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just curious is all; I get mine from the BBC because the RSS feed came with Firefox and they're pretty good anyway so yeah.

what say you?

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I use the BBC app on my phone and the Summly app. With Summly, I pick the news organizations that don't have a strong political leaning (so no MSNBC or Fox News).

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Numerous sources on Flipboard app. 

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Wait... there's news that isn't gaming related? Oh you mean like The Daily Show, right?

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I just hear about it. No specific source. So, no, I'm not always that up to date on the news.

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Honestly, I usually read about stuff here.

Might seem lame, but I simply do not keep up with news. If something happens, people will make a thread about it sooner or later on these boards.

I had no idea the world was going to end, or that there was a shooting in America, until there were threads about them.

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CNN, tyt, huff, daily show and Colbert report.

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Giantbomb.com. Same place as I get my gaming news.

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Google news plugin for google/ig

I recently removed my English language news source because I was sick of seeing the same thing over and over.

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The Giant Bomb forums, I guess because I'm too lazy to look anywhere else. It's actually not too bad to have this forum be my news source though. I learn about what's going on, plus I get to read a bunch of real peoples opinions from both sides of a situation.

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BBC and watch alot of stuff on The Young Turks channel on Youtube, thats more like John Stewart though. Also watch some Fox News just to see what filth they are ignoring\reporting.

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I've heard it said that it's terrible some people get their news from the Daily Show, because it's not a real news show, but anyone with half a brain can tell the difference between a setup for a joke (the actual news part) and the silly non-news punchline.

Otherwise I catch the late local news once in a while and also do a quick scroll through of the Huffington Post just to get a sense of what's going on from the headlines, but rarely click to read deeper.

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BBC News and sometimes I read The Independent

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I read the BBC World News, and CNN online and I also read The Globe and Mail newspaper for my local Toronto\Canada news.

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CNN.com, espn.com, deadspin, local tv news...

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Al Jazeera English, Russia Today, CNN, Exiled Online

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Honestly, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Occasionally MSNBC on TV, NYT online, or NPR. I stay away from CNN or sites like HuffPo.

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I skim over the tech and local news section of cbc.ca, but beyond that I don't follow news. If it's important enough for me to know about it I will hear someone talking about it at work, on the streets, or in an off topic post on here.

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New York Times: All Day Every Day. Seriously though, usually just them. Maybe a little ESPN sprinkled in for sports.

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Wherever links on Reddit and Digg will take me.

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The Bugle mainly, it makes the news of the world entertaining and also introduced me to the glory that is Silvio Berlusconi and his crazy antics.

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@CatsAkimbo said:

I've heard it said that it's terrible some people get their news from the Daily Show, because it's not a real news show, but anyone with half a brain can tell the difference between a setup for a joke (the actual news part) and the silly non-news punchline.

No, it's that if you use the comedy shows as you ONLY source of news, it's terrible. It has nothing to do with not being able to tell what's a joke.
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I just follow a few news sources on twitter, and occasionally browse something like the Guardian. I'll catch some on TV if there is nothing else on.

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BBC news mainly, then CNN. For sports obviously ESPN but also from a lot of writers I follow on Twitter.

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Local news sites.

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Meet the Press, PBS New Hour, and 60 Minutes. I don't really search online for news.

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For the UK either The Guardian or the BBC. For American news I like Rachel Maddow or The Daily Show.

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@believer258 said:

I just hear about it. No specific source. So, no, I'm not always that up to date on the news.

This. I don't bother listening to the news anymore. Its all the same stuff day in day out anyway; politicians bitchin' at each other, someone died somewhere and a baby fell down a well.

The only news I follow are sports and video games. Hell, I get all my movie news from Giant Bomb so even there I'm no longer captivated by Hollywood gossip. Well, in both news and movie news, if I hear something from someone else which strikes my interests, I'll look up more information on the internet.

I can't recall the last time I actively watched any of the cable news channels.

I sometimes wish I did pay more attention like I used to if for no other reason than to be able to listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and know what's going on.

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I am subscribed to waaay too many RSS feeds, including the BBC, and some more local news places, including some website feeds just for technology and science (besides the BBC's own feed for that).  I'll admit, though, I sometimes get too overwhelmed with my feeds that I hear more from the Daily Show/Colbert Report...and I know I should be hearing the news from more than just them...but it's better than nothing, right...?

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PBS, CSPAN, CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera English, generally. Daily Show and Colbert Report, too.

For local I go with PoconoRecord.com or something. Always weird shit there. The first thing I saw on the front page tonight was about a local school district putting students on a restricted movement lockdown because someone made an anonymous threat in correlation with the Mayan Calendar Prophecy bullshit.

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  • Aljazeera english
  • PBS Newshour
  • The verge (for tech news)
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Ticker tape over telegraph lines. I've just heard the Sox lost to those damned Red Legs in eight games. I lost my whole life savings on that series. $94!

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Reddit. Why are Republicans and religion ruining everything?!

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Daily Show, Colbert Report, BBC, CNN.

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Either my friends or the giantbomb forum. If it's not a big enough story for someone here to post a topic about it, then I don't care.

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Facebook. My friends are annoying as fuuuuck.

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i get my shit from samson

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The New York Times, Washington Post and randomly hearing about things on the internet.

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At this point in time, I just news.google.com multiple times.

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The Beeb for pretty much everything, but I get my Science news from New Scientist and the Liverpool Echo for local news.

I use the Guardian and Independent as backup sources for important stories.

And the Daily Mail/Express/Sun when I want to feel smugly superior.

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CNN, Las Vegas Review Journal, and forums.

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I usually use the "news" section on Flipboard.

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ESPN for sports and New York Times

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The internet. Sticking to one source is dangerous these days, as major media outlets are extensions of the large corporations that run the world.

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