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As some of you may know, Wrighteous86 came to visit me in the UK in February and now I'm planning on visiting him in Chicago this summer. I'll be there for 6 weeks hopefully, still waiting on work to get back to me about it, and for one week we're planning on visiting somewhere else in the states. Where are some of the best places that you guys have been, that you would recommend? 

 EDIT: Somewhere that has amazing wildlife attractions would be great.
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Easy. New York City!
Home of the Beastie Boys and the Ghostbusters.
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Chicago? Go see CM Punk.

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pacific northwest is pretty dope... can't go wrong with Seattle or Portland

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san diego. not even a question. close to LA if that's your thing. 1 and a half hours to disney land. go snowboarding and surfing in the same day in winter. a two hour drive and you can be way past tijuana into mexico eating lobster at a restaurant for crazy cheap on the beach with cheap drinks. fly to vegas for two nights on the cheap too. easy decision.

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NYC is super sweet; parts of California are very nice, I'm partial to Boston . . . it really depends on your temperament; the stereotypes are more or less true in terms of the general milieu of each locale.

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I am partial to Portland, I also do love NYC as well, those are probably my two favorite places in America currently. Just depends on what you're looking for.

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Anywhere you can get a box of Cookie Crisp. I spent my childhood here in Canada watching those commercials and being told that they are "Only in the States". In my child mind "The States" was a magical place where cookies could be breakfast cereal and for some reason Smarties were different.

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I'd pick New York, but Jayzilla makes some nice points for San Diego. I've only been for the San Diego Comic Con but I like the weather there.

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Suburban BOSTON Dood.

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I'm from Seattle I've driven the west coast many times to the Salty D. But its nasty up in the D and in LA. Drive to Seattle, visit volcanoes.

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Nowhere, because America is fucking gross.

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it has almost everything: great outdoors (snow, ocean, redwood forests, etc.), and great cities

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@Napalm said:

Nowhere, because America is fucking gross.

portland is the exact opposite of gross

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@Napalm said:

Nowhere, because America is fucking gross.


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I heard the air is kinda shitty in LA...  New York would probably be great but I wouldnt know because Ive never been there

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NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia, California, Disney World....

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NYC. And the weather is getting nicer, so that helps.

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@Animasta said:

@Napalm said:

Nowhere, because America is fucking gross.

portland is the exact opposite of gross

That's good to hear. The southeast is fucking grimy as shit. Fuck this place. Fuck!
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Everyone can prattle off American cities all day long. The question is what sort of experience are you guys looking for? Big city, beach, southern charm, museums, nightlife?

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@Jayzilla: There was somewhere I'd seen years ago that I thought looked nice, but couldn't remember what it was called, thank you for reminding of San Diego, it will definitely be up there on our list. 
@Animasta: I've heard of Portland, but I don't really know what's there.   
I'm not a massive fan of places like theme parks, but that might be to do with going to crappy ones on school trips. 
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@Nasar7: We were thinking of New York, but Wrighteous86 thought that it might be too similar to Chicago, just another big city. I'd like somewhere that had a nice beach, lots of variety, nice food, somewhere with charm maybe and we're not too fussed on nightlife like clubs or anything like that.
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Austin TX and stay the fuck out of FL. Trust me, this place isn't great.

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Denver. We're a very, very clean city. There's the Rocky mountains right next door where you can ski, snowboard, camp, hike, etc. There are some good restaraunts here, too. Pinche tacos (tacos), City Grille (hamburgers), Tommy's Thai (thai food), and a few other local places that are totally worth the time and money. We're not an amazing city but there's still some good outdoorsy things to do here, and honestly, this is the best place to go if you're into the mountains and such. Otherwise, I'd say New York City. Everywhere else is just nasty and without any worthwhile land marks. You could go to Orlando, too, and visit Disney World if you wanted. That's an amazing, must-see place at least once in your life.

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@Seedofpower: Wrighteous86 mentioned Austin TX last night, I was surprised because when I hear Texas I don't think of great things. My sister has lived in Florida my whole life and I've never visited, if they lived somewhere else I might have.
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@DuskVamp: it depends if your looking for urban or natural scenery

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Orlando, Florida, because going to Wet 'n Wild, Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure for the first time is incredible. 
I thought New York was overrated, it's a big dirty city and I found it lacking. Having said that, Central Park on a bike for a few hours is fantastic. 

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Wausau, Wisconsin. Birthplace of me.

But seriously, don't go there. It is boring as hell, hence why I'm living in Chicago.

If you're in Chicago though, be sure to check out all the great museums and lake-front attractions. Hit up Giordanos for the best pizza in the world. Also, Wicker Park if you're into other good food, hipsters, and a lot of good live music.

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Just go visit Canada. Trust me, you will like it here more.

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Food, you probably aren't going to find more restaurants than NYC. Got Broadway, tourist attractions, museums, parks, etc. I am from New York, and this is the only place I can see myself living as a twenty something.

Beachy i'd say California; San Diego or San Fran.

Florida is fine, but I wouldn't stay there long; I lived in Orlando for a bit for school and didn't really enjoy it. However I plan to visit with my lady to do theme parks and junk.

Austin has good music and good bbq. It's the only part of Texas that is civilized. My Ex was from Austin and compared it to Portland or Brooklyn in Nature.

Colorado is another option. That's where I plan to retire, however that could be cause I am partial to the Colorado Avalanche (NHL Team). I visited when I was a kid (about 15 years ago) and everyone was super friendly and it was a pleasant place.

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Portland and Seattle.

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The Southwest, New Mexico. They don't make country like that anywhere else in the world.

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@lmenzol said:

@DuskVamp: it depends if your looking for urban or natural scenery

I don't mind urban, but I don't love huge bustling crowds of people, I think Chicago would cover that. So maybe somewhere that actually has life, not something in the middle of nowhere, but that isn't hectic and also has some nice scenery near by.
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Stay away from L.A I was very disappointed, and vegas looks much better in movies. Florida is cool... nice nature trails/weather!

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@Nasar7 said:

southern charm

No such thing.

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If you could only go one place, it has to be New York. It's an incredible city.

Other places like Seattle and Portland are nice and all, but c'mon.

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@StrainedEyes: New York is on our list, but Wrighteous86 thinks that it might be too similar to Chicago? 
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@DuskVamp: All cities have their similarities, but all cities have their unique qualities too. I haven't been anywhere that has the energy and feel that NYC has. Plus, fuck Chicago style pizza, New York slices are where it's at.

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Not to be a dick, but does anyone not FROM Canada really think it's a better tourist location than everywhere in America?

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@RenMcKormack said:

Suburban BOSTON Dood.


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Eh, just drive up to the Wisconsin Dells when you get bored of Chicago. It's close by, it's cheap, and hey: mini-golf!

In all seriousness, after coming all this way to Chicago, are you really going to want to do so much more traveling? Maybe it's my absolute hatred of air travel, but that seems a bit unnecessary to me. There's more than enough to do in Chicago to fill six weeks. That said, I've had a blast in both Austin and Seattle in the past, so you can't go wrong with either in my opinion. Or Las Vegas, if you have any interest in gambling it's mandatory that you go to Vegas at least once.

@StrainedEyes said:

Plus, fuck Chicago style pizza, New York slices are where it's at.

Nuh uh!

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Seattle. Awesome city.

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Las Vegas :)

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San Francisco. Seriously.

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That... doesn't argue against my point.

Oh, you're playing semantics to be obnoxious... because clearly she was referring to the US seeing as that's the country Chicago is in and she'd probably want to travel within the country instead of making an international trip within another international trip.

Might as well go to that good old city of Rio de Janeiro, since we'll be in America.