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Don Draper

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Patrick Bateman

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@FancySoapsMan said:

Patrick Bateman

Can't believe I left out Bateman.

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Sherlock Holmes

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Ladd Russo probably.

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Patrick Bateman.

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@TheWholeDamnShow said:

@FancySoapsMan said:

Patrick Bateman

Can't believe I left out Bateman.

@scalpel said:

Patrick Bateman.


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@Lokno said:

Sherlock Holmes

high functioning. yup, I'll going with the clever detective in the funny hat.

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@FancySoapsMan said:

Patrick Bateman
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@TheWholeDamnShow said:

@FancySoapsMan said:

Patrick Bateman

Can't believe I left out Bateman.

@scalpel said:

Patrick Bateman.


Ok... starting now (OTHER) will represent Patrick Bateman.

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Brad Shoemaker. Cards Against Humanity revealed his true self.

Oh, fiction...

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Walter White

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Hannibal Lector

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Myers is just a psychopath, right?

My answer is Lector either way.

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@wwfundertaker said:

Hannibal Lector

Hes on the list!

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@jking47 said:

Pretty much everyone in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Damn...haven't seen any of those shows in a while and, now that I think about it, I'd probably give the same answer. That first series was fucking insane.

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If your answer is not Kefka, you are wrong.

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My vote is for Norman Bates. Classic.

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@FancySoapsMan said:

Patrick Bateman

Yeah, and Rorschach. I know it's cliche, but he makes some valid points.

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Victor Samuel Mackey

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Fiction never gets sociopaths right. Well, they don't get true diagnosed sociopaths right, they get the common definition, which is incorrect. Anton Chigurh is one that actually comes close. The reason you don't see the actual version is because they're not interesting to look at or listen to.

Sociopathy is the failure to understand social norms. What you see in fiction is not a failure to understand, it's a callous disregard for specific elements. Sociopaths lack emotional intelligence, the entire crux of Hannibal Lecter is that he has incredible emotional intelligence.

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the guy from The Shining, don't know his name.

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@zombie2011 said:

the guy from The Shining, don't know his name.

Jack Torrance.

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Vic Mackey probably.

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Adachi Tohru (I'm not gonna post a picture of him this time)

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Korean Johnny Cash from I Saw The Devil.

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Hollywood Hulk Hogan. That guy was ruthless, brother

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Tommy DeVito (Goodfellas)

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Other motherfucker.

Patrick Bateman!

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Bateman is the most relatable.


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First thing that leapt to mind before entering the thread was Patrick Bateman. Though, some that hasn't been mentioned, I'd put forth Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood) and Agent Smith (Matrix).

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@efman said:

Daniel Plainview

oh man, nice call

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Patrick Bateman is the only character that has ever made me feel actually sick (in the novel, anyway). I'd say he wins.

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Patrick Bateman

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vic mackey

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Forrest Kaysen of course!

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Dr. House

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Where the fuck is Rorschach?

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Professor Moriarty... period.

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Another one I came up with, Andrew Ryan from the land of Bioshock, which can be seen as fiction, right?

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That's a good answer.

Dexter shouldn't be on the list.
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Anton Chigurh, too bad he isn't in the polls.

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Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.

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I'd say my favorite is one of my own creation but since no one knows or cares who that is, I'll just go with the next best thing who is... Lex Luthor (Justice League series).

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I had to go Joker, but Tommy DeVito, Patrick Bateman and Light Yagami (Death Note) are all good choices.

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@Ravenlight said:

If your answer is not Kefka, you are wrong.

Agreed! This character still gives me chills. A true madman.

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