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Grant and Jamie are probably the two smartest, cause making robots is hard!

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Grant. The man constructs robots.

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I don't know about smartest, but Tory and Grant are my favorites. They really steal the show from Adam and Jamie.

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the chick, the other guys are douchebags, especially that bitch with the goatee and beret.  Hes a retard.
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I'd go with Jamie, i think that dude could build you a nuclear reactor if you asked.

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Who cares?

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I don't even know their names. 
All i know is there are Two Asians, one Italian dude......and other people. 
Or wait is that the wrong show? oh damn i think i'm thinking of another show on Discovery channel or something.

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I'll say Grant. The dude built the modern version of R2D2, and he's bloody good with pneumatics. Great performances in Battlebots and Junkyard Wars is also a plus.

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Grant, Jamie's up there as well, but he's such a tool.

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Gotta go with Grant, although Jamie is a close second.  Adam is also no slouch, of course, but he's usually hampered by being goddamn ridiculous whenever he gets to do whatever he wants.

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Grant is, Jamie is second, I don't even know why they others are on that show.