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My fiancee and I are about to move in our first apartment. We both like the idea of each of us picking one movie poster to frame and hang in the living room. I'm not sure what she's picking, but do you guys have any ideas for my poster?
EDIT: To clarify, we're picking theatrical movie posters.

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I have this one in my room. Best poster I have ever purchased. Although technically, its not a movie poster.
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I've got this hanging in my bedroom  

I've also got a awesome one of Jimi Hendrix, but thats not a movie poster .. :-/
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try a movie you both like and can never get over...star wars maybe?
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Here's a sexy There Will Be Blood poster:

Any variation of the Apocalypse Now poster is also awesome:

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With this one there will always be a smile on your face.
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@Psych0Penguin: Very nice, but I prefer this version: 

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Well, what do you like?

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Is there any other choice
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Just kiddin... 
So and now for serious entries: 

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@turbomonkey138 said:
That's what I have in my room. I can recommend it.
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 Well, Are Ya?  
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      Not my favorite Tarantino movie, but this poster is fucking awesome.
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How could I forget ... 

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@Galamoth said:
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@EVO:   That is totally awesome!!
Over the years, I've had these hanging up (mind you, I am a dork!)

When I was going to school in LA a lot of these movies were out and so it was easy to get the one-sheets for them.  The Little Mermaid and Batman advances were really nice because they were bus depot posters which meant they had ink on both sides of the paper.
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@EVO: Dude what!?
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@EVO:   is this shit real?
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@Psych0Penguin said:
" @EVO: Dude what!? "
Trust me if you've seen that film, you want that poster. I watched it the other day, it's fucking rad.
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I have this one in my dorm. 

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The Thing has the best looking poster EVER!

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@EpicSteve: Not only is Sling Blade a great and emotional movie, but it has a spiffy theatrical poster. 

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If you like movie posters, I think you'll have a lot of fun with http://www.flickchart.com/     
I'll go with an obvious one: 

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@Galamoth said:
Perfect if you need to spend a few months secretly carving out an escape tunnel with a rock hammer.
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I think the Blade Runner poster is quite spiffy; I have it hanging on my wall.

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If my walls weren't awkwardly angled, I'd hang up all of these
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 I actually have this hanging in my bedroom.  I didn't like the movie that much, if you're wondering.  LONG CAPTION
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@I_smell: You win
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I dont have a pic but You cant go wrong With TOP GUN

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i went there.

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@I_smell said:
I was going to say Blade Runner, but I like this quite a bit better. 
Also, @PenguinDust: had some neat posters, especially the one for Ran.