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You and your inflammatory, trollish threads.

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Why isn't IGN Bad Hair on here?

Also why no Yosuke? Hate that guy

EDIT: And who the hell is voting for Vinny?! How can anyone hate the guy

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None of the above.

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I thought this was going to be about users you don't like.

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I told you haters going hate yo for no reason.

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Why no self hatred option?

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I am displeased that polls cannot be flagged. Perhaps this is a feature that should be added.

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hat a stupid thing to post. Don't you have a better things to do with your time?

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@Cloudenvy said:

You keep posting this picture- I have no idea what it's supposed to be. Enlighten me!

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This is a dumb poll/thread, but I kind of found it obvious the majority of votes go to Patrick.

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I refused to vote.

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F. The poll creator

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None of them, even though some of their opinions rub me the wrong way, I just say hey, it's their opinion mang, chill out. But Ryan's Sonic rant really got to me being a fan of the series and all, but I still like Mr Davis just the same, so eh.

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Anime is jerk

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I hate whoever thinks a hamburger is NOT a sandwich!

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Everyone on that list is white. This poll is racist.

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if i had to.......Ryan least fav

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Who do you love?

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I refuse to vote for this poll. If that is your attitude towards the Giant Bomb staff. You should just leave and go to another website to waste other people's time.

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@TooWalrus: It is the greatness that is Shinobu, of course!

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Don't hate any, though I voted for Ryan just cause I like him the least of the five. Also how on earth is Vinny second!?!?!? Tight black t-shirts never go out of style!

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I don't know who these people are but in my head I'm going to pretend like this is a vote to the death!

Who do I vote to kill? Do I vote? What if I don't vote and the best guy ends up dying? So much self torture...grief...heart burn...gas.

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@TooWalrus said:

@Cloudenvy said:

You keep posting this picture- I have no idea what it's supposed to be. Enlighten me!

Just pointless anime bullshit of course.

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Chad Kroeger.

Not surprised most of the votes went to Patrick. Poor guy.

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This man here, is amazing.

Hello you guys should go and view this amazing man's thread. He plays Starcraft channel spam threads very well, and giving him views increases his sparkleness for self worth very nicely. He is not like those other thread creators that people only comment because they have boobs. If they did not have views for boobs they would feel something like they are wrong with them. Watch his thread for amazing justice, I think he is underrated for playing thread posting.

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@chrissedoff said:

@TooWalrus said:

@Cloudenvy said:

You keep posting this picture- I have no idea what it's supposed to be. Enlighten me!

Just pointless anime bullshit of course.

You shut yer damn yapper!

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Only time I haven't voted in a poll I clicked on. This must be what Russian Roulette feels like.

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Poor Patrick :( 
Anyway, to truthfully answer your question, my tiers are: 
Vinny > Jeff > Drew = Dave > Brad/Ryan/Patrick. 
Brad, Ryan, and Patrick all do certain things that really bother me, but they're otherwise fine, so they shift around daily depending.

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Carry on.

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@Cloudenvy You really do have a gif or image for every situation, don't you. I've been wondering who that was too, but you answered that.

Also, way to be negative, guy.
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We don't need one of these threads.

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None of the above. They're all great, and that's why I'm a premium user.

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I have too many for every situation if you ask me.

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This poll is bad and you should feel bad.

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now I just think you created this poll to make a poll that vinny would lose

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Whoa, um, yeah.

Let's not do this kind of poll, alright everyone? Would that be okay? Yes? Good.

Because we really don't need a negative unpopularity contest or whatever this nonsense is. Arigato.