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I really started to get into following games about 2007, when I got into my first stable job. I think I started reading Kotaku religiously, and following Destructoid sporadically. It was this act that saved me from buying Kane and Lynch: Dead Men for more than a joke when Gerstmanngate happened. 
I had had the odd PSM or OXM when the cover looked nice previously or when I was about to buy that console though.
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@Evercaptor:  I started with gaming mags like EGM and Gamepro. After that it was the usual GS -> Giantbomb progression, although I was only at GS for a short time and learned about Gerstmanngate retrospectively. Once in a blue moon I'll buy a mag like Retro Gamer.
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I had a friend who used to go on a website called Gamespot, I checked it out and stumbled upon 'On The Spot'. AND THE REST IS HISTORY!

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I started with a Dutch magazine called 'Power Unlimited' around 1995. When the internet became available to me I typed "game reviews" and the first site I got was www.gamespot.nl. That site was total garbage. This was around 2000, I think.
Immediately I changed it to www.gamespot.com, and that's where it really started. Features like On The Spot and The Hotspot kept me on the site, and after GerstmannGate I got here.

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Gamespot since about 1998. Still blog there regularly with friends who've been the mainstay crowd for years now.
Giantbomb has of course taken over as primary haha.

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following as in reading about them? every since I was a 6 or so when I started playing games I also got games magazines and such. I remember in my teens I used to collect Gamefan (i think that's what it was called), man that was an awesome mag

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One night i saw an Atari 2600 taking a stroll down the street. I've been following videogames ever since

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Oh god, years ago I started following video game news with Next Generation magazine. That was a great mag. It was like EDGE is now but almost fifteen years ago. They had great coverage of the Dreamcast, 3DO, Playstation 2, N64 and so on. I think I still have all the issues I have in my house some where.
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Random magazines around 97.

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I had a Gamepro subscription through most of the 1990s, but in terms of the internet in 1997 I started reading Square.net which later became RPGamer.com.

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got GameSomethingorother magazines when i was little. never followed any gaming sites very closely until GB, which i just started going to like..less than 6 months ago

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I followed very casually as a listener to GFW Radio and a subscriber to the magazine, however I reached the peak of my interest when Giant Bomb launched. 

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I lived across the street from a shopping mall in 1986, and it had a very nice arcade. My first home gaming setup was an Atari 800XL. It was more like a computer, with a printer and other peripherals, but all I did with it was play games.

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When I got my 2600 (1981?).  Maybe before that since I used to read "how to win at arcade games" paperbacks at the local book stores.  When I got my first console, though, I subscribed to some early video game magazine.  I don't remember what it was called.  Later, when I got my first home computer, I got a couple of software magazines including those that had BASIC programming game code in the back.  What fun typing in a game line by line! 

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1997 or 1998 at Gamespot

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The first time I knew I was really into following games was when I started getting Nintendo Magazine every month and practically jizzing my pants over blurry screenshots of Turok 2. I had been a gamer long before that, but that was the window where I discovered just how passionate I was for games. Probably, 1996-7 or so. Maybe earlier, back when Wario had his own section giving out cheats in Nintendo Magazine. Turok 2 was 1998, and I remember buying mags for about a year before that.
Then when I realised I wanted to be a developer was when I first played Half - Life. Since then i've been actively following both commercial/review websites as well as indie development and business websites related to the industry. As well as working towards a career.

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Mid-90s with various magazines: EGM, PSM, Next-Generation; off the top of my head.

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I started playing when I was like 2 and on, the NES remains my favorite system and then started reading stuff about games online around 10 i think

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ScrewAttack in 2006.

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When I was about five, my grandfather was in the hospital. My family and I were at the hospital quite a lot as a result. After perusing the hospital gift shop, I asked my parents to buy me an issue of GamePro. That was GamePro issue two. Ever since then, I have been hooked. From there, I started getting several magazines regularly: GamePro, EGM, Game Players, Diehard GameFan, Next Generation, and others I'm probably forgetting. Then came the Internet...

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Somewhere around 2002-2003 I started using the Internet and finding video game sites. I was about 10 years old at the time. 

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1992 with Gamepro for me. I go WAY back.
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I started following video games with Nintendo Power magazine when I was probably 9 years old. I had read several issues but the first I got from a subscription had the green Doom 64 cover story.  So I guess that would've been sometime in 1996.  I still remember salivating over  the couple of screen shots of Earth Bound 64.  A game that unfortunately never came to pass. 

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About 1989 or 1990, just before I got my Gameboy I would pick up some gaming mags.  Then I started getting Nintendo Power, got a sub around 1991?
I was always a bit into gaming, but I only had a TI994a and handhelds (Tiger, Game & Watch) before 1989.

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After I played Super Mario Bros. for the first time. After that point I actively digged after videogame information in advertisement and Club Nintendo stuff. This is around 1987-88. It was not until 1990 that "Nintendo Magasinet" got published in Sweden where I live. You could compare this to Nintendo Power i USA. Then suddenly during 1993 one editor of that magazine jumped the ship and started the Nintendo magazine Super Power that later would become Super PLAY during 1996, Swedens most popular multiplattform magazine (that died last year but the old crew lives on in the magazine LEVEL). This is are the main game writers that have influenced me. When finally the Internet became a natural part of life there was no more limits and since 2001 I myself have been writing about games.

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I started from gamespot. I guess it was previously named gamecenter.

Still if you go to http://www.gamecenter.com ,it will redirect to gamespot

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April of 2009, when a classmate of mine started watching a thing called "Persona 4 Endurance Run" during the lessons...

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I joined the Nintendo Fun Club. And then it turned into Nintendo Power.  And after the 16-bit era kicked off, I got my info wherever I could.
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The NES and Nintendo Power were my true introduction to gaming (I played some Intellivision here and there, but nothing that I myself owned). After that, it becomes a blur; Game Boy, SNES, GamePro, EGM, GameFan, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, Next Generation. I probably had a subscription to every major gaming magazine at one point or another, but I think six was probably the most I had at one time. Once the Internet began... forget about it.

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@RoboRobb said:

" I had a friend who used to go on a website called Gamespot, I checked it out and stumbled upon 'On The Spot'. AND THE REST IS HISTORY! "

A friend recommended GameFAQs to me and I saw the link for Gamespot on the site, I checked it out and then got into Button Mashing.  AND THE REST IS HISTORY!