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I know this may seem like a pre-mature question to ask, since we haven't had an in-depth (or any) experience with the new consoles, but here is the question anyways. I have become kind of a massive power saver on my energy bills and so on. I have gaming consoles, but I stream from my Apple TV. I will be getting the PS4 and the Xbox One and since these devices are going to be plugged into my TV for the next several years, would it actually save me more money to just stream video on services from those consoles and unplug unneeded devices (like my Apple TV) or would it be better to just stream from my Apple TV, since it is only a 2watt power supply inside (even though the device is actually, technically, always on). If the Xbox One and PS4 are about the same as their previous systems in the line in this category, what would you expect the cheapest route would be?

Also, I've always went with the idea of using a streaming device instead of my consoles for video because that will save on hours used on the consoles and thus extend the life of the console. Is that a miss-lead philosophy or not?

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Personally, I don't really see the point of a dedicated streaming device, especially if you're going to have a PS4 and Xbone. If you LOVE the other streaming device or if there's a service you can't get on either of them, then sure, keep it.

From what I hear both the PS4 and Xbone cost a dollar or two a year in electricity when they're in standby mode, so there's really not much to worry about as far as saving electricity goes.

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If you stream using the new Xbox or the PS4, won't the tv have to be on anyway?

I might be misunderstanding you, but it seems to me that it's a choice between TV or TV + Console in terms of energy usage?

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I just use my PS3 for streaming movies and shows from Netflix, I do not know how much that effects my electric bill though.