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You know the funny accents the Night's Watch use in Game of Thrones? That's my neck of the woods.

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Womb, mother. Spend my early days there, then was pretty much forced into a small town in Eastern Germany in 86. That year is famous for "Aliens" - my favorite movie! Coincidence? Most likely. Stand By Me was dope, too. River Phoenix ... goddamn ... Oh, and something happened in Chernobyl. Thick clouds coming over, acid rain was my Red Bull, basically. I have two penises. Identical in size. Microscopic, unfortunately.

Good times.

What were we talking about?

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Essex, UK.

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@shockd said:

@kepler said:

@shockd: Is the sea clean in Bulgaria?

The Black Sea is one of the dirtiest seas on Earth because of it's position. Now, it's still totally ok to bathe, you just need to know the right beaches. What's a plus is that it's much less salty than the other seas so you don't get sore eyes after swimming. And you? Which city do you hail from?

Oh dude! I just realized I didn't say where I'm from! I suck :)! Well, I'm from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb! There is no sea here, but the sea is pretty awesome in Croatia. Also, is it true that Bulgaria has nice beaches? Because ours suuuuck.

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Thessaloniki, Greece.

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@kepler: Yeah, there are some that are pretty awesome.

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Born on whidby island in Washington, moved to Southern California when I was 4.

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic