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Well, I think this is pretty self explanatory.. Where are you from? I would really like to know since I don't want to feel like the only non-American person here (DISCLAIMER THING:I realize there is a thread for European GBers but this is for everybody, including Americans). Also, if you are living in a country that isn't your native, mention it please :)

I am from an ex-Yugoslav country that has the most awesome sea shore in the Adriatic I guess, Croatia! Yes, I realize Greece and Montenegro have nicer beaches but fuck you :D! Also I'm considering a movie to Belgrade, Serbia because it is the shit. And also i would go to college there but that is minor haha.

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Lansing, MI here. Sorry, just a boring old American. :)

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Norway, born and raised.

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(That's London, in a cockney accent. I was moved away to the suburbs though, so...)

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Born in Dallas Texas

Raised in Louisville Colorado

Currently in Rexburg Idaho

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Long Island, New York!

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Copenhagen, Denmark.

Love this site, but the time difference sucks for live events.

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Dublin, Ireland.

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Sintra, Portugal.

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London, England

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Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

Southerners smell funny...

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Middle of Texas.

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Birmingham, England. Total sh*t hole, but it's my sh*t hole :) .

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I hail from the city where the sleepy dawgs lie.

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Massapequa, Long Island NY

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Portland, Oregon!



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Durham, England.

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reykjavík, iceland

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@kerned: @nightriff: @mattgrant: @btsjigs: @blu3v3nom07:@jjweatherman: @max_cherry: @blu3v3nom07: Booooooriiiiiiing!!! Just kidding. I love the colonies! 'murica

@morningstar:Scandinavia represent!

@pr1mus: HEY! You people built my people an airport! Ich liebe dich. That was french, I swear.

@nickscorner: Denmark represent! Going to Copenhagen very soon for Easter! If it isn't awesome, I will murder you :)!

@spuirrel:I love you people

@snail:Woah. Woah. That may be the most awesome place in Europe for me :D!

@probablytuna:Hong Kong? Or Kennel City?

@davo:You mean Durrrrrrrham! Heh,heh.

@tylea002:Is it as dangerous as people make it out to be?

@canteu:Have you anything to do with Newcastle the club=

@bawlsz:THAT IS BAWLS!

@subbeh:Same with me and my city haha

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@kepler: I do not associate with football hooligans.

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@kepler: I was the hardest toddler on the block, and I've not lost my edge since.

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@tylea002: LOL

@canteu:Who says that everyone who likes (European, don't know about American) football has to be a hooligan?

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North Carolina, to be specific. In a county that's pretty much the outskirts of Charlotte. I was born and raised here. I hope to God I don't die here.

(For the record, I don't hate this place, but I'd like to be somewhere else.)

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Dayton, Ohio

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Massachusetts. United States of America. Earth. Milky way galaxy. Universe B.

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@kepler: I do. Or better put, I don't like sports of any sort.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Szeged, Hungary

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Minnesota, USA

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@spuirrel said:

Dublin, Ireland.

Are you by any chance a relative of James Joyce?

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Austin TX

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Áth Cliath, Éire.

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Alba: Glasgow . born in inverness grow up in dores right beside lochness.

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@alexandersheen:Hey! We were part of your country like a billion years ago! Cool I guess

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T Dot motherfuckers

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Austin, Texas

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Indonesia, living in Melbourne, Australia.

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Born and raised in southern California

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Bum-fuck-no-where, KY.... :/

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South Australian.

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Wexford, Ireland

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Middle of the Canadian prairies where the summers are crazy hot and the winters are crazy cold and the landscape is perfectly flat.