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U. Other

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You are.

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I was expecting a list of the GB staff members.

I leave disappointed.

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Other Motherfucker.

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Viking all the way.

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Q: Is the Apache listed in the poll a helicopter?

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All of the warriors in the poll were from seasons 1 and 2. This actually made me smile, thank you DRAGONS.

Also, I go with French Musketeer.

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No love for SWAT, Navy SEALs, or GSG9?

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@Muerthoz said:

No love for SWAT, Navy SEALs, or GSG9?

Most people seem to dislike/forget the modern warriors, though personally I found them to be some of the better episodes as well as having some of the best "simulations". (Who can forget the dancing Medellín Cartel member?)

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Musketeer since he has a gun, otherwise a late period knight would win

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Kevin Sorbo.

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Samurai were no joke.

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French Musketeers?

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If you voted Ninja, you're a boring person. DURR LOOK AT ME I'M SO MYSTERIOUS AND SLICK IN MY BLACK MASK AND SHIT.

Viking is the real shit.

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Since the Persian is Immortal, I guess it would be him.

But I'll have to go with my blood and my ancestors, so Viking all the way.

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Knights are awesome. Wish i could experience chanting and charging on a battlefield while wielding a sword and shield and wearing heavy armor. *starts Mount and Blade*

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With Garnett averaging 12 rebounds in the playoffs thus far I have to say the Celt.

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@Muerthoz said:

No love for SWAT, Navy SEALs, or GSG9?


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Why so many votes for the french? Are the three musketeers hip or do you people know something I dont?

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the romans were champions of conquest for nearly a thousand years, I think they knew their shit pretty well

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I'd go with musketeer because they have a gun. Armour dosn't stand a chance against it if it hits and it would likely confuse people unfamiliar with the weapon. But the deadliest warrior thing is highly subjective, weather conditions, time of day, individual differences between people within the said periods, arbitrary luck of the moment, etc. Maybe one fumbles or makes a mistake. I suppose the Spartan stands a good chance if he brings along seven slaves with him, they were rather big slave holder and liked to bring a whole lot of them into the field with them.

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Moms are. All those warriors you just mentioned at some stage had their asses handed to them by their moms.

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Waffen SS

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Obesity, the silent killer.

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Samurai for me I think, though guns kinda screw them over.

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Chuck Norris..

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Billy Idol

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Jackie Chan.

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not me for sure. but voted for vikings for the same reason as

and they have a pretty bad ass history.

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Spartans. Individually, they were easily one of the best trained soldiers in history.

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Kid Rock by sheer authenticity

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Mujahadeen because they fight for god and for the almighty Muhammad in defending the Islamic caliphate.

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(But seriously Viking because they are the hardest motherfuckers in history)

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10 Spartan's can beat 10 Samurai's but 1 Samurai can beat 1 Spartan.

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I went with Mongol because they scared the shit out of Europeans for a while.

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That dude who rode the atomic bomb.

I would also vote for that spanish guy from the second deadliest warrior QL. "Come on, we can be friends!"

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@NegativeCero said:

I went with Mongol because they scared the shit out of Europeans for a while.

Yeah, the Mongol Empire got pretty big so I'm giving the nod to them. Some of these other dudes never challenged anyone outside their own country.

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Samurai just because their weapon is superior.

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A Krogan

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@Gargantuan said:

Musketeer since he has a gun, otherwise a late period knight would win

During the times of "Empire" it had multiple cases of enemy armes (without guns) loosing tens of thousands and the British army loosing less than two hundred.

Technology is the winner, always.

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1 on 1? Or army on army?

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Apache for the sane fact that you want to die instead of being captured by them. Considering they put you either ontop of an ant hill/wrapped around a tree, they SLICE YOU OPEN and let either ants or wolves eat you alive as you watch... No... really, THEY DID THIS!