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The hobbit, I love the batman films but I can't bring myself to care about them until I'm actually watching one of them.

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if The Avengers is your choice, just mention it. I forgot to add it to the poll.

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@coreroc: In the UK it's called Avengers Assemble..

Also that and The Amazing Spider-Man.

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If you could add the Avengers it would be great- unbelievably psyched for that. Out of those listed I guess I'd have to go for the Hobbit, sorry Bats

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Oh, & Resident Evil: Retribution if you like trashy films like me.

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Meh comic book movies, dunno what the fuck Prometheus is, I've had enough Hobbits for several lifetimes... LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER? I'M MOTHERFUCKING IN!

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Prometheus is the Alien prequel by Ridley Scott. Pretty much assured to be at least good considering his outstanding track record.

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The Hobbit

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Can't wait for The Hobbit.

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I really want to watch that LCD Soundsystem documentary.

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The only one I know I want to see is The Hobbit.

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Oh man, I hope World War Z turns out good. I loved that book.

Other than that, DKR and The Avengers equally.

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I really want to watch that LCD Soundsystem documentary.

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The Cabin in the Woods.

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In order:

  1. Hobbit
  2. Avengers
  3. Dark Knight Rises

I don't know how to feel with Prometheus. Love the first two aliens, but the last Ridley Scott film I saw - Robin Hood - was an abomination of movie, based on a very famous script (Nottingham). It was like he took the interesting murder mystery story and turned it into Gladiator with a bow. A boring one that that. I'm just glad I didn't hear about the original Nottingham story until after I saw the movie. I might have disliked it even more.

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These are my most anticipated movies of the year.

1. Dark Knight Rises

2. The Hobbit

3. Skyfall

4. Prometheus

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I haven't watched a new movie since Inception

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For me, Pixar's Brave is at the top of my list. I love animation and I haven't really loved a Pixar movie since Wall-E (which is among my all-time favorite movies ever). After that I am most excited by The Avengers but not so much because of the characters or its blockbuster potential. I just want to see if the producers can pull off this mash-up of characters already established in their own films. Will we have to sit through backstory again for each hero or will they just jump over that assuming that we've seen Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk? How will these headlining stars come together fluidly? How much time will be given to the new guy? Will this lofty idea of taking characters and their actors (mostly) from other films and combining them into one work? I am intrigued to see what the end result is. I know what to expect from The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit, so while I will see those, too there is little mystery around them. The Avengers could be great or it could be a mediocre mess. That potential is entertaining to me. Prometheus looks promising too, but I can't get too worked up about it for long. I loved the trailer, though.

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I haven't seen a new movie in a few years, but Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is just the right combination of words to make me go watch something.

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The Hobbit. 2012, come at me bro.

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Out of those I choose the batman one but I really want to see the new James Bond

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Out of that list? The Hobbit.

Overall it would be the Avengers, Skyfall and the Amazing Spiderman.

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Moonrise Kingdom, duh.

On that list though, I want to see Prometeus most.

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I'm the sort of person who'll vote "The Hobbit" without reading the other options on the poll. I know that because it's what I did.

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@theoldhouse said:

Prometheus is the Alien prequel by Ridley Scott. Pretty much assured to be at least good considering his outstanding track record.

Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood were boring as fuck. The trailers of Prometheus looks as if it were another Avatar-style thing. But heck, I still love me some Ridley Scott.

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Dark Knight Rises, definitely.

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Django Unchained probably.

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have to go with the Hobbit. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an intriguing idea and i am looking forward to giving it a try, along with Prometheus. I have yet to see a Batman film that i have really liked (old or new) so i can't say i have any real interest in this one. not on the list to choose form, but Moonrise Kingdom and Django Unchained will be must-sees for me, on par with The Hobbit in anticipation.

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Avengers you human scum! Also, Amazing Spiderman and Brave. TDKR also but I'm not excited for it. The batman movies are good. That's it.

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Needs an "All of the above" option.

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The Hobbit and Batman are the only two on there I've heard of.

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I can't choose so I'll combine my top 2 into The Dark Hobbit Knight Rises.

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Brave, Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and From Up on Poppy Hill (I know it released in 2011, but I won't be able to get my hands on it until 2012 so shush!)

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Probably The Master, I love PTA.

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for me it's a tie between Prometheus and Dark Knight.

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From that anemic list? I guess Dark Knight Rises.

I'm stoked for The Pirates!, Brave, Paranorman, and John Carter.

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Fuck I accidentally picked Prometheus. Meant to go with The Hobbit.

Oh well, I'm still pretty excited for Prometheus. A close second to The Hobbit.

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The new Riddick and Bond movies I am both incredibly excited for. Formerly, my most anticipated movie was The Expendables 2, but the whole PG-13 thing put me off quite a bit. Out of that list, I'd have to go with Prometheus.

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Where can I find out more of this Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter-movie? Never heard of it. Other than that: The Dark Knight Rises.

True story: Right now I am wearing a t-shirt with Lincoln wearing a batmask. That's cool.

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Tie between TDKR and Hobbit for me. Used to be excited for Avengers, but I'm starting to think it's going to be shitty.

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The Great Gatsby

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The God Damn Batman

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The Dark Knight Rises is the only film I'm legitimately pumped for. Nothing that I've seen of The Avengers looks all that interesting (which is weird, because I just about loved all the Marvel tie-in films up to this point) and while Amazing Spider-Man looks better than expected, I'm still really not entertaining the notion of watching Spider-Man's origin story once again. Not even for Emma Stone.

The Hobbit looks great but I haven't seen enough of it to get excited. Prometheus has a fantastic trailer, but I've never seen (and therefore have no affinity for) the Alien films so that movie does nothing for me. Haven't seen enough of Abe Lincoln to get excited.

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The Hobbit

Men in Black 3


The Secret World of Arrietty

The Dark Knight Rises

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Avengers & The Amazing Spiderman

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The Hobbit and Dark Knight Rises however, I'll probably only see like 2 or 3 movies. One being Brave and other being one of those. Then 3rd I'll be dragged into going.....