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Of the 4 main guys.

Brad. He has a very saucy voice.

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I love Brad's voice, it is for lack of better word...saucy

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Ryan definitely has the best laugh...

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I would not word Brad's voice "saucy", but all of their voices sound fine.

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I lmao when I saw this topic but yeh Brad wins for me

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Vinny or Brad.

I love Ryan and Jeff but just voice-wise they lose

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 Oh! Brad! His voices sends shivers down my spine.
Bkorns4 said:

"I love Brad's voice, it is for lack of better word...saucy
I believe you could describe it as, "smooth like molten glass".

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His voice was excellent in the latest Bombcast, as promised.

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Definitely Brad.

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Jeff is the greatest.

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I like when he talks like a badass.

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Most likely Brad.

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Brad, he's got that radio announcer voice

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Brad for it's distinctiveness, but they all have really good radio voices.

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Aw come on, Jeff has the manliest one. But they're all fine.

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Jeff cause he sounds so crazy and Brad because of his Barry White voice.

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Ryan. Something about his voice his voice just makes him seem always interested in the topic. His laugh is the best too.

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They are all special in their own unique way. Though I get approximately 14 more goosebumps than normal when I hear Brad.

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There is something about Ryan's voice that's engaging. You'd almost think he had a British accent or something. ;)

That said, they are all indeed good radio voices. It's not like I would want to see any of them leave the Bombcast.

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Brad's voice is very saucy.

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I'm not really sure, Brad's I guess.

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Ryan's got the clearest, and probably the best radio voice.

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Ryan's voice was the best.. Brad's voice just seems like he is trying to have a deep voice.. doesn't sound natural.

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Brad. i can fall asleep to that.

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Gangster ass Jeff

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I think they all sound fine but Vinny has a really laid back sounding voice, but he seems really relaxed a lot of the time to be honest.

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Jeff is funny, Ryan leads the discussion, Brad has a thick, deep voice, and Vinny talks about DBZ.

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i could give a shit. i love all the guys at the giant bomb staff and am not homosexual and therefore do not judge men buy there voice. and i love them in a completely non-homosexual way

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Well, none of them have shrill, annoying voices. That's all I really ask for.