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"moo cow"? Seriously? 
I voted rabbit. 
Also, this is somewhat relevant: 

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What is a moo cow. Actually, what isn't a moo cow? =/

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None of the above. It's the Red Panda.
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Definitely puppies

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omg moo cow wtf is wrong with you people cows go fucking moo


i need avatar picture NEED MOAR VOTES

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@Irvandus said:

Definitely puppies

Can't deny the love here.

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Puppies are so fucking adorable.

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I don't know.

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Kittens. They are soooo small.

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I give this thread 3 out of 5 puppies.

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Gotta be a baby penguin for me.

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I voted bunnies, why you might ask? Cause ferrets weren't on the list!

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The poll only needs one choice. Kitty.  Here is a random kitty video from youtube to prove my point.   

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@Brendan said:

I don't know.

why not?

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It's all about puppies.

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Puppies, though kitty cats are a close second.

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@Dany said:

@Brendan said:

I don't know.

why not?

I can't choose.

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Baby turtles or kittens.

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The real answer is a baby fox, or possibly a red panda.

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The fact that Panda is not a choice is disgusting, I have seen scientific evidence proving they are the cutest animal.

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kittens beat puppies every time
although puppies are indeed cute

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a banana

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Slow Loris

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Cats rule.

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There's a distinct lack of Manatee option.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

"moo cow"? Seriously?

I voted rabbit.

Also, this is somewhat relevant:

God I love that video. I nearly forgot about it, too. Thanks for reminding me.

But yeah. Kitties!!

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Little dawgs of course!

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i voted kittens but for all that is right go with what ever this is: 
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Because of Matt Rorie, PUPPIES!

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lol at moo cow

Anyway, bunny.

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this is the cutest thing in existence.

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Kitty cats forever.

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A baby skunk.

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Well bunnies of course, they're basically just a ball of fur with ears!

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Who the fuck thinks PUPPIES are cuter than kittens? Dogs make me mildly ill. Also, nothing is cuter than this (which coincidentally is my favourite gif, so sorry if you've seen me post it before): 

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Puppies, they're fucking awesome! 

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Bunnies are the cutest if you don't count personality

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As much as I love kitties, I'm going to have to side with puppies on this one.  They're just so adorable.

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Penguins on that list. However Polar Bear Cub is my go to.

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This is some MBMBAM level of question. If you don't know what that means, just know that it equals stupid.

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Kitty cats forever.