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To clarify the question, I'm wondering who here turns on the TV, flips on the cable box or satellite receiver (or antenna) and watch television.

I don't anymore. When I got my cable I asked for internet and the basic tv. They got me for an extra $10 a month to add on their 'Streampix' service. When my special runs out, I think I'm gonna drop the tv portion of my bill. Right now my son is playing watching an episode of Rugrats on Netflix. Netflix is on all day here. We have no desire to even turn on the cable box. It hasn't been on in months.

So I was wondering how many people have moved away from traditional television? You don't need to count special occasions (like sports or the Olympics. Stuff you can't get untraditionally). Just your normal everyday viewing.

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yep. All my tv shows I watch in the interwebs. hulu, netflix and itunes season pass has saved me.

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I dropped my TV service over a year ago, and I don't miss it at all. Almost anything I could want to watch, I can find online somewhere.

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I quit watching TV about 8 years ago. It's one of the best decisions a person could make.

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Dropped cable subscription in 2006.

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I watch TV on my PC. Cable is a waste.

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I rarely watch it but it's not because of replacement services as I'm not signed up to Netflix or any other streaming sites.

Recently I used the TV to check out some of the Olympics and watch a recording of Attack The Block, that's about it.

I don't watch TV shows much any more.

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All the time. Mostly sports and AMC shows. I couldn't live without it.

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TV is dead to me, long live the internet.

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Yes, I do. There are tons of shows I enjoy watching that I would rather just watch as they first air and not have to stream them from somewhere or wait for it to become available on Netflix. Even when there is nothing great on, I still turn it on and put it on some re-run or movie or something while I play games.

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I watch sports all the time. That's the only reason I keep my cable. Everything else is internet.

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The only regular tv shows I watch is Breaking Bad and Walking Dead everything else is Netflix and video game videos on Roku.

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I do

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I do sometimes. Mostly at night before bed. Any other time I only have the tv on as backround noise when I'm browsing the internet.

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I do. Sometimes you just feel like turning on the tube and seeing whats on. Its the only real way to discover gems.

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I watch recorded TV on DVRr but I wouldn't care if the cable was cut. Not my call though.

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I do, but it's a pretty limited number of channels.

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I don't have cable so internet or DVDs for me.

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Hockey is all I use the cable for.

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Only have local and Netflix at the moment, but I do plan on getting cable at some point. Need to to catch NFL and NBA when the seasons start back up.

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I pay about 80$ for TV a month so that my girlfriend can have background noise while she plays Zynga games basically...

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The last time I turned on the TV to watch television* was for the World Series last October. Other than that the only time I do it is for election results (since there are stupid laws here that prevent online reporting of election results).

In the next 8 months there is only 9 hours of television plus the world series that I plan on watching. The final six episodes of Skins and the three new episodes of Black Mirror, which I will watch online.

*Last week I was in France so I turned on the TV in the hotel to check out french TV but I don't count that. I watched some Olympics and about 10 minutes of The Simpsons in french. I do not speak french.

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There are only a few shows I watch and I watch those on the internet. I haven't had any kind of TV for around 4 months.

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Meh, I don't watch a lot of tv shows to begin with. And the ones I do watch are all unavailable on swedish cable. So no.

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@McGhee said:

I quit watching TV about 8 years ago. It's one of the best decisions a person could make.


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I don't watch much TV, but I'm a huge sports fan so I watch it mostly to watch baseball, football, basketball and ESPN. Those things you can't really get outside of a TV in any convenient way. So while I could not watch TV shows on a TV forever, I couldn't really do without sports.

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I watch sports. Plus there's always a few shows that I keep in my rotation. I almost always DVR them or watch them On Demand, though. My internet is kinda inconsistent, so watching shows on the net can be a shitty experience, sometimes.

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Yeah I do, PC's have a bit more to go if they want to get where TV is. Xfinity. I mean, if you could just set something up where it plays your shows, live, just as you would watch something on TV, and it's runs at the resolution of your laptop or PC screen, then it'd be better than TV, but it's not there yet. I mean, get cable for your computer. I don't watch a lot of TV though.

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I haven't watch TV since Basketball season because the only time I really watch cable at all is when I want to watch sports, and even then its not all that often.

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Netflix Streaming is a limited service, but if you're looking to watch some oldies, then it's the way to go. If there's any current TV I want to see, I go visit good old Pirate Bay. Yes, piracy is bad, but as a statistic, I'm meaningless. It really doesn't matter what the individual does - if they restrict my options, I'll go the path of least resistance.

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I dropped my cable in January. I might pick it back up once the NFL regular season gets going...or I might not. I could probably do with less football though, and I can likely find a way to watch it occasionally.

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My internet is slow as shit. I have to watch TV on cable.

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I record new episodes of Community, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, Louie, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Raw, Game of Thrones, and South Park on my DVR but I don't ever watch tv the traditional way. If my dad weren't paying for the cable bill I would probably just watch them all online the next day since they all show up on legal sites, except Raw (which I rarely actually watch) and Game of Thrones (which is only on for like 4 or 5 months out of the year anyways). I'd rather read, play a game, or watch anime then watch actual television programming honestly. If I had to give up all of my shows, I think the only ones I'd really even miss are Community, PnR, and GoT.

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There is no point in me paying for cable since the only television I watch is Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Louie, and maybe a couple HBO series. All together that is like three channels. Also, fuck commercials.

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Internet is the king. I love you, internet.

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I refuse to pay the REDICULOUS cost of cable tv. They can go to hell. I don't need their overpriced, overrated service.

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I don't understand why there isn't some sort of streaming live programming on the internet. Seems like it would be a good idea to have an Ad based "TV like channel" going on somewhere.

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I do.

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If I could get a WWE Monday Night RAW free and streaming in HD then I would have no need for TV.

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@ajamafalous said:

I do.

Me too.

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Not by choice. Whenever I'm home away from university, my brother uses the living room to watch such riveting television such as "Storage Wars", "Hoarders", and HLN which is almost as bad as Fox. The newscasters on there are just so aggravating.

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i do. i watch everything. during the day when i'm home i'll watch netflix as there is nothing on. there's always something to watch on netflix.

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Yes, why not? Where will I watch my soap operas?

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I have a few shows that I'll try to catch or at least DVR. Also use netflix streaming and occasionally rent movies on AppleTV.

It seems like out of the 200 channels or however many, there is usually crap on all of them. Maybe I'm just getting old.

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I dropped cable years ago. I just watch netflix, amazon instant, hulu and recently tried cruchyroll on ps3.

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I watch some shows on tv.

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I do we don't have any of those fancies Netflix-es over here.

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It's been mostly dead to me for years. The only stuff I turn it on for is sports and PBS' science shows.

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i dont have a cable subscription of any kind but i do have a pc hooked up to the tv in my living room with a working netflix account

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I haven't done that in about a decade.

Huh, weird.