mistakes a) I was sitting down the whole time b) was peer pressured into taking double shots c) made mixed drinks, lost track of how much booze I was dumping into the drinks. I learned some lessons at least. The dangers of making alcoholic beverages that are also tasty is the main one.

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Like 6 months ago hungover.

#141 Posted by Rick_Fingers (525 posts) -

Man I puked again this morning, I've had a sinus infection and wound up getting some phlegm caught in my throat and couldn't clear it and then it was time to hurl.

Bloody hell, not having a good run lately.

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Whilst it wasn't the last time, the best story comes from the time I drank way too much booze and woke up in a jungle covered in insect bites. I was told the next day I did a lot of throwing up in between those two points.

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A month or two ago from too much booze. And before that was New Years from... too much booze. I thought I learned.

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Sixteen months ago in a student festivity, after I won a shot (drinking) competition twelve drinks in.

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Last time I think was a few months ago from drinking too much. My friends and I had a BBQ (I was staying at their new place), we had a bottle of rum between us with coke. We didn't actually drink a ridiculous amount. I am quite the light weight though. They were fine, I most definitely wasn't. When everyone went to bed I felt reaaally sick. Ran to their bathroom but nothing came out. Then it finally came out and I had no choice but to run to their kitchen sink and projectile vomit into it. I then proceeded to drink loads of water very quickly because, you know, gotta hydrate yourself. Obviously I drank too much water too quickly which made me projectile vomit again, but this time pure water.

I felt very ashamed and cleaned the sink as best I could that night. I told them about it, they were fine with it as I hadn't left a mess.

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2 weekends ago, after getting trashed at a party and polishing off a bottle of bourbon, a bunch of us decided to see who could eat 10 McDoubles the quickest. I ended up winning (yay!) but that's not what caused me to throw up surprisingly, it was a couple of hours later when I was starting to sober up.

I felt super thirsty probably mostly from all the salt in those McDoubles but also not helped by drinking and started chugging down like water. Obviously I was still drunk and before I knew it I had downed about 2 litres which combined with everything else was too much for my stomach to handle.

#147 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4906 posts) -

Several months

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In da club about 2 weeks ago

#149 Posted by Sploder (918 posts) -

A few weeks ago I ate an entire box of chocolates and I felt so bad about it in my head that I purged. Not proud of that, but it's what I get for eating so much.

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A month or two ago I got some kind of food poisoningy thing. I was shitting through the eye of a needle at least a half dozen times a day for three or four days. I was doing OK with the throwing up side of things, and I'd managed to keep the contents of my stomach down throughout... Until I decided it was a good idea to start eating again. "It'll make you feel better" I told myself. Halfway through my plate of sausages and beans I had to run to the toilet to empty my stomach.

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