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Seriously... I'm always interested in seeing the correlation between what a father's occupation is and what the son (sorry ladies) grows up to do. My dad currently works in a factory making car parts and I'm a teacher. Nowhere close there, but my dad did work as a janitor when I was in elementary school so I guess that counts?

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When my father was alive he was a minister. I was going to follow in his footsteps until I realized I had no interest in it or even religion in general. Now I'm back in school, my goal to teach English over seas and eventually become a martial arts instructor and possibly a writer as well.

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He is a deadbeat piece of shit and I have no idea, nor do I care, what he is doing right now. I have a BA, but it lead nowhere so I'm currently studying accounting

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My dad is a doctor and I want to be a game designer. Took a lot of convincing to explain to him that it was a viable career path.

Edit: This thread title sounds super creepy

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He's the Senior Avionics Tech for the MP&EU division in the Canadian Airforce.

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When he was younger he drove stock cars, was a lumberjack, did odd jobs working on cars, and then spent several years working as a tire changer for a local tire shop. After several years he quit to start his own business and he has been fixing/changing tires for transport trucks since. I'm a lazy leech who works part time doing tech support for cell phones at a call center.

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My dad was a car mechanic for 40 years and now he's a private bus driver - I'm gonna have a job in an embassy or international office somewhere down the line. I sure learned a lot of stuff from his car fixing magic and I'm thankful for everything he's taught me at being a handy man, but my future is in international relations.

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He's an accountant and I'm interested in writing and filmmaking.

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No idea, when I knew he was a drunk good for nothing with no job, and I'm currently studying computer science and considering switching to applied mathematics.

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My dad's a radiologist and I'm thinking about going into Information Systems. Not really much of a correlation.

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Secret agent.

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My father is retired and i'm currently unemployed so there's definitely a correlation here.

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Steve and he mostly does my mother :~(

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He's one of the top guys of a major hotel company.

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My Dad's a drug counselor and I'm pursuing a bachelors degree in creative writing and working as a security guard. Though the drug counseling is relatively recent, he spent the large part of my teenage years in school, so I suppose there is kind of a correlation there. Mostly it's just that he's not willing to tell me how stupid I'm being!

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He is a structural engineer and I'm studying multimedia and animation/VFX. I was not that interested in buildings.

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Semi-retired renovation and construction slinger of spackle, hammerer of nails, painter of walls. He is also mentally unstable and extremely irresponsible with money. Three times he has claimed bankruptcy due to stupid high risk investments that (predictably) fell through.

He and I do not get along very well. I see him maybe once a year. The only things he and I have in common are blue eyes and mental illness. :/

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My father is a telecommunications manager at a major car company, I'm currently unemployed but I'm interested in writing and directing films.

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My father is dead. Thanks a lot.

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My Dad is a mechanic. I'm an audio technician.

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Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.

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My father has been a lot of things. Currently, he's a "UH-60 Helicopter Repairer" in the US Army. Which is close to his old job of "Automotive Technician".

He's a mechanic. Though now that he's higher in rank and stuff, he seems to have more of a managerial role than he did previously. Which is pretty good for him, I'd say. He's getting up there.

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He was a laborer who worked harder than I ever will. I'm sorry I never told him how much I appreciated that.

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My dad promotes professional boxing fights and runs a kickboxing gym.

I, on the other hand, am an unemployed High School student.

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My dads the main man !

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My dad is a civil engineer, and I am currently a high school student. I'm Arab so I only get three options for what I want to be: lawyer, doctor, or engineer (or have your own business).

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I'm an audio engineer


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Oh boy. This thread man...

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@demoskinos: sorry about your dad

Oh, nothing is up with my dad but reading through there's a lot of people that obviously can't say the same. Thread is a little dark.

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There's no correlation between my dad's job and my job, but one of his hobbies was singing in a barbershop quartet, and I make music stuff. So there's that.

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My dad is a radiographer and sonographer (and I really dam good one as well), whereas I'm studying law and politics and wanna become a diplomat of some sort. But my parents did live overseas for a long time and I grew up with their stories, so I guess that's where that interest comes from.

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My father is an electro-chemist who invents and tests batteries. He probably helped invent many of the batteries you use today. He worked on the earliest cell phone batteries, early fuel cells and hybrid car tech, UAV batteries, electric car batteries, Energizer batteries, and currently is working at GE on some energy project of some sort. He also worked on the PowerPC G6 processor before the project was shut down.

I am a game designer so not really any parallels. My brother is a material scientist and my other brother is a neuro-biologist, so they both followed him into science. My grandfather worked at IBM, though, and my Uncle did as well. So there are computer people in my family tree.

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My dad worked in a steel mill, then became a paramedic, then an electrician, got drafted and sent to Vietnam, came back, became a teacher, moved to the middle of butfuck North Queensland, became an eletrician again, and now is the international manager of one of the largest hazardous training companies in the South East Asia/Australasia. I am studying to be a civil engineer and work at a steel yard filling out invoices.

1 TO 1.

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My father is probably drunk somewhere currently. That's what he is most hours. He worked in random factories for the past 20 something years until a year or so ago. Now I don't know what he does, aside from get drunk.

I don't currently do anything but take care of my grandmother, and have never had a sip of alcohol thanks to my father. I have no brothers or sisters, either.

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He worked for RCA for about 25 years until the factory closed down, hes been a nurse for the past 10 years.

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My dad has done a shit ton of different things. He was a firefighter, owned his own pub, and even owned a dry cleaners. Now is a delivery truck driver. I'm an archaeologist. Not a correlation but my dad is a fairly inquisitive person who simply did not have the opportunity (read: came from a super poor family) to pursue any kind of schooling beyond high school.

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My father used to cut lathes and shoes (not shoes for your feet, a "shoe" is a cut of wood, that what my father always called it, I have no idea where the name comes from, nor if "shoe" is the correct spelling) for lobster pots (pot=trap) for the local lobster fishery. He worked out of the family's 200 year old sawmill, which straddles a river since it used to be run by a waterwheel. It has since been modded to run off the drive-shaft of a tractor. In the 80s most lobster fishermen switched to wire-frame lobster pots and my father started doing some landscaping on the side. He's been retired for quite some time now.

I teach English in Korea.

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My dad is the technical director of a chemical testing lab and I'm an RMM (remote monitoring and management) technician for a tech company. We get along pretty well even though his lab still has machines running Windows 95.

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He was working on elevators, now he is retired. I am a web designer.

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My dad also works in a factory making car parts. I'm going to school to be an engineer.

This thread is fascinating :D, but also an emotional roller-coaster :(

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My dad works at Nintendo and he told me that GTA V is going to be a Wii U exclusive.

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My dad was a crane operator in a steel mill for 25 years.

I'm unemployed with no prospects and no ambitions for the future.

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My father has worked for the same company for 25 years. He's got a very business-y job; his company advises other companies about human resources. He wears a suit to work, travels a fair bit (he used to travel much more), and earns six figures.

I am unemployed and unable to work, but I don't think I'd ever feel compelled to work in the corporate world. I think my autism means that I am somewhat incompatible with that kind of job and lifestyle. My interests are much more creative; I've always wanted to be a novelist.

Work aside, we have a lot in common (music especially), and I love him to bits. My parents got divorced when I was very young, but I'm incredibly lucky that they were able to still work together and get along to provide a good home for me and my sister.

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My dad is a retired college professor/administrator. I have a BA in media communications and worked for a few years as a freelancer in the production industry but I fucked up on a shoot a few years back and destroyed a camera, so I'm on the outs, back to waiting tables until I can break out on my own again. Have to wait until my daughter's a little older so I can move to a different area and start over. Probably Chicago.

Despite having a PhD in the liberal arts, my dad is very conservative, and has acted like my interest in film and storytelling (I minored in creative writing) is on par with some kind of mental illness. He's a great guy, and we have a good relationship, but we're miles apart when it comes to our interests and what types of people we are. So it goes.

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@oraknabo said:

Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.

I see you've been taught the basics.

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My dad worked in banking for several decades, and then retired. He took up a second career as an insurance agent, but he's about ready to give that up and just enjoy retirement.

I work in software QA. One of the only pieces of career advice my dad gave me was that I shouldn't ever go into banking. I can't say I argued.