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Poll: Which "Cry" should i buy! :p (111 votes)

Far Cry 3 64%
DmC Devil May Cry 48%

I want to play both but im only going to buy one today. ( ill wait till the next steam sale to get the other one). I never played any far cry or DMC games before but these two look to cool and fun to pass up. So just vote and or leave me a comment with your opinion. Did you like these games? What are the pc versions like? and so on ! Thanks :)

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Crysis 3

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Far Cry 3, even though I never even touched DmC or even seen gameplay.

Far Cry 3 is just really great the first time you play it. Kinda hard to go back to once you beat it, but thats why you wait half a year and then go back to it

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Well depends if you like First Person Shooters more than "Character Action" titles.

I haven't played Far Cry 3 so I can't speak for it's quality or how engaging it is in the long run but I had a ton of fun with DmC. It has a solid campaign with some good length to it - I think around 10 hours first time through. The gameplay is a lot of fun and the pacing is great, introducing new areas and new weapons up until the very end of the game.

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Far Cry is pretty good. Its a longer game if you're only going to play once, but I would guess DmC is more repayable. I think its down to buyers taste.

Also this is a weird bug:

EDIT: Huh, I didn't even know you could make multiple choice polls.

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Oh hey, I could vote for both. That's cool.


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I don't know what your decision will be, but it looks like there's a total of 107% voting.

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The "Devil May" variety

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I don't know what your decision will be, but it looks like there's a total of 107% voting.

multiple choice poll

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Far Cry is a really good game. If you want to roam around, punch tigers in the d*ck and burn fields of cannabis, then Far Cry 3 is your game my good man.

DmC seems like a really well-made, interesting game. I never played any of them, kinda wish I had, seems like the series offers some genuinely good plays.

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I made up my mind! Im going with FC3 but dont worry DmC is number 2 on my wish list now and will get played soon. thanks everyone im going to go game!

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I voted for both to ruin the poll. But seriously, both. If you gotta pick one maybe go FC3.

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DmC is awesome and needs more sales so buy that one. I want a sequel.

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@pozer27: You are welcome! Have a good time shooting sharks in the face with a bow!

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I love DmC dearly... but buy Far Cry 3, especially now that they're updating it so you can reset the enemy camps and FUCK SHIT UP INFINITELY.

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Definitely get Far Cry 3. That game is spectacular.

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Devil May Far.

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Far Cry 3. Both PC versions are great though.

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Haven't played either but it sounds like DMC should be supported more, I'm thinking I will pick it up sooner than FC3

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66% + 49% = 115%

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It's more likely that Far Cry 3 will go on sale in the near future than DmC, so I'd buy DmC now and wait for FC3 to go on sale.

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Far Cry 3 is a lot of fun, so that's my recommendation. Keep in mind console versions have some pretty low frame rates, but look stunningly good all things considered (it's not unplayable and you get used to it after an hour or so). As usual, the PC version the the version to get but I find navigating the UI via mouse and keyboard to be a pain.

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DMC5 is excellent. Far cry 3 is merely alright, and gets boring fast.

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Man, math sure is hard. I voted Far Cry 3, I really like that game.

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Far Cry 3 was pretty awesome.

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Both! But decide what you want to get out of it first, they are very different experiences. Would you prefer an open-world FPS, or a hack-and-slash?

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