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#1 Posted by oompaville (31 posts) -

Who is your favorite YouTube game commentator?

PewDiePie? Woodysgamertag? Captainsparklez? Bluexephos? Or perhaps another, lesser known, party...?

Tell me who your favorite YouTube game commentator is!

And be nice.

#2 Posted by Hamst3r (4893 posts) -

Dan Ryckert's Dad.

#3 Edited by Corevi (6794 posts) -

ChipCheezum (though he technically hails from SomethingAwful)

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#4 Posted by FinalDasa (2489 posts) -

For awhile I really enjoyed the Yogscast Minecraft videos. They were entertaining and showed off a good variety of texture packs and mods.

Eventually though their content wasn't varied enough to warrant continued watching. It was just more, never ending, story lines based in Minecraft. In light of recent events giving up on Yogscast may have been a good idea.

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#5 Posted by Nightriff (6466 posts) -

turboman and giantbomb

#6 Edited by oompaville (31 posts) -

@hamst3r: No clue who that is lol

@corruptedevil: I went on SA a while back as a commentator and I found the atmosphere to be "wrong" for me. I left shortly after! I never really liked any of the commentators on there. The ones I actually did see thought a little too highly of themselves. It was unnerving. This guy seems different! I kinda like him.

@finaldasa: I also used to watch the Yogscast vids. They got old pretty quick! I like their personalities though. They seem like good guys.

#7 Posted by Lukeweizer (3105 posts) -

Jeff Green.

#8 Edited by ViciousBearMauling (1551 posts) -

I usually hate guys that just LP shit, but I really like Two Best Friends Play or Super Best Friends Play or Whatever The Fuck Their Name Is.

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#9 Posted by erhard (490 posts) -

It's all shit.

#10 Posted by fisk0 (5282 posts) -

Several of the old Something Awful let's play people have youtube channels nowadays. While I don't keep up with everything they do, helloitsdan and the Freelance Astronauts have been great whenever I've watched their stuff.

ChipCheezum is pretty good too.

#11 Edited by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Full-time youtubers? I like Quill18 a lot for Civ 5 and EU4. He's far from the best at those games but still a bit better than i am so i can still learn stuff from him and he is generally just more interesting to listen to than most.

Other than that i don't follow too many people on Youtube. I follow a bunch of speedrunners on twitch though.

#12 Posted by AlexW00d (6798 posts) -

Birgirpal if he counts.

#13 Edited by Capum15 (5137 posts) -

Probably Coestar or Dsylexci / Taconic. All are pretty good, the last two put out a good chunk of ShackTac Arma content which I always find pretty fascinating.

Edit: Also Achievement Hunter.

#14 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (584 posts) -

Does Giant Bomb still post their videos on Youtube? Outside of GB and Game Informer, I don't really engage with game related video content(aside from the occasional Nintendo Minute, because Kit Ellis)

#15 Posted by Levius (1323 posts) -

I like Retsuprae, LoadingReadyRun, Ashens and ChipCheezum.

I also watch a few MTG guys like ChannelFireball (mainly LSV and Caleb Durward), LRR(again), Windmill Slam and MTGO Academy. I also like DarkestMage and Numot the Nummy on twitch.

Man, I am such a fucking nerd.

#16 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6344 posts) -

Game over Greggy

#17 Posted by Dimsey (1109 posts) -

I watch Super/Two Best Friends Play on a daily basis.
And occasionally Jesse Cox or Sips from the Yogscast.
Recently started watching FRANKIEonPCin1080p for some decent Day Z stuff.

#18 Posted by Bremaine (62 posts) -

Gamegrumps & Two best friends play are what I watch most in terms of LPs. I do watch other programs like Watch Mojo, Cinemasins, Screen Junkies, Doug Benson, Tim & Eric, and much much more.

#19 Posted by Ben_H (3640 posts) -

I like Day9. He doesn't seem fake like so many of the popular youtubers. Everyone who's met him in real life has said he's an amazingly friendly person too.

Also, I somehow doubt anyone on here is going to answer Pewdiepie in fear of being severely ridiculed.

#20 Posted by BishopRen (42 posts) -

Rooster Teeth/achievement hunter stuff can be entertaining occasionally, also echoing a couple here, Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus are my favorite youtubers (despite being from Something Awful). Also Retsupurae is good. Most content done by the Something Awful Lets Play sub-forum is being hosted on you tube now a-days and is usually pretty high quality.

#21 Edited by SunBroZak (1818 posts) -

I enjoy watching videos from Gopher and Jesse Cox. Both of them like to be engrossed into the video-games they're playing, and I get a different experience from watching them than I would simply playing the game. Oh, and Northernlion.

#22 Posted by wemibelec90 (2136 posts) -

I get enough of "playing games with commentary" on Giant Bomb. I have liked a few Youtubers in the past, but I really don't care much anymore. In fact, the only Youtube channel I really pay any attention to is A Dose of Buckley.

#23 Posted by Gaff (2164 posts) -

Do Gootecks and Mike Ross count?

#24 Edited by gokaired (581 posts) -

Maximillian Dood - He always keeps me hyped for fighting games. Even though i've sucked for years now.

While we're at it. 2 off topics.

David So - prolly the Blackest Korean you'll ever meet

Tommy Sotomayor - He talks about the problems in the Black community, he sounds extreme at first but he addresses a lot keeping us down. Plus his delivery is hilarious.

#25 Posted by Guerrilla_Mason (512 posts) -

I love Markiplier for gaming and Weezy Waiter for pure insanity. Weezy technically has a gaming page, but he unfortunately never really posts on there anymore.

#26 Posted by Entreri10 (477 posts) -

I don't know If I would call them my favorites anymore but the most I've watched has been Simon & Lewis(yogscast), Sips(yogscast) and TotalBiscuit. I do also enjoy the Achievement Hunter guys and Gamegrumps.

#27 Posted by kadash299 (340 posts) -

whatever the opposite of Pewdiepie is

#28 Posted by BradBrains (1530 posts) -
#29 Edited by White (1575 posts) -

National Geographic.

#30 Posted by Irvandus (3100 posts) -

Yeah the two duos from something awful are pretty good, Chip + Ironicus and Retsupurae.

ItmeJp is pretty cool if you're into role playing games. Also I mean like actual table top RPGs.

Since watching The International 4 I've been looking at a lot of Purge's videos. He's a really relaxed and calm Dota 2 caster great for new players. Sick of people constantly yelling and putting on a show? Come listen to Purge.

#31 Posted by ShaggE (7222 posts) -

LGR (Lazy Game Reviews) is great. Super laid back, and way into a lot of the same 90s PC games I was into. Also has the best collection of big box PC games.

I also love some Ashens and Classic Game Room.

#32 Posted by freakin9 (1187 posts) -

The Achievement Hunter part of Rooster Teeth. Despite the fact I find Red vs. Blue decidedly not funny, Gavin Micheal, Ray and Geoff are hilarious a lot of the time. Just self aware enough to not cackle at everything and ready to call people out on awfulness. So much unchecked awfulness out there that I find them refreshing.

#33 Edited by OrwellHuxZam (149 posts) -

I really like Storpey.

#34 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1112 posts) -
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This is a great playthrough of the steam version of Resonance, I could not recommend it more highly.

Seriously though, I dunno. It's been a while. I used to watch Yogscast, like, three or four-ish years ago? I don't remember

#35 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7408 posts) -

I mean it has to be Pewdiepie, right guys? He's got the numbers after all, numbers never lie.

#36 Posted by theanticitizen (299 posts) -

Probably Day9 and TotalBiscuit (mostly due to my love for Starcraft II)

#37 Posted by MindBullet (224 posts) -

Mostly Something Awful LPers. Chip Cheezum and Run Button are the first names that come to mind. Men Drinkin' Coffee do a lot of Endurance Run-type stuff and Lowtax also has some interesting stuff going on with his fascination with terrible games.

I still follow the Yogscast from time to time, though I'm mostly enjoying the new alliance of Sips and Hat Films more than anything the 'core' group is doing.

I guess that's more of a list than a single favorite, but I don't think I really have one channel I prefer over the others.

#38 Posted by Uppercaseccc (147 posts) -

Ashens, even though he doesn't do a lot game stuff he is just amazing and the stuff he puts himself through is amazing.

#39 Posted by Stonyman65 (3079 posts) -
  • Totalbiscuit
  • YongYea
  • ShoddyCast
  • Corpsealot
  • AngryJoe
  • Gameovergreggy
#40 Edited by Winsord (1450 posts) -

The title and the question posed in the original post are two very different things. I'm going to assume by "game commentator" you mean Let's Player. Under that banner, it'd have to be NorthernLion, and recently he's been doing a good series of the X-Com Enemy Within mod "Long War". I also enjoy some of the Achievement Hunter videos, and GameGrumps when it's Arin and Danny, but they both can be pretty hit-or-miss. On the contrary, PewDiePie, Yogscast and TotalBiscuit are equally awful in their own special ways and would be my least favourites.

#41 Posted by development (2946 posts) -

Can't say I really enjoy any LPers that I've seen/heard. Watched a couple things from this thread, but they don't really do it for me.

For tangentially-related game stuff, I watch Cooking with Unity,

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a channel that goes through some really interesting Unity game engine tutorials/tricks. Later episodes are far better than the first dozen or so. He seems to hit on some things I've not seen elsewhere. He comes from a mathematics background, so he generally likes to find efficient tricks for things that others might be lazy about. Plus, he streams the show live on a regular schedule.

#42 Posted by Rejizzle (503 posts) -

Might just be the Canadian in me but Loading Ready Run is fantastic. More for there sketch comedy than their actual game commentary thought...

#43 Posted by Itwongo (1534 posts) -

We talkin' LPers? I like GameGrumps and DeadWorkersParty.

#44 Edited by animathias (1222 posts) -

For channels where YouTube is secondary, it's Giant Bomb and Achievement Hunter. The Minecraft let's plays where it's almost always a game within the game instead of just playing Minecraft is great, and the guys are hilarious.

For YouTube only, my favorite is probably Game Grumps. The current Steam Train playthrough of King's Quest VI is awesome. Danny revitalized that channel for me. Jesse Cox and PBGGameplay are close behind.

An honorable mention as he's mainly a Twitch streamer, but BaerTaffy is fantastic. If you wanted to know my absolute favorite out of the 5 names here, it's Baer. No idea why, he's just really entertaining. Hell of a funny grandpa voice, too.

#45 Posted by TurboMan (8244 posts) -
#46 Posted by Brodehouse (10627 posts) -

OSW Review - the best wrestling podcast on the interwebs

thunderf00t - atheist, science, secularism, etc. mostly exposing nonsense. Had a great series exposing Solar Roadways and their feel-good/think-less version of science.


Also yeah I like @turboman's channel as well.

#47 Posted by mrcraggle (2151 posts) -

I feel like the only Youtuber I watch and enjoy on a consistent basis is Ashens... oh, game commentators you say? I guess none for me then. I really can't get past how annoying most of them are and often use gimmicks and shitty jokes to gain viewership. I stick with GB because they typically tell it how it is.

I used to watch a hell of a lot of youtube but I'm really not drawn to the channels I'm subscribed to nearly as much any more. I subbed to Yogscast because I was looking for gameplay footage of Torchlight II and found their stuff funny but never got into the Minecraft stuff, Rev3Games I subbed to simply because of Adam Sessler but he left so I'm not watching so much any more and the same for VideoGamer after Matt Lees left.

#48 Edited by ShadowConqueror (3347 posts) -

I'm pretty fond of Achievement Hunter. Their videos are almost always entertaining, especially their Minecraft series.

#49 Edited by Fuzz (43 posts) -

I spend way too much time on YouTube. xD It'd take all-night to post a list of who I watch and then take a whole weekend to pick a favourite. xP

But I can easily think of two dudes who are the most relevant to gaming and are amazing at what they do: Damo2986 and Archengeia.

Damo2986 is a fantastic Let's Player. He's a genuine guy in a disingenuous area of YouTube. He's not a terribly skilled gamer but that really does not matter; he LPs because he loves games and loves to play 'em. To me, that embodies the true spirit of Let's Playing - as Archengeia would say "games are awesome, let's discuss 'em" but more along the lines of "games are awesome, let's play 'em". I'm unsure if his videos are monetized (go AdBlock!) but he really does not do it for the monetary aspect of Let's Playing, not at all. Plus he's from Yorkshire! His accent, though not thick, is awesome to listen to. xD


Archengeia's an enigma to me. He's a puzzle I cannot solve, but that's what makes him awesome. The dude's like some sort of savant. He's an IT specialist; mainly game, but sort-of TV show and movie reviewer; a DM for D&D sessions; sort-of-Let's-Player-but-more-of-a-marathon-gamer-guy and a crap ton more. He's like the true embodiment of a nerd, or something. xD He exploded in popularity after the whole Mass Effect 3 fiasco but declined afterword due to absences caused by personal health issues. The dude is back in full-force, though, and his opinions on things he sets his mind to are so well-thought out that it's awesome.


If anyone hasn't heard of these two, you'd be remiss to not at least give 'em a try. ^_^

@brodehouse said:

OSW Review - the best wrestling podcast on the interwebs

thunderf00t - atheist, science, secularism, etc. mostly exposing nonsense. Had a great series exposing Solar Roadways and their feel-good/think-less version of science.


Also yeah I like @turboman's channel as well.

Thunderf00t's amazing!

He also has a smaller channel, Thunderf00tCC, where he stays away from topical debates and does cool science experiments. Dude has a PhD, if I'm remembering rightly.


EDIT: double-posted. >.<