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#2 Posted by ManU_Fan10ne (688 posts) -

Im going with England if they beat italy, and if not, then......Portugal, i guess.

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I don't know what that is, so Germany I guess.

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Since the last Euro cup I've been rooting for Spain when everyone else seemed to be on Germany's side. Spain won and then went on to win the world cup. I like their dominating play style and they haven't disappointed me yet, so they're still my team.

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I'm guessing this has to do with soccer.....so Italy.

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I'll go with Germany. They are crazy strong right now.

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Portugal. Any doubt? ^^

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Why would you even enter this thread if you know nothing of Football? People are silly.

I vote Spain.

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Spain will beat Germany in the final.

I'm watching the England vs. Italy game and wondering when Italy will finally score so they can go on to be swept aside by the Germans.

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I am watching England play at the moment and it is making me feel physically ill.

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Spain, probably.

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I'll be ashamed to be English if England win this match.

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this england-italy match is killing me!!!

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Depressing Eng Ita match 
Germany will win

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lol watching the italy/england game now before I answer... haha

edit: these shootouts are tense!!!!

COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm so glad England lost, I'd hate to have seen a repeat of England vs. Germany from 2 years ago.

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I think it's Spain beating Germany.

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I'm all about the Germans, they play a beautiful game of football.

Also, Italy (Pirlo) have done God's work tonight.

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That Pirlo penalty was pretty awesome. Looking forward to Germany vs Italy and I hope Germany wins the cup this time.

#24 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

I'm Portuguese so I'd love for Portugal to win, but.... I think the Germans will take it.

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As a brit, I would of loved England to win it. Of course that was never going to happen though.

I think Germany are the only team to have shower much class so far so my money is on them.

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@altairre said:

That Pirlo penalty was pretty awesome. Looking forward to Germany vs Italy and I hope Germany wins the cup this time.

Lol, that was the only part of the game I enjoyed. That's swagger. Not some idiot repeating swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, over and over.

@Little_Socrates said:

I think it's Spain beating Germany.


Although, I think it's possible for there to be an upset with Italy beating Germany.

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I like Balotteli.

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It's probably gonna be Spain. I certainly hope so anyway, gotta have a mediterranean country beat those damned land lubbers.

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I'm gonna say Spain.

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Germany, if and only if they can exorcise their demons against Spain.

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I'm rooting for Portugal(mainly because of Cristiano Ronaldo..) and Germany(Klose, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Ozil and Hummels), seeing how I don't have any real favorite national team like I had earlier in my life(like Germany, Brazil, Croatia just too mention certain teams). But i'm afraid it will be Spain who takes it. Also I feel that the last few Euro's and WC's have been pretty "meh", for some reason I have this feeling that since I started watching football full time(around the mid 90s) football, or national competitions mainly, have lost a lot of it's charm. 

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@altairre said:

That Pirlo penalty was pretty awesome. Looking forward to Germany vs Italy and I hope Germany wins the cup this time.

that penalty was really really nice. too bad England lost, but Italy deserved the win.

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At least England seemed to try this time in the game they get kicked out. I knew Cole was gonna miss that penalty.

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I predict a Portugal vs Germany final which Germany will win. Germany play some fine football as do Portugal but they just don't co-operate as well as the German squad to although I'd say they have better individual players than Germany.

England never stood a chance tonight, they were absolutely atrocious and Italy were so much better they deserved to win in the normal 90 minutes. I wanted England to win tonight only to see Germany slaughter them in the semi-finals. Living in Northern Ireland I'm sure the English papers tomorrow will be full of how they were unjustly beaten like they are every other time. Cole shouldn't have took that penalty either why not Walcott, Carroll or even Terry as soon as Cole went up I knew he wouldn't score. Anyway I think Germany will win a tight final against Portugal if my predictions are correct and I look forward to seeing this Spain/Portugal match should be good.

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I'm going to predict that it will be Spain vs. Germany in the final... Aaand, I guess, with Spain winning.

Though I don't care much about football, it does seem like Spain and Germany are the two best teams, and I think Spain might be able to get the upper hand.

#36 Posted by CookieMonster (2502 posts) -

I voted Spain but I'm starting to think Germany. Spain have been pretty unconvincing so far...

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Germany to beat Portugal in the final

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Pirlo is a fucking boss but i hope that germany will take the title

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Spain haven't been at their best so far, I think some of the players are struggling to gel because they play in such vastly different styles at club level. Del Bosque insisting on no striker might be their undoing, Portugal like to flood the midfield so Spain will struggle to get any meaningful attacks without the Direct threat of a striker.

Germany are favourites now, and it goes to show that if you set out a long term plan it will produce results. They've been planning for this group of players to come together at just the right time and they play with such fluidity it's hard to see anyone overcoming then. Italy will do well to stifle them, but they look pretty shaky at the back.

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I am part German, so Germany. England are a terrible football team and have been for a long time.

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Have been rooting for Germany for a while now and they've been the best so far in this competition. I think they'll get the win against Italy. Spain vs Portugal I'm not so sure about. Spain haven't really been as good as they were a few years ago and they're really missing David Villa to score the goals for them. I think Portugal could surprise us, although I would still bet on Spain to take the win.

I hope and think that the Germans will win it this year. They play the best and most entertaining football.

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I want Spain to win but Germany is what my head says.

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I think it's going to be Germany.

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Another vote for Germany. Just hope that Schweinsteiger will be fit for Thursday's match.

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Final falls on my birthday, I cannot wait. If its anything like the Italy vs Spain match earlier in the tournament it should be fantastic.

Think Spain may edge it though.

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I ᴡᴀs ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs sᴀʏɪɴɢ Sᴘᴀɪɴ, ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ɪᴛ's ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇʟʏ.

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If Balotelli is as good in the final as he was tonight, then Italy. In all their games Spain have never looked completely convincing at the back, apart from Ramos absolutely bossing Ronaldo last night. Everyone always harps on about Xavi and Iniesta (for good reason), but stand out player of the tournament so far has to be Pirlo for me, absolutely love watching him play

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Spain, they are just on a crazy run of amazing football, high confidence and just generally a well built team.

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England kept a clean sheet against Italy, therefore England > Germany. Science.