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Do you spend more time watching internet video content or TV?

I spend way more time watching Giant Bomb video content aloe more than any kind of TV.

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Internet content. Can't get enough Giantbomb!

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Internet content of tv content

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Between Giant Bomb and YT I don't have time for TV. I'm okay not being up to date on TV because the stuff I watch now is way more relevant to my interests. Like the four different Demon's/Dark Souls playthroughs I'm watching.

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I wouldn't watch any TV if it weren't for my fiance.

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Internet content. There's honestly nothing on TV for me to even watch anymore except for the occasional Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Game of Thrones, etc.

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I did watch 24 hours of two dudes playing Halo games so . . .

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In general I watch more Internet content, but it's definitely a seasonal thing. Like I'll follow the series that I want to watch and during the times when they're airing new episodes it might balance it out slightly, but then they take their breaks and I watch basically no tv after that.

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Considering what website this is, I'm going to say that pretty much everyone here watches more internet content.

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No doubt internet. When I'm back at home I have the opportunity to watch as much Cartoon Network as possible, but when I am not I am living the poor life of a University Student, so I end up watching more Youtube and Newgrounds than anything.

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TV, don't think I've ever watched an entire quick look. Dunno how people do it.

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Is pornography original internet video content, even if it is available on a DVD somewhere?

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TV I guess. It'd be impossible for me to watch more original internet content since Giant Bomb only puts out so much and I barely watch stuff besides them, Netflix, and Amazon Instant stuff.

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I honestly think it's split down the middle.

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I don't watch a ton of TV unless I really enjoy something. I often find myself cutting video content on this site off. I'll watch enough of a Quick Look to get an idea of what the game is, then I turn it off.

So, I guess not much of either. It probably amounts to "I watch more internet content" but that's just because I peek into most Quick Looks and usually go a week or two without watching any sort of TV at all.

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I rarely watch internet content anymore. I like TV because it's of uniform length and the shows I like generally have a base level of quality. If I want a break from work, I can just watch a half-hour sitcom. A quick look would probably be at least twice as long, and vary greatly in entertainment value throughout.

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I don't like watching TV that much. I like giantbomb quick looks and right now I'm watching you tube shows like Game Grumps and Continue. Those are hilarious.

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Original Internet Content. I'm really into the YouTube community. I'm highly selective of what I spend time watching, so I want something that is tailored to my interests. Luckily for me, there is a huge "Tactical" community and Guitar related community on YouTube so I spend most of my time online watching those videos. It's basically internet-generation Public Access Programming at this point, but it's much better that the shit that they call TV these days.

And then of course there is Giant Bomb, but that's a whole other thing in itself.

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People still watch TV? the only tv shows I ever watch now is archives on the net lol Here in Aus the majority of tv networks have obscene levels of ads and have for some time to the point where I swear their are more ads than tv. I stopped tolerating it as soon as my net connection and bandwidth allowed me to stream video regularly, sub hd most of the time, but video nonetheless. More to the point however our networks have terrible self produced content on average, nothing but crappy mainstream "talent" show bs, cooking shows and various forms of terrible soap operas and god knows how old seasons of endless cop dramas. The scarce few things I would wish to view are never on at the times or consistency I desire.

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If sports count, TV. If not, internet.

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I haven't had any TV reciever (not even a standard antenna) for about 4-5 years now. While there certainly is something to being able to just turn on the TV and having some brainless thing going on I much rather prefer watching what I want when I want. Although I will admit that if Internet was completely pirate-free it would probably affect my behavior. I'd be way up for paying or watching advertisement for the shows I watch if they offered the content on Internet at the same time the show aired though, unfortunately noone has come that far yet.

I'm actually sorta surprised that no major TV channel (afaik) has yet to go with a world-wide available internet stream of their channel yet.

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Definitely Internet content.

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cut off my cable almost two years ago, and while I have netflix for movies, most of my entertainment comes from sites like GB and Tested

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2 hours of Let's plays a day. I don't even watch over 3 videos a day.

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TV wins by default. I don't watch any internet content because of shitty net speeds.

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Youtube & Giantbomb are generally all I watch. I occasionally jump on Hulu+ for some Office or the Simpsons when they are there, but that's about it. I've found the amount of commercials I'm inundated with, and the sub par quality of things out today makes regular television/movies taste a bit sour. Not to mention the fact that I'm paying more money for things that are useless to me (like 300+ channels I don't want) when the internet machinima/series are slowing getting better and better.

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I watch TV content on youtube if that counts? But I'd say I watch more original internet content than TV stuff on average.

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TV Sucks. I spend 3 hours every Monday watching WWE and sometimes I struggle to get through even that and that is the only Tv I watch.

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I watch more TV because of Sickbeard. I get to finally watch all the shows I have been wanting to. Even though I currently pay $140/month for Dish Network (every single channel), I still download all my shows because the DVR is not in my office. If it wasn't for my father living with my wife and I, TV probably would have been gone a long time ago, but I would still end up watching more TV content than online. The only real online content I watch is here on GB.

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I do not watch TV. I don't think I have for about 8 or so years now. I might download some shows such as Breaking Bad or the Wire, but I can count those shows on one hand.

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Definitely internet based entertainment...namely, GiantBomb.com, the Totally Rad Show, and some YouTube stuff.

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Internet has killed television, which I'm totally ok with. TV is like a generational thing, most people older than 40 will just stick with TV, but soon enough those 20 year olds now will be 40 year olds. So eventually TV will be just such an old fashioned thing, the Internet is the NEW TV.

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I watch every single quicklook and live stream these guys do, and I barely every watch any TV. I watch a decent amount of movies, but I rarely use Netflix anymore because I feel like I've already seen most of the stuff on there.

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I haven't turned on my tv to do anything other than play video games or watch movies in almost 9 months.

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I watch both but at the moment I'm consuming more internet content. I think it's nice be able to just turn on a TV and flick through the channels and I do actively follow a few TV shows online, but there's a fair bit of internet content I couldn't do without and if I just want to watch something quickly it's far easier to look up internet videos.

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I watch both but at the moment I'm consuming more internet content. I think it's nice be able to just turn on a TV and flick through the channels and I do actively follow a few TV shows online, but there's a fair bit of internet content I couldn't do without and if I just want to watch something quickly it's far easier to look up internet videos.

I here that from a lot of people, who like flicking through TV. I would argue that flicking through YouTube is a better way to spend time.
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I don't have cable or anything, so the only time I look at a TV is for console gaming and netflix.

I don't miss regular television. I haven't seen commercials or reruns unless I wanted to

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Only internet content I really watch is giant bomb and the Totally Rad Show. On the other hand, I watch numerous TV shows, even some of the ones that aren't that great. Castle, Once Upon a Time, Alphas, Psych, Justified, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, Elementary, Last Resort, Fringe, Grimm, Vegas, etc.

I usually just have the TV on while I'm playing a game, so commercials don't bother me at all.

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Internet content. Stopped watching TV a few years back.

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I don't have a TV hooked up in my room.

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depends on if just having the tv on counts. if not then it probably equals itself out until you take sports into account.

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It's easier to spend more time watching internet videos because they're shorter. After 22 minutes of a TV show you feel completed; after one 5-minute episode of a webseries, you want more... and keep wanting more!

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I watched 240 some odd episodes of Buffy and Angel this summer (I still have 6 episodes of Angel to go before I'm finished). If those count, then it's TV by a landslide.

If not then I think internet wins slightly, but I pretty much only watch Giantbomb stuff. But it's hard to say for sure, as I usually have 6 or 7 shows I watch regularly going on at a time. Right now, for instance, my rotation is Sons of Anarchy (which I'm not enjoying this season), Dexter, Walking Dead, Happy Endings, Parks and Rec, and New Girl, and as shows drop out I replace them, for example when SOA stops, Justified won't be to far away from starting and there's almost always 6 or 7 shows I can watch.

Now it's that versus GB quick looks, premium content, TNT, etc. which seems like an even split. I give GB the edge because tv thins out a bit during summer, which is why I started watching Buffy.