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My dad's currently unemployed, and has been unemployed for awhile. He left his job to take care of me, and then (and now) my brother. My mom gets a pretty sizable paycheck, so we're pretty good. He does have a master's in business though. He worked a bunch of really random jobs- including Chef and actual business dude- but when I was a kid I remember him primarily being an ESL and computer teacher.

I'm currently in school, with a double major of English and Economics. English is my main thing, but Econ is to shut my parents up. I have it going through my thick skull that I can also fit minors in Cognitive Science and Psychology in. It's a snug fit, using up every class possible for my next two years, but theoretically doable. If not, I'm pretty sure I can still pull off two majors and one minor.

As for my own career, I'm seriously considering high school teacher right now. But I have time to wait it out, or at least, that's what I keep telling myself.

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My dad used to be an IT admin for one of the top aerospace corporations. Now he's disabled and sits around reading conspiracy theory blogs.

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Huh. I'm not actually sure. He lost about every job he could get when I was around because he was drunk, but he worked in construction, operating heavy machinery when he managed to hide his drinking well enough to keep his job. Now I'm guessing he's either not working, or has some random shit job. No idea.

I'm going into the Marine Corps. My whole family varies from "crazy liberal nutjob that hates the police" to "crazy liberal" so it's no surprise he doesn't really approve of my decision to enlist, especially into the 0300 field.

@thepickle said:

My dad works at a videogame website. "Giant Explosion" or something like that.

Rex, you're growing up too damn fast. Stoppit.

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When he was alive my dad and I used to play games and watch anime together when I was younger. He used to work as an carpenter.

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Dad works for American Airlines, just a "crew" member. Not really sure what he does. He's been working for Airlines his entire life. I work in TV, I am editor for a well known MTV Reality Show.

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my dad owns a gardening company. most gardeners do a laughable, half assed job, but he has a genuine talent for it. he turns weedy tangled jungle of a lawn, into a national park. it's admittedly impressive.

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My dad is the overworked co-owner of a precision engineering factory. He started it up about three years ago when the company he worked for shut. They are doing pretty well and have a few really big clients. I'm doing a physics degree, and I have to attribute large part of that to him impressing on me that manual factory labour is pretty shitty and you should do as well as you can at school to get rewarded later on.

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My dad is an electrician and I want to be a video game journalist.

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Dad was a musician and a teacher, also a alcoholic which finally killed him back in 05.

He was a good musician though

Im a factory worker so havent gone to musics in that way, have to say that music is a real important aspect of my life though, as it is for my younger siblings also.