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To Fast To Furious Tokyo Drift.
EDIT:I've should've maked this a poll....

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I thought that it was called The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. 
Oh well. 
But 2 Fast 2 Furious is the one i dislike the least

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The original "The Fast and The Furious" was my favorite one.

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Either 1 or 2. Fourth one was GARBAGE.
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The 1st one.

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All equally as bad as each other.

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The one that wasn't mediocre, like the other ones. 
Oh, wait.

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The first one is the best.

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I couldn't even make fun of Tokyo Drift; that's how bad it was.  The first one is the best.

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The original then number 3, number 2 wasn't very good, and I'm yet to see the latest one.

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Vin Diesel's voice, when amplified , can make women have orgasms.

I'll go with the first one. 

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The first one was awesome, the second one was even better. I also really liked tokyo drift, but I hated the main character A LOT, everything else about that movie is great though, especially Han, he was fucking awesome.
The 4th one was alright, not as good as the others, but at least we got to see the main characters again.

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The original, definetly.

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They all are garbage.  Now stupid ass 16 year olds think putting a fart can and a giant wing on their civic makes it a race car.   
That being said, the first is the better of  them. 

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Tokyo Drift, but definitely a lack of Japanese cast for a movie that takes place in Tokyo. The love interest was ugly and the dude had a terrible accent. It just had really good drifting and a concept that they could've taken advantage of more.

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The Original and the newest ones aka the only ones with vin disel.  Also the only ones with the 68 charger ummmm
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This is the post I've been waiting for!
I enjoyed all of them a ton.
The first one is a B-movie classic, the second one, while dumb, is still a pretty damn good movie.
Tokyo Drift, by all accounts, should be the absolute worst movie in the series. No returning main characters, plus it's based in Japan, where all bad sequels go to die. Yet, it was friggin' awesome somehow. Made me want to like in Shibuya, that's what.
Fast & Furious was also undeniably dumb and unnecessary, but it too was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.
Honestly, I would say that Tokyo Drift would be the best one, because it defied expectations (IMO) and instead of being a bullshit, crappy spin-off, it was an awesome entry into the series.  
I've said this before and I'll say it again. They should have two Fast & Furious series- the main storyline w/ Paul Walker & Vin Diesel, and a Tokyo Drift series. Even if the Drift series goes straight to video, I'd watch the shit out of at least the first movie.

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 Tokyo Drift.    

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The Fast and The Furious was the best one.  (Does anybody remember that movie Biker Boyz?)
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The original; I just couldn't enjoy Tokyo Drift, no matter how "so bad it's good" it was.

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I haven't seen any of them and have no intention to, but the second one has Eva Mendes, so I'm going with that one.

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The first one.

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The first was the best but I don't know if that is a good thing.  The cars in the movies are awesome but the second time you watch the movies you start noticing the cheesy one liners.  

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@OutOfBounds9000 said:
"  To Fast To Furious Tokyo Drift. "
I would say the first or Tokyo Drift
@Geno said:
" Either 1 or 2. Fourth one was GARBAGE. "

I agree with the fourth being garbage too, but the second was just as bad.
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I've only seen the 3rd one all the way through, but Vin Diesel is the FUCKING MAN.

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None of em.  Maybe the I'll actually like the 5th one.

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The first one is alright, but Tokyo Drift was too funny.

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1st one. After that, all garbage.

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1st.The 4th is pretty good to.

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The only one called "2 Fast 2 Furious" was The Fast and Furious 2. See what they did there?

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Drift is the only one I don't hate.  I love how bad it is!  Its great to watch w/ people and make fun of.
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Tokyo Drift is a great Fast and Furious movie, but a very terrible film on its own right. 

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The first one is the only one that's remotely good. The other ones are basically unwatchable. I can't stand Tokyo Drift.

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The first one, by a mile.  
"The buster brought *ME* back!!"

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@nrain said:
" The original then number 3, number 2 wasn't very good, and I'm yet to see the latest one. "
You took the words out of my mouth. GIVE THEM BACK!
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2Fast 2Furious fa sho...

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This is what I say to you :P 
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 Tokyo Drift. It's the only one that I actually like. The lack of Paul Walker and his Paul Walker-isms is a major plus to me.

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The original followed by Tokyo Drift and then Fast and Furious, did not like the second movie.