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Poll: Which would be scarier for you? Decription inside. (163 votes)

Abducted by aliens while you're home alone at night 18%
Stranded in the water (ocean or lake) with a sea monster circling you 82%

I barely make threads, but in honor of Halloween I thought I'd create one. This question has been on my mind for a couple of weeks ever since I saw @patrickklepek mention his fear of alien abductions (or just home invasions in general) on Spookin' with Scoops.

What would frighten you more? Let me break down the scenarios for you.

Alien Abduction: You're home alone, your family/friends/roommates decided to go out that night to have fun. You, on the other hand are slightly ill and can't go with them. You decided to stay home, rest and maybe take some medicine. It's 11 p.m., you're on the bed, watching T.V when the power goes out. All of a sudden you see lights shining from your window and out of nowhere you see 3 aliens staring at you.

Stranded in the water with a sea creature circling you: You and your friends/family are out on a boat, enjoying your day. The boat hits a bit of a wave while the boat is in motion which sends you overboard. Your friends notice immediately and tells the person who's piloting the boat and he begins to turn around to get to you. But, since they were going reasonably fast they have to slow down to make sure they don't pass you.

While in the water you feel a bump. You turn to look, thinking it's a shark; no dorsal fin, nothing. You feel another bump on your left side so you turn to see what's been bumping you. Expecting it to be a shark you prepare yourself when you come face to face with a creature you've never seen before. It's circling you, staring at you. You see it's slitted reptilian eyes locked onto you. The boat is still a couple hundred feet away, so it's just you and that creature.

#1 Posted by BigJeffrey (5200 posts) -

Getting abducted by aliens while stranded in the water being circled by sea creatures.

For reals now, stranded in the water with no land for miles. At least with the aliens i have a chance of returning.

#2 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6370 posts) -

All I'll say is fuck the water.

#3 Posted by DeadeyeMcCoy (271 posts) -

Is it a friendly monster?

#4 Posted by yinstarrunner (1260 posts) -

First of all: Fuck you.

Second of all: I think I'll have to go with the abduction, in the hopes that they'll erase my memory and I'll forget it ever happened.

#5 Edited by Mike (14592 posts) -

Fuck the ocean. I've been scuba diving and I always carried a diving knife with me...why you ask? No, not to cut webbing free if it was caught on, not to defend myself from vicious sea creatures that want to eat was to STAB MYSELF IN THE NECK UNTIL I WAS DEAD in case a sea creature was circling me. Fuck the ocean.

#6 Posted by Andorski (5471 posts) -

For reals now, stranded in the water with no land for miles. At least with the aliens i have a chance of returning.

@mb said:

Fuck the ocean.

Good to hear I'm not the only one with a completely reasonable fear of the open ocean filled with unknown terrors.

#7 Posted by TobbRobb (5254 posts) -

Being alone in unkown waters is basically the scariest fucking thing. If I go outside or get lost in the woods, then I know what to expect. Deep waters could be space for all I know, and the limited movement sure doesn't help.

#8 Posted by Rick_Fingers (525 posts) -

Sea creature is scariest - at least the alien abduction might end with me getting laid

...well probed, but near enough is good enough

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Well, the likelihood that an alien species capable of reaching Earth would be hostile seems low to me (the likelihood of them being hostile is low I mean), so I think being the one to make first contact would be awesome. Even if they were going to study me in a less than pleasant way, it's not certain death like the sea monster scenario.

#10 Posted by Zeik (3487 posts) -

Take out the monster and I'm still more scared of the idea of being stranded in the ocean.

#11 Edited by Vuud (2052 posts) -

At least there's a good chance the aliens will put you back when they're done. If you believe any of the alien abductees out there, you won't remember any of it afterwards. And it may be kinda cool trauma aside. Then you can get book and movie deals about your story.

But IN the water with a sea monster? You're fucked.

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Food for thought. The aliens take you but why? Maybe they'll reveal their secrets of space travel and other mysteries of humanity to you, just so you could spread the word to everyone. Or, they hack you up (vivisection) to learn more about us. Or, they eat people which means you're in a cell with other people.

I always have weird things like this going through my mind. I had to share this one =P

#13 Posted by ShaggE (7307 posts) -

Them thar aliums. Mainly because seeing some... thing... staring through my window at night is a huge fear of mine. I blame a childhood watching Unsolved Mysteries.

#14 Posted by TruthTellah (9668 posts) -

@shagge: Yeah, aliens peeping into your window at night is super creepy.

#15 Posted by 34f3ecwdc3 (171 posts) -

I don't know how to swim and I had nightmares getting drowned. The second one it's scarier, there's not much you can do about that, unless you have a good knife and some goddamn good instincts to stab that right in his eye.

#16 Posted by UlquioKani (1289 posts) -

Like many others have said, Fuck the Ocean. I know how messed up the ocean can be and that makes it way worse than the unknown. Drowning is terrifying as well so if I survive the sea monster, my fat arse ain't gonna be able swim to safety.

#17 Posted by ShaggE (7307 posts) -

@truthtellah: Oh man, I love that GIF, can't believe I haven't seen it before!

#18 Edited by hermes (1804 posts) -

Sea monster.

As other have said, with the aliens you are not sure of their intentions (maybe they are friendly, maybe they are Kim Basinger and Michelle Burke), and it is likely you will live to tell the story. Being lost at sea with a creature locked on you, there are not many possible outcomes.

#19 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

I can't swim and as such, I'm really not too keen on the whole deep water thing. Give me the aliens any day.

#20 Posted by Castiel (2973 posts) -

Fuck the ocean and whatever dark unknown terrors it might hide. We don't know what hides down there in the deep, dark unknown. It's just there waiting, watching... O_O

#21 Posted by Jimbo (10281 posts) -

They both sound fine. Quit being a bunch of babies.

#22 Posted by CaLe (4353 posts) -

I'd like to be abducted by a sea monster :)

#23 Edited by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Sea monster by far. I know that thing just wants to kill me.

Aliens? well maybe they just wanna hang out and play mario kart?

#24 Edited by Nightriff (6538 posts) -

Stranded in the water, easily

#25 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1251 posts) -

I don't give a shit about aliens, they can come and try to abduct me all they want.

So I guess stranded in water, but if I'm going down, I'm taking out one of the eyes before I go! <x> <o>

#26 Posted by SunBroZak (1866 posts) -

This is awful.

I'd probably say the aliens are worse. At least death by sea monster is quick. I think.

#27 Posted by crusader8463 (14756 posts) -

This is awful.

I'd probably say the aliens are worse. At least death by sea monster is quick. I think.

Unless you are a japanese schoolgirl. They tend to do weird things to them.

I picked the sea option. Typically aliens don't kill. They just stick things in your butt.

#28 Edited by Itwongo (1567 posts) -

I fear the dark more than I fear the water. I'll take potentially non-carnivorous sea creatures over aliens any day. Besides, space is nothing but a




#29 Posted by laserguy (483 posts) -

Reality scares me, so aliens dont do it. Stranded in water is scary, ghost's are scary, Being homeless lying next to a Three-Hundred pound man who could roll over on you at night, but then shit's his pants [That's a true story.] Your house burns down, the detective's arrive and ask you question's. You insist that you had nothing to do with it. Then The detective see's a guy across the street smoking, the chase is on. Thru back alley's, around a corner, the cop want's to pull his gun but he's not allowed, all he can do is run. Chasing the man he get's the prompt to tackle, he mistimes the move and the sequence is failed. He has to start over at the house asking you the same questions again. Scary.

#30 Edited by Krullban (1471 posts) -

I have a massive fear of the ocean and deep water. I had panic attacked while under the water in GTA V. Especially if I seen any wreckage or anything coming up out of the darkness. So I'll go with the sea monster one.

Getting abducted by Aliens would be badass as long as they don't kill me. Even if nobody would believe me, I would have 100% confirmation that they exist.

#31 Posted by NegativeCero (3100 posts) -

Water because even if the sea monster doesn't straight up eat me, fuck drowning. I've read about what it would feel like and it seems like a terrible way to go.

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Beware the water. There be monsters...

Loading Video...

#33 Posted by Mezmero (2426 posts) -

A man-sized centipede. Oh I'm sorry I didn't read the poll. I can swim just fine but I'm still scared to death of sea monsters. Anything evolved from an Earth species has only one design, to eat and survive. You don't get out of that scenario alive. I'm not clear on the intent of the aliens in question. For all I know they just need directions to the nations capital. Guarantee that almost all humans have a better chance against the unknown on land than in the water.

#34 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1124 posts) -

@mb said:

Fuck the ocean. I've been scuba diving and I always carried a diving knife with me...why you ask? No, not to cut webbing free if it was caught on, not to defend myself from vicious sea creatures that want to eat was to STAB MYSELF IN THE NECK UNTIL I WAS DEAD in case a sea creature was circling me. Fuck the ocean.

as someone who also lives his life with the "Fuck the Ocean" philosophy, I can appreciate your dedication to the cause.

I too have been diving, but I never thought to use my shark-protection knife in such a manner.


#35 Posted by Nickieroonie (160 posts) -

As a person who has kind of a phobia of aliens, I totally hate the person above who posted that GIF. I'm too afraid to scroll back up and see who I should be hating, haha

#36 Edited by TooWalrus (13344 posts) -

The ocean is scarier, because it actually exists.

I mean, intelligent aliens certainly exist somewhere the universe, but they're also certainly not coming to Earth. Ever.

#37 Posted by Yummylee (23702 posts) -

All I'll say is fuck the water.

Yup. I also voted for this since it's... y'know, actually plausible. A fear of getting abducted has never even occurred to me really, though I can somewhat imagine what it's related too. Something like trips to the dentist or getting operated on no doubt, to make it appear it a bit more grounded.

And on that note, fuck dentists! I'd vote we dump 'em all in the water, but... the ocean is pretty damn terrifying on its own of course without a bunch of undead dentists floating about in there.

#38 Edited by jasbir (108 posts) -

Stranded in the water.

#39 Posted by Danteveli (1322 posts) -

Water just the possibility of drowning makes it way more scary.

#40 Edited by NekuSakuraba (7803 posts) -

They are both scary, but I think the alien abduction might have a higher chance of survival.

I'm guessing the sea monster is hostile, so it would kill you for food almost instantly. At least with the aliens we don't know what they will be like, they may be very compassionate and friendly and I could be the very first person to be friends with an alien. That would be pretty cool.

#42 Posted by CynicalBuzzard (254 posts) -

Neither would scare me, I would accept my fate and go from there.

#43 Edited by fisk0 (5467 posts) -

Since I'm not a fantastic swimmer, stranded in the ocean with or without monster would likely be a no-win but fairly short scenario for me, and I guess a quick death isn't too scary for me.

As a kid I was terrified of being abducted though, especially the faked autopsy videos in the mid 90's in combination with the X-files and Psi Factor made me have nightmares for years, I even still have weird nightmarish dreams about despite having studied astronomy and read the science based explanations of just about all the popular stories, and despite no longer believing in it, the thought still makes me uncomfortable.

It's kinda funny how the nightmares have shifted over the years though, I've had the occasional sleep paralysis, and had a straight up abduction dream last year, only intertwined with all my years as unemployed at the hands of the employment agency with all their weird bureaucracy and coaching events - I dreamt I had been forced to agree to apply for some kind of job as a test subject for something, which ended up with people from the corporation suddenly appearing in my room at night, restraining me to my bed and then bringing me aboard a ship with several other subjects and getting probe treatment and all, while thinking I'd at least get my activity benefits from the employment agency. It was all pretty funny in retrospect, and kinda weird timing as I had been employed for a couple of years at that point.

#44 Edited by NTM (8519 posts) -

Well, I guess it depends on the aliens, but still, I don't like swimming in the ocean or lakes. That'd probably be one of the scariest things for me. I'd rather jump out of an airplane than attempt to surf on a wave. I love the look of the ocean, and when I see it on TV, the underwater stuff interests me very much (Rapture's also one of my favorite game settings as well), I just don't want to go in the ocean.

I remember when I was little I was afraid of going out on docks, and to an extent, depending on the dock, and how the water looks, I don't like walking on it still. The scariest thing is swimming in deep water; imagining just how much water is below you, and what's beneath you. I would probably have a heart attack and then drown if I was out in the water and a whale swam near me.

The thought of an alien abduction... It doesn't really scare me. I mean, it could be really, really terrible, or it could be a good thing. I mean, are these aliens benevolent or malevolent? The thought of there being aliens alone is exciting to me, so the feeling of seeing aliens, and being in the ocean to me is far different. Another thing about swimming; I know how to swim in a direction with fine form, but I never actually learned how to tread water well, but perhaps that'd come natural.

#45 Posted by RipTheVeins (1609 posts) -

I'd honestly say an alien abduction would be way more terrifying. With the sea monster, yes there's the feeling of helplessness, but if the creature got a hold of you, you'd probably be dead in a reasonably quick time frame.

BUT with the aliens abducting you, you could be tortured for days, weeks, months, or your entire lifetime. Not just anal probing or anything, but imagine all of the shit humans experiment on animals or the Nazi's to humans. Now imagine ALL of that happening to you for years on end. That to me is waaaaayyy more terrifying than having some sort of brief but excruciating death.