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All of star trek? Cause I hate Deep space nine. 

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I used to like Star Wars, and there is still some stuff about Star Wars that I still like, but Star Trek to me is a lot better. The only reason I made this poll is because of some news here. By the way, I was going to put other as a choice, since I'm sure there are going to be some people thinking "Mass Effect", or something, but it's really unneeded.

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I prefer Star Wars, I really only liked the older Star Trek show/movies.

#5 Posted by Fajita_Jim (1517 posts) -

Star Trek has the better stories, but Star Wars has the better action.
Phasers vs Light Sabers...is not a fight.

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I like Star Wars better I got better opportunities to watch it than Star Trek

#7 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

Star Wars, although I'm not a big fan of "futuristic" sci-fi movies.

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Were is the Stargate option?

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The best thing that came from Star Wars was Jedi Academy and KOTOR.

Star Trek all the way.

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@rb_man said:

Were is the Stargate option?

@The_Laughing_Man said:

All of star trek? Cause I hate Deep space nine.

It just says Star Trek, you gotta lump it all together. I hated Episodes I & II, but I considered it before making this decision.

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Gotta go with the Trek.

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Can I pick Starfox? Or maybe Starcraft, but that's basically just Warcraft in space.

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They're honestly not that similar, so why do they keep getting compared? They both start with Star and take place in space but the similarities kind of end there.

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Were is the Stargate option?

I would go with this, but only one show was any good. On second thought I would still go with this.
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@Dagbiker: You just can't say no to Richard Dean Anderson

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I saw the original three Star Wars movies in the late 90s, when I was about 19 or 20. They were fine. They were fun. I don't see why people get so fucking worked up over them. I really enjoy watching a lot of Star Trek, but it's just as over-hyped and over-loved. It's good to watch and pass the time now and then with a couple episodes, but that's about it.
There are far more interesting and compelling things out there than both of those combined.

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I'm not a huge fan of either one, but Star Trek doesn't have anything that I actively fucking hate.

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Tough choice, but my nostalgia for Star Wars trumps my newfound enjoyment of Trek.

Also, I think Star Wars hits higher highs than Star Trek, while they both have tanked it a few times (prequel trilogy, Enterprise)

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@McGhee: Definitely gotta second ya on that one. Jedi Academy for being the best game to actually allow you fight, with remarkably good controls, as a Jedi (action wise). And KOTOR for creating a star wars story that is far better then any of the star wars movies.

Hell in summary I choose the Revan option lol.

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The answer is Star Trek but more people will say Star Wars because they prefer the easy way out.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation. Any episode with Q in it is the best episode.

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Depends if this is just the movie Star Wars, or the EU*. If it's just the movies.. I'm 50/50. If it's the EU, Star Wars wins by a landslide.

*I refuse to count The Clone Wars(the newer cartoon) as part of the EU. It will not happen. EVER.

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I'm saying this because I go to each franchise for different reasons.

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@Fajita_Jim said:

Star Trek has the better stories, but Star Wars has the better action. Phasers vs Light Sabers...is not a fight.

Yeah, totally.

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Star Trek's drama appeals to me more than Star Wars' action.

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Apples and oranges. Star Wars and Star Trek set out to do different things. Star Trek uses it's science fiction setting to explore philosophy, while Star Wars is drama in space. A better comparison would be between Stargate and Star Trek.

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@billyhoush: Agreed.

Also, this: TNG > DS9 > Enterprise? =/> Voyager =/> Original Series?

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I only really like TNG for Star Trek. But star wars has been sullying their image for too long, so between the two, I just don't care anymore.

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I'm sorry, but I goddamn despise Star Trek besides the new movie. I love Star Wars.

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I normally would rather WATCH anything Star Trek over anything Star Wars, but would rather PLAY anything Star Wars over anything Star Trek.

So...it's a crapshoot for me.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

All of star trek? Cause I hate Deep space nine.

What was wrong with ds9? Sisko was one of the best captains of all time. He was part god!

#32 Posted by clumsyninja1 (848 posts) -

Star trek is about science and for adults while star wars is about the force and for kids...

#33 Posted by Three0neFive (2310 posts) -

Everyone knows Stargate is the superior star-based series.

#34 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

Simple, you cant remake Star Wars.

#35 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

I love both of them. But damn, Star Trek V was worse than the collective failures of anything Star Wars. So this is a tough choice.

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I'm gonna say that most people here like Star Trek more.

And I kinda like Voyager, except for how they made the Borg so weak.

and then how they introduced 8472 just to have them be push overs by the end too.

#37 Posted by Galiant (2216 posts) -

Star Wars for me. Star Trek always looked incredibly silly to me.

#38 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

star wars is so much better.

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@Adus said:

They're honestly not that similar, so why do they keep getting compared? They both start with Star and take place in space but the similarities kind of end there.

Nerd pissing contests have been fought over less than that. Classic base need to be "right" without any particular need or even capability to determine "correct".

For me personally, I'd lean towards Trek as it gives us that awesome view of the better optimistic future coupled with the somewhat bitter medicine that we could all stand to do better. It's that kind of thinking that gets us off this planet. Wars gives us perhaps a far more compelling universe to tell stories in, the "lived-in" trope that gives us better escapist fare with grandiose motions and fascinating characters, but ultimately perhaps empty calories.

Beginning tangential rant in 3...2...1...

It's why I can't disagree MORE with the Bombcast vis a vis Superman sucking or DC being boring. I don't WANT human heroes going through their mundanity. I WANT gods being good for the sake of being good. Yeah it ISN'T relatable, but (and whether you believe or not) neither is say Jesus or perhaps more secularly, the Dalai Lama (yeah I recognize the irony there). But just taken on face value, that's a more comforting world to live than one where the fates crap on a good man like Peter Parker again. That dichotomy is encapsulated perfectly in their Alex Ross works, Marvels vs Kingdom Come. Celebrities/sports stars/etc vs mythology. Obviously one is more interesting to the everyday man on the street, but one has a more lasting relevance and ultimately pervasive influence (how many sporting events have herculean or other mythological reference)?

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This thread reminded me instantly of this crappy movie.

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@xobballox said:

I'm sorry, but I goddamn despise Star Trek besides the new movie. I love Star Wars.

Makes sense, the new Trek movie was made by a director that wanted to make a Wars movie but for obvious reasons couldn't get the rights.

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There tied right now. I like Star Wars more, i grew up with it. I like movies more than TV.

EDIT: Plus, Star Wars is just cooler in general. K now i'm getting mad. Star Trek is good but come on. Star Wars(original obvs) is way way way way way way cooler. Phasers are gay little flashlights, lightsabers can cut through anything. And I don't see Kirk using the force to bring down kling-on ships. Luke could take on the whole Enterprise himself rofl.

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As a sci-fi fan, it's easily Star Trek for me. A few good films, and some legendary TV. So much goodness within the universe.

Star Wars is mediocre fantasy 99 percent of the time. The other 1 percent being Empire Strikes Back. Certainly a classic film that towers above the others (including Return of the Jedi and A New Hope).

It's a shame George Lucas couldn't take a step back more often (or just for good). Don't think it's a coincidence that the one time he did the Star Wars license had something truly special.

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Star Wars, for sure.

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After viewing this thread and a few of the posted responses I've a theory that I'll instantly love any/most show/movie with Star in the title.

BattleSTAR Galactica (both), STAR wars (episodes 4, 5 and 6 only), STAR trek (all), all STARgate SG-1, STARgate, STARman, STARship Troopers etc, etc...

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I enjoy Star Wars more (a lot more in fact), I even like the prequels, but I completely agree if someone says that Star Trek is the more mature and "sofisticated" of the two.

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These days I like them both the same because while the original trilogy of Star Wars is fantastic, all the follow-up drek brings the franchise as a whole down. Trek, on the other hand, was always hit-or-miss so it balances out in the end.

#48 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

I just started watching Star Trek on Netflix and I have to ask. Are those special effects the same since the 60's? The shots that take place outside of the ship in space look amazing for it's time. I figure it must be because they shot a miniature or something, but it looks really really good to my eyes.

Having said that, I love them both equally if not preferring Star Wars first.

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Star Trek, I find Star Wars to be boring.....though I'm not a fan of either.

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Based solely on the original movie of each series, I perfer Star Wars.