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Im looking for a chaper tv that has negligable input lag. Im hooking my pc and a few consoles up to it. My buddies and I usually hop into some samurai gunn, smash bros, and street fighter. So though picture quality is important, I cannot stress how much MORE important input lag is.

Im leaning towards an LED set at the moment. Im not looking for any additional features or doodads like "smart" capabilities or netflix. I would prefer a bare-bones set, but that doesnt seem to be an option.

So other than grabbing the CRT out of the garage, what are my best options?

Also, im looking into this guy for now:


(I didnt see a post about this more recent than four years ago, so if I missed something feel free to point me there, and many apologies.)

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A lot of fighting game tournaments use BenQ monitors, and you know how important input lag is in those situations.

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If you Google "TV lag" there's a website that lists almost any monitor or TV you can buy in order of how much lag it has. Unfortunately the TV's with the least lag, that are also your average high ref flat screens, aren't cheap. Just look down the list until you find the one with a price you can stomach.

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A computer monitor is your best bet. I'm not a particularly discerning person when it comes to input lag and refresh rates though.

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@starvinggamer: Holy wow, Ive never heard of these! This is exactly what Im looking for. I dont need a huge monitor and these prices aren't out of my budget. Thanks bub!