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Posted by Chocobodude3 (961 posts) 11 months, 9 days ago

Poll: Which Movie was better Godzilla or Pacific Rim (221 votes)

Godzilla 42%
Pacific Rim 56%
#51 Edited by OurSin_360 (992 posts) -

Haven't seen the new Godzilla, but the trailers looked terrible

That said, I thought pacific rim was a perfect example of what good/cheesy 90's action flicks would be with today's special effects.

#52 Posted by Brendan (8664 posts) -

Godzilla by a hair. I liked Pacific Rim but Godzilla had my pulse racing faster.

#53 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

I have not seen Gozilla, but charlie day and that other comic relief scientist almost completely ruined pacific rim for me. So annoying and unfunny. And i normally like charlie day.

#54 Edited by Lydian_Sel (2518 posts) -

Pacific Rim is the superior film. Godzilla feels like it's tugging at too many strings hoping one of them will pay off in connecting with an audience member, whereas Pacific Rim seems like a much more cohesive and honed experience.

If these two movies were RPG characters Pacific Rim would be heavily spec'd in Strength or Dexterity while Godzilla would have an even balance of attributes. The effect is that Godzilla probably has a much wider appeal but is less enjoyable overall, and Pacific Rim probably alienated a lot of people outright but those who were accepting of it would enjoy it all the more.

#55 Posted by BeachThunder (13072 posts) -

Pacific Rim was moronic garbage compared to Godzilla.

#56 Posted by HH (808 posts) -

they were both tedious

#57 Posted by Budwyzer (750 posts) -

Iron Sky beats them both.

Except Pacific Rim, that was pretty amazing at enough parts to make me love the movie. Like Skyline.

#58 Posted by hermes (1725 posts) -

Pacific Rim.

While the monster parts in Godzilla where pretty awesome, the human side was generic, long and boring. And, while Pacific Rim started and ended with Robots vs Monsters action, Godzilla has 2 hours of "look at the american hero running around while he tries to find his family... and here is some footage of a giant fin, I think..."

#59 Posted by Karkarov (3639 posts) -

I choose Pacific Rim, however, both are great movies.

Both are "Kaiju" movies so you have to weigh in their monster battles heavily. This is where Pacific Rim clearly wins as it has more monsters and mecha, more battles, more action, and better "effects". Godzilla has better acting, the better build up, and I would say the better individual scenes. In the end it is about the monsters though! That being said Godzilla is still an awesome movie and probably going to be one the bigger ones of the summer, everyone who just likes fun/good movies should check it out.

#60 Posted by zombie2011 (5194 posts) -

Pacific Rim was awesome, every thing about it was so over the top. Even the human characters were great, the scientists and the black market stuff comes to mind.

#61 Posted by Shaunage (792 posts) -

Godzilla is better, but neither of them are very good.