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Poll: Who is currently the biggest rock star? (194 votes)

Kanye West 33%
Someone other than Kanye West (please specify in your post) 66%

I'm sure many of you heard about this, and I thought it might make a fun poll.

If you don't want to watch the videos, Kanye West is mad at Jimmy Kimmel for him poking fun at a recent Kanye interview. One of the things Kanye said was "Rap is new rock and roll, we're the rock stars, and I'm the biggest of all of them."

Which got me thinking, who IS the biggest modern rock star? To make it more interesting how about three questions:

1) Biggest current rock star

2) Personal favorite current rock star

3) Personal favorite living rock star

My vote for the first two would probably have to be Jack White. He's been involved with three bands, and all of them make solid albums. Most of his side projects are pretty good as well.

Favorite living would have to go to Elton John.

I do like a fair amount Kanye Wests music, but I wouldn't even put him in a top ten of the last 20 years of rap, much less at the top of all rap and rock.

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Probably Eminem, especially after his new album drops in November, I thing everyone will go mad again.

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Probably Eminem, especially after his new album drops in November, I thing everyone will go mad again.

Eminem hasn't been relevant in years

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All true Rock Stars have a legend. Whether it's out of control partying, self-destruction, or plain old-fashioned incredible talent, they all possess something that made them stand out (aside from great music) as special people. If someone is asking whether or not I can see Kanye standing next to the likes of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, or Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, then the answer is yes. I can definitely see Kanye in that line up for his attitude and grandiosity, if not for his music (which is quite good, most of the time).

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I am. It's me.

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Jack White is also my pick as well. I have an unhealthy obsession with him, and would easily name him as one of, if not my all time favorite musicians. I'm a huge fan of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather are pretty great too, though I don't expect any will ever top The White Stripes as far as my personal favorite. His solo album was also fantastic I think, and felt like a great departure from what we'd come to expect from him without being so different as to alienate his fans.

All around I just think he's a great artist. I've yet to hear something he's been involved with that I've downright disliked, and that is most certainly something I can't say about almost all my other favorites. Eagerly awaiting the new Dead Weather album this winter!

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Yeah.. that interview, huh.

Seriously that dude needs so many reality checks I don't even know where to begin.

The fashion stuff. He seems vehemently unwilling to accept that he can't just break into any field he chooses with a few million dollars and some bright ideas about leather pants. He seems very passionate about design but what separates him from the thousands of design interns with that same drive? I'll tell you: They're willing to start from the bottom and he feels he's entitled to start at the top.

No shit people with careers in these industries are unwelcoming. They've spent years even decades paying their dues, toiling under others in obscurity to get where they are and you walk in and because you're famous and successful in your own right, you assume you're on the same level as them. You're not.

Can you imagine if some rich successful dude from outside music came to Kanye at this point in his career and asked to do a record with him? Would he let someone else bypass years of hard work and tough lessons and struggle to get where he is by simply signing a cheque? I don't think so. He may have some interesting ideas but being an appreciator of design and actually doing it for a living are two separate things entirely especially at the level he's expecting to be at.

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saints row third is the first time I heard Kayne.

Any time Kayne is mentioned it's associated with reality shows, and celebrity gossip, I find it almost impossible to find anything by him.

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Waylon Jennings