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I don't have a "favourite" but I do have some that I subscribe to.

Jeremy Jahns is a youtube reviewer who, I think, is actually pretty funny and has similar tastes to my own. I discovered him through a Mass Effect 3 video that went viral. It basically called out the ending and why it was so terrible in a really succinct way. Been watching every since. He's pretty good at his job.

Anthony Fantano is a music nerd. I mean a real, hardcore music nerd. I am not a music nerd. Yet I still watch his videos when the mood takes me because he's articulate and measured in his commentary. I don't even know about half of the musical acts he's talking about most of the time but I still enjoy his critical work more than most.

OSW Review is a video podcast about old pro wrestling. It's often hilarious and sometimes insightful. If you like wrestling (especially if you're familiar with the 80s, or perhaps just interested in going back), you owe it to yourself to watch these. It takes a few episodes to really get going, but by the first Royal Rumble it turns into a great series.

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Kripparrian, Northernlion, Kassemg

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Maximilian: I'll admit though his "OH YEA VIDEOGAMES LET'S GO!" hype persona can be a bit much but when he's not doing that, he's an entertaining fighting game player.

Force: Very well-spoken, covers a good amount of games.

Markiplier: the....hm, the overexaggerated facial expressions notwithstanding, probably my favorite of the "watch dude play horror game with facecam" crowd.

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@gaff said:

Do Gootecks and Mike Ross count?

These guys and Maximillian Dood all day

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Patrick Boivin from Two Best Friends Play, probably, if I had to pick a single person. I've followed TheAmazingAtheist since his early days, too, but I don't watch many of his videos these days and tend to spend most time listening to him from his "Drunken Peasants" podcast on the side, instead. I did buy one of his books several years back, though.

Otherwise I just follow a smattering of individuals. Don't really pay much attention to many channels specifically.

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I don't follow or even know anyone on youtube, but I just want to say that I think "youtubist" sounds better than "youtuber"

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I don't subscribe to very many people who make content regularly on youtube, but I am a big fan of Sips and Hat Films from the yogscast. It's good for quick fifteen minute chunks of entertainment. There is of course a lot of minecraft played, (which at this point everyone seems tired of except hundreds of thousands of kids) but even that is usually entertaining, or at the very least makes for good background listening. I feel like most of the yogscast members make acceptable/good content actually. My little brother really likes watching them and I don't feel that bad about letting him because it's not overly inappropriate most of the time and it won't numb his brain too much, which are two things that I don't think can be said for a lot of other popular youtube channels kids watch.

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DevilDogGamer is pretty awesome. He's a former Marine who served in Iraq. He did a lot of videos about his experiences in the Marine Corps that have helped motivate me in my own goal of enlisting. His Boot Camp stories are particularly entertaining, even if you don't intend to enlist.

Plus he plays the kinds of games I actually enjoy:

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And then there's Mr.Moon...

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I've watched and grown tired of a lot of youtubers. I will say though, people like Maximillian and Quill18 are the kinda guys I enjoy the most these days, as they're mostly just chilling and playing a game. Seen too many people that try to take their show "to the next level". I watch for the game, so let that be the main feature.

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I did actually watch Pewdiepie a year or two ago, but I just felt it got old. Got nothing against him, as I see so many do.
I do watch the Game Grumps channel though, where I think most of it is funny. Thanks to them we also have StarBomb, which has some pretty cool and funny songs. Luigi's Ballad, It's Dangerous to Go Alone and Crasher-Vania being the best in my opinion. Sure, they are crass and childish, but I like that. Catchy too!

And Scott Manley should be mentioned, due to his excellent Kerbal Tutorials, which he has to update now as the new update hit today.

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I enjoy some of those mentioned already, but I'd like to suggest Psychedelic Eyeball. He has some serious skill, and one of the most enjoyable accents I've ever heard. His Spelunkey let's play is a great place to start, but then be sure to check out the NES races he does with other you tubers.

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That's a hard one...I have around 168 subscribed channels on my list. I spend about 4-6 hours a day watching their content (while cleaning, taking care of my kids, etc).

Right now it would probably have to be Northernlion or Baertaffy. They put out some quality, interactive content, and that's what I like the best. I don't want someone to just play a game and prattle on over top of it.

Other than those two, though, these five came to mind: (no particular order)

  • captainsparklez
  • yogscast (the entire crew is pretty much on my subscriptions, but I enjoy Lewis & Simon the most)
  • game grumps
  • jesse cox & wowcrendor
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Definitely DavetheUsher

He picks a lot of games to play that I'm into (like old school JRPG's) and his voice is really soothing, some say he sounds like Tidus from FFX. He actually just got a voice acting gig for an upcoming game called Amaranthine Story.

The best thing about the guy though is that even if he's playing a game that he's played before, he plays it as if though it's his first time and let's his audience discover what he's discovering at the same time. He doesn't spoil anything.

I even sat through his entire Let's Play of Enchanted Arms....yea, he actually made that game entertaining, lol.

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I love Markiplier for gaming and Weezy Waiter for pure insanity. Weezy technically has a gaming page, but he unfortunately never really posts on there anymore.

I used to watch Markiplier a lot, but he's falling into the same trap that Pewdiepie is - he's playing horror games and pretending to be really frightened.

As for who I really like, I'd have to pick Spike and Barley, I think it's criminal that these guys don't get as much recognition as other Youtubers.

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This is an older video, but definitely one of their best ones. I was laughing so hard that I was crying the first time I saw this, and I can't say that about many other Youtubers.

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@marokai said:

I've followed TheAmazingAtheist since his early days, too, but I don't watch many of his videos these days and tend to spend most time listening to him from his "Drunken Peasants" podcast on the side, instead. I did buy one of his books several years back, though.

I have heard so many things about TAA that I don't even know what's real and what's slander. Can you provide some insight onto his appeal?

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I like this guy.

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I quite like the WWE youtube channel. I

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JeremyJahns- I might disagree with him on occasions but overall he's a really funny guy with really good taste.

OwnagePranks- This guy is a genius. I cannot even stress how many times this fucker made me laugh. Not only is he great with creating new voices but he can really keep a conversation going for a really long time even when people are loosing their shit over the phone.

Egoraptor- Say what you will about him, but I love his videos.

HarryPartridge- One of the best animators on youtube and a very funny guy. Also he's fucking insane.

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Best Friends Play is the only gaming related channel I watch.

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Everyone from Normal Boots, Caddicarus, brutalmoose, SpaceHamsterGames, Game Grumps, videogamedunkey, Mowtendoo, The Escapist (Yahtzee and Jimquisition), nigahiga, and Ashens

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I used got watch all of TotalBiscuits videos and then I kind of got tired of him. While I never watched their individual channels either I did enjoy the TGS Podcast/Co-optional Podcast for a while but went off that around the same time I went off TotalBiscuit.

I don't really follow any youtubers now. I watched a few Yogscast episodes when they first came out but then when they started doing branching stories I lost interest. AngryJoe was enjoyable for a while until he kinda started getting very political about what was going on at youtube. Game Grumps was good with Jon, Danny's alright but him and Erin just do fart jokes all day it seems were as when Jon was there they would talk about the history of the game a little. Jontron isn't bad, it's just a shame he outputs so little work.

I think overall I just went off the idea of Youtubers.

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Two Best Friends Play is the only one I watch on a semi-regular basis.

@marokai said:

Patrick Boivin from Two Best Friends Play, probably, if I had to pick a single person.

Pat's last name is Boivin? I did not know that.

Out of those four Pat is my favorite.

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This is a tough one. I'd have to say Two Best Friends Play, followed bu HuskyStarcraft and Dunky.

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I've just recently started watching a lot of Youtube stuff. This happens to coincide with Youtube being unblocked at work. I've been going through a bunch of different channels that I've never really watched before, just to see what they're like. I like Jontron and GameXplain quite a bit. I've also just recently started watching Yogscast stuff (holy crap do they have a lot of video combined). I think my favorites there are Sips and Sjin. I love Sjin's voice. Other than that, I've watched some Escapist, vinesauce, Totalbiscuit, AVGN, Caddicurus, and some others. They're all fine, but eh. Did You Know Gaming is pretty entertaining.

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  • Two Best Friends Play-Their The Sw1tcher channel has all of their LP's and other videos to watch and they're pretty funny and knowledgable when they play. They also do themed months like last year they played random wrestling games in August and this year, its them playing crappy Super-Hero games for the most part.
  • Videogamedunkey- Watch his videos for the comedy. The guy maybe pretty dang random with his videos, but it works.
  • Zemalf- Perhaps the complete opposite of TBF or other channels like Game Grumps. For those who don't know, Zemalf is a Finnish gamer who generally plays rather difficult PC games for LP's. Yet despite how tough the games are, the dude has the most calm and collected voice I've heard from a youtuber and I love his videos for that. He also beat XCOM:EW on impossible ironman difficulty without losing a single soldier.
  • BruceBlitzSports- The one none gaming youtuber I'll mention in this thread. He gets guests onto a google plus video chat to have honest and entertaining roundtable discussions on recent sporting and wrestling events (NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE and TNA). The videos I enjoy the most are his UFC PPV and WWE RAW reviews.
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It's impossible to say what this man's highlights are because the entire playlist of his videos is a highlight. If I had to choose a favorite of his:

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Retsupurae is great, the SloMoGuys or whatever has some fun stuff and I like Achievment Hunter (although Rooster Teeth as a whole is kind of ass, RWBY..?). SomethingAwful churns out a lot of great let's plays if you're into that kind of thing, just check lparchive.org. Other entertaining channels include:


The Game Chasers


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@erhard: especially therealgiantbomb, right? ;)

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Kay Plays and... actually, that's it.

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Anthony Fantano and Mark Kermode. Technically Kermode works for the BBC but I watch him on youtube and you cant take that away from me you buggers.

Oh and also Nobbel87.

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hmm, I like...

Gamester81 - More so his older videos when he just showed off his badass console collection, extremely friendly and doesn't come of as a "nerd"

Ashens - Does a lot of video game related stuff...he's pretty brilliant. Funny, irreverant, I could easily see him being in movies and quite popular..very similar to Simon Pegg.

Continue? - Over the top but I find their editing really funny, I think Paul Ritchey is pretty dang good as a host.

GameGrumps - Can be grating but overall I like it...Think I enjoyed their original incarnation with JonTron the best.

Cinemassacre - The orignal and still the best, even enjoy his James & Mike play. The AVGN videos are basically the Seinfeld of internet video game comedy.

Tons of others, can't name them all..don't go too crazy with it but there's tons of variety out there. The people that say, "they all suck," have obviously never looked around. You're on Giant Bomb, there's people who make vids on YouTube who have just as much talent as our boys here.

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vash12349 is probly my fave even though i like almost all of the well known youtubers,so thats saying something.if you want a good lets play of his to start with i recommend the minority report one he did recently,its freaking hilarious.really you should watch all of them because there all good.

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Most of them are shit now. I just stick to the professionals, especially when they're being unprofessional.

Shout out to GB, Videogamer.com & Dan Ryckerts dad!

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@mystyr_e said:

Maximilian: I'll admit though his "OH YEA VIDEOGAMES LET'S GO!" hype persona can be a bit much but when he's not doing that, he's an entertaining fighting game player.

Force: Very well-spoken, covers a good amount of games.

Markiplier: the....hm, the overexaggerated facial expressions notwithstanding, probably my favorite of the "watch dude play horror game with facecam" crowd.

Haven't watched Force in a while, but I second him. Seems like a cool, chill dude.

As a big FFXIV I love Mr. Happy. He's got a bunch of youtube stuff and streams pretty regularly also.

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I got way too many to choose from GB homie. Though I usually prefer to watch fitness channels more then gaming. Keeps me motivated to improve my life even outside of fitness...keeps me alive. Though if you asked me what pornstars I watch there's afew that comes to mind...not just one.

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The only YouTube LP'er who I have enjoyed with any amount of regularity is Kikoskia, and even then I don't have a ton of interest watching him play Deus Ex Invisible War over the course of like a month.

At some point I'd rather just play games than watch them, y'know?

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Ashens - reviews Poundland tat so you don't have to. And managed a decent film.

Game Grumps - Effectively a team effort as I think Dan, Arin, Barry and Ross on their own just wouldn't cut it.

Mathewmatosis - Proper, proper gaming critique.

Totalbiscuit - PC-centric but gets his teeth into a lot of stuff I'd not come into contact with otherwise.

OSW review - Hilarious wrestling critique

Let's Play - Usually for the Things to do ... series.


Retsurprae and the rest of the Freelance Astronauts. And Maffew's various Botchamania accounts.

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I always find myself watching JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, some AngryJoe, Achievement Hunter, but my most favorite ones are The Completionist and ProJared. I REALLY need to get back to watching Extra Credits.

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Well, if it has to be a gaming channel. I guess it's the Double Fine channel, and some of the TB content

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@capum15 said:

Probably Coestar or Dsylexci / Taconic. All are pretty good, the last two put out a good chunk of ShackTac Arma content which I always find pretty fascinating.

Edit: Also Achievement Hunter.

Glad to see another ShackTac fan out there. I actually joined the group for a bit after being a huge fan of their videos for a long time. They're really one of the most dedicated, organized, and fun clans I've ever come across, and it really shows in their videos. Hearing that super-legit com chatter always gives me goosebumps, especially when shit starts going sideways.

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@maltor124: Yeah, the Com chatter is probably my favorite part of those videos game-wise. Other than that, I find I enjoy their humor a lot too. Kilroy's "Against The Red Tide" had such an amazing opening, partly due to taking (inaccurate) tank fire and a (very accurate) missile, and partly due to Claymore being such a ham.

I also like seeing the various rolls they play in different missions. You get to see a lot of Arma.

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Don't watch a ton of game related channels on YouTube, though the ones I do watch are Best Friends Play( on and off, depends on the game usually) and CrossCounter(really just Excellent Adventures)/ Maximilian Dood. The main non-gaming ones I follow are Cult Moo, Matt Stonie, MightyCarMods, and CinemaSins. Also really like a couple blacksmith channels though they tend to not be too frequent posters.

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Maxamiliian Dood, TBF, Vash123459, OnlyAfro, EpicNameBro, AGermanSpy and CrossCounterTV. Pretty much all I watch is Dark Souls stuff, funny playthroughs and fighting games.

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I've found most of it to be a collection of people who wouldn't know 'funny & entertaining' if it hit them in the face with a goddamn shovel. That said, I've enjoyed The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross since Super Street Fighter 4 came out.

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Its pretty niche but i really like frooglesim for flight sim related content. Also Day 9 is pretty rad, i used to watch him for help when i played Sc2 but nowadays i only watch his non Starcraft related stuff which seems more and more frequent.

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Giant Bomb has basically taken over as my sole video game-related source of entertainment. The only person that I still kinda follow closely on Youtube is this guy. He makes some interesting, well-produced stuff.

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