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I only talk to friends online.

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I only ever talk to people I know when I play. If it's just regular-ass matchmaking I don't give a damn about talking. Most likely I'll be alone in talking, or have some jackass respond with something stupid. It's been my experience so far at least.

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Gordon Freemen are so annoying! :O

I don't know how much it matters, but what I had in mind was co-op games.

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If its with random people I'll talk when spoken to but if I'm on Vent with mates I'll chat away as if we were in the same room.

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Usually Freeman. I often have it set so I can only hear people on my friends list anyway.

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I write, rarely talk as most in-game voice stuff is being abused enough as it is. I guess that's what makes 360/PS3 online gaming sessions a shout-fest, the lack of a proper keyboard.

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I usually gg folk over SSFIV, that's about it.

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I usually don't have a mic hooked up, but if I do, I'll chat a bit. Perhaps ironically, I actually chat less in socially focused games like MMOs.

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Depends what I'm playing. Cooperative I may put on my mic, after listening to the other players for a little to determine how high they rate on the 'Stupid Cock' meter. Competitive I'm almost always silent, unless someone calls me out... ashamed to admit that it has happened before quite a few times over RDR as well -_-'

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I only talk with my brothers or something using mic. I rarely use text chat as well, but when I do it is usually in games where I don't need to keep attention on anything special. Like in Shores of Hazeron.

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Somewhere in the middle. I'm fairly loud with my friends and I'll talk with randoms when I need to, but besides that, I'm pretty silent and mostly play singleplayer games. 

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I only talk to my party.

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I very rarely have anything worth saying to a random kid from across the country, so much that I rarely even put the headset on. 
I generally listen for a few minutes, and if someone is doing call outs or whatever will leave them on, and mute everyone who has terrible music playing or is getting yelled at by their mom or girlfriend. 
When I play co-op, the only person I am playing with is usually my brother, so yeah, we will talk.

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Firstly, to me online games are largely about chatting with some dudes while playing a game. If I'm not having a conversation, than I may as well be playing against really good bots.
Secondly, in CS at least you have to maintain constant communication in order to get things done. Since that's really the only multiplayer game that I play with any regularity, speaking is just a given.
EDIT: I should probably mention that one of the reasons that I stick to CS is that it has a low dude/douchebag ratio. Its not exactly Plato's Republic, but people are generally civil and relaxed. I assume that this is because only slightly older people still play CS, so you don't get many of the H4l0 r0xxors!111!!  type kids.

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I usually go out of my way to mute all players immediately and I never play with a headset in. 

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Barely ever. I only put the mic on when playing with friends, never with randoms.

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I talk on the mic with friends and my cousin during co-op games but, other than that. I just send "gg" text messages when playing the only online game I play. SSFIV. 
Where most people mute other players during game play, I think I'm one of the few that likes to listen to random people act idiotic. A sad form of comedy but, good for an occasional chuckle.

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I generally have my headset on, but due to family either being noisy or trying to sleep I'll rarely talk. 
@UnsavedHero said:

" … Where most people mute other players during game play, I think I'm one of the few that likes to listen to random people act idiotic. A sad form of comedy but, good for an occasional chuckle. "
I agree. Unless someone is being incredible offensive or noisy (like a malfunctioning mic or weird, constant heavy breathing), I'll leave it unmuted.
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Depends on the game.  When I play Halo with friends, we usually stay in game chat but don't talk to players that don't have mics.  If someone is being an ass, we usually call them out and usually kick their ass in the game (we've been playing together almost every night since Reach's launch).  You find that the douchey people are a lot less douchey whenever you can scream, "how's my dick taste?!" at the end of the match.  Of course, at that point they usually just leave the lobby without saying one damn word.

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Unless with friends I forego a mic entirely. The only exception would be L4D.

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Only talk to friends(text/voice)/people who talk to me(text). Im not really into talking online.  Except TF2 trade servers (GIVE ME MOAR HATS!!!!!111) 
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Depends on the game. I usually play with a friend and we have skype on the whole time so I talk with him, but in game I don't talk. If someone sends me a PM I will reply to it,unless it's something stupid, or if it's an MMO and you need to type something to point out what to do next I will. 
I like to listen to people talk though. Sadly most of the time it's just a bunch of idiots screaming at each other calling everyone a fag or a newb. When I join a server like that I just log off and find a new one. I don't have the patience to listen to that. I'm not ten years old and on the playground any more.

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I usually just play with friends and have a party chat going, but if not, I'll answer when spoken to, sure. I have a really bad accent though, so I try to talk as little as possible. When the game offers text chat instead (Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Minecraft), I tend to be quite chatty at times. It depends on the people I play with.

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I only talk to people on my friends list. Usually when I'm playing online, I'm playing COD and other online shooters where people tend to get their knickers in a twist. Almost anything you say can be taken as an insult, so arguments are constantly raging, and that just ruins my whole experience with the game. "Mute all" is a very necessary feature.

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i cant help but chat 
constant chats

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@UnsavedHero said:
"  Where most people mute other players during game play, I think I'm one of the few that likes to listen to random people act idiotic. A sad form of comedy but, good for an occasional chuckle. "
Oh yeah, same here. Mostly so I can also hear the rage when I kill them in a PVP match or whatever ;P Red Dead especially since that game online is more or less made up of whino sore losers.
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i love sore whinos 

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@ack said:
" i love sore whinos  "
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I talk to mates when we have a 6 man team on say CoD though I can't talk as much cause only a few of us speak when we play as a team for some reason?! In xbl party though alls well 
only talk to randomers if I have the mic on whilst playing or want to tell somebody to shut up. 
" I talk on the mic with friends and my cousin during co-op games but, other than that. I just send "gg" text messages when playing the only online game I play. SSFIV.  Where most people mute other players during game play, I think I'm one of the few that likes to listen to random people act idiotic. A sad form of comedy but, good for an occasional chuckle. "
yeah I have it on just in case somebody funny is on or there's somebody who isn't a douche.
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The only time I've actually communicated with others online while playing a game is when I'm playing an MMO.  Online shooters, people are just annoying and the group changing up from game to game.  With Web browser games, it's text-based and there are usually a hundred people talking at once in a single channel that I'd rather enjoy my game rather than waste time keeping up with the inane topics that pop into someone's head.

#34 Posted by matti00 (674 posts) -

I can't stand co-op, but in regular multiplayer I go no mic, mute everyone. Hey, it's not my fault everyone on Xbox Live is a dickhead.

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I like a little boring chit-chat from time to time..

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I talk when I need to. I don't like people who go on about pointless dribble that no one cares about. Fair enough to a friend but when someone in a WoW group is talking about their sick cat, you tend to not care.

#37 Posted by swamplord666 (1762 posts) -

in everything except MAG i either have no mic or i don't speak. In MAG i talk when i'm squad or platoon leader

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I voice chat whenever the option is available, because I am a sad, lonely man.

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I've very quiet haha if someone starts talking to me I'll obviously talk back but usually I'll keep talking to a minimum. I don't know if that has to do with my shyness in real life or if I just see no real reason to chat with the other players.

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Unless I'm playing with someone I know, my text is usually limited to game-pertinent information. i.e.:
"Their intel is at top of spiral"
"heal me pl0x"

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Depends if anybody else is talking during the game.  If other people are chatty, then I will join in.  If everybody else is pretty much silent, then I do the same.

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Sometimes I'm really quiet.  Sometimes I'm really talkative.  All depends.

#43 Posted by C4Turtle (37 posts) -

I don't have too many friends that play games online so I just keep quiet. It's one of the main reasons I don't get too into MMOs.

#44 Posted by Sin4profit (2952 posts) -

i usually dont plug in my headset unless it's obvious someone's trying to get some team organization going. I don't really have a regular team of people i play with so chatting with randoms is not my thing.

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Unless I'm playing with friends, I don't talk at all, and most of the time, I mute most of the people in the game.

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Not too often, really. I'm more interested in just sitting down and playing the game, but if somebody needs help and nobody else is answering, I'll usually pipe up and help them out.

#47 Posted by DonutFever (3554 posts) -

I may say something like "Good Luck!", "GLHF", etc. but mostly speak when spoken to.

#48 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

What's the point of playing online if you're not going to talk? You're pretty much playing with bots at that point.

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I must admit, I generally stay quiet, and mute mic. I really hate the thought of using voice unless with friends I personally already know. Especially as I'm a girl and it often ends with some random crude or lewd comments. Or the dude who says "oh muh god, a girl is playing!" as if he just discovered gold in his nostril whilst digging around for the remains of his brain. 
I do sometimes use text in games, depends on the type of game though, in WoW for example I use it all the time no matter who it is, but in a lot of console games I rarely bother. In ModNation online I did enjoy randomly hearing people singing during races... no idea why they did, still to this day.

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I mute microphones when it's not with friends. On the PC I chat away quite a lot depending on the situation.