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I'm looking around the web for video content about movies. Like news shows, and features like top 10's and such. I already follow a few you-tubers like RallisP and the Cinefix channel is good. I also go to the escapismagazine.com which is pretty good for reviews and features. IGN is okay sometimes.

I'm mainly looking for video content to watch but am not against reading good meaningful articles.

  • What YouTube channels would you recommend?
  • What websites have good video content about movies?
  • Where do you go for movie news in general? Does it have any video content?

I'm not really looking for movie reviews since there are a million places to go for that, everyone has their 2 cents about every movie out that week. Mainly news and features.

Edit: Also don't need places for new trailers.

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Watch trailers

Metacritic Haters (-2) /Lovers (+8)

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I enjoy spill.com for its extensive movie coverage. They put up audio reviews for pretty much every movie being released in theaters, and there's lots more, it even has videogame podcasts (though I go there for the movie stuff, their videogame personalities don't quite do it for me). Albeit audio reviews per se are an awesome format really, just wish I'd enjoy the personalities doing them more.

Oh - the guys and gals at Lasertimepodcast talk movies all the time.

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I usually just use the flipboard app on my phone or ipad to aggregate the news for me.

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I usually just listen to Film Junk.

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Empire is usually pretty good.

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Redlettermedia's "Half in the Bag" is a good show about some of the weekends releases. I used to go to that one site, i think it was about puppies, to get my movie news but i think they died or something.