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I for one just started a new channel. I find that the community here is one of the best online, I never find that there is too much fighting, everyone is pretty supportive. So it would be cool to see if some of you guys have some vids and if they're good!  
My channel is  http://www.youtube.com/spacehamstergames 
You should sub/friend me!
Progress is pretty good i'd say! I'm learning lots of new fun stuff. It would be nice to have some feedback too! I could really use the help.  

So what's your Youtube channel about?

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I've just been using mine to upload BlazBlue:CS Fight Night matches.

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I upload quicklooks, a couple of Starcraft 2 commentary (only my own games) and some walkthroughs. 
But only my AlternativA walkthrough is in English, the rest is danish. 

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I watched a couple of your vids   ConstantRa1n! Nice Job. Nice Bluray collection too!

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Wow that's pretty crazy to think that 1.5 million people have seen that video. Nice work. 

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*raises hand* 
I've uploaded so much stupid crap to that account.  :P
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@JJWeatherman said:
" *raises hand*  I've uploaded so much stupid crap to that account.  :P "
Just watched your featured video.... jesus christ that was 1:22 of pure awesomeness.
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@JJWeatherman said:

" *raises hand*  I've uploaded so much stupid crap to that account.  :P "

LOL that intro video had me going. 
I think the best one of mine is actually just a continuation of that guile music goes with anything theme. I did it with minecraft.   Well, at least its the one i had the most fun making.
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I've got one if you guys wanna take a look.  My Drew-approved Alan Wake "sandwich" QotW submission is on there, as well as this music video for Jonathan Coulton's "re: Your Brains":

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  Uh, sure. All I have is a 30 second long clip from Deep Space Nine though. 

Pretty dope right?
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My Youtube account.
I got an Hauppauge and I use it to record videogames that I play. Mostly just the new games so that I can get some views on them from people interested in the game or DLC or whatever.
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My channel.
Yeah I started uploading my SSFIV matches against the GB community when Super came out. Nothing special, but good memories all the same. Probably uploaded my last SF match now. Might move onto Mortal Kombat if that takes off.
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Right now all I upload to my channel are reworked episodes from Thunderbirds with Swedish dub so my community is pretty small. :P

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i dont have one right now but am in the process of filming some stuff. mainly comedy skits and what not. should be pretty good once i have some content to upload :D

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Always fun to see some new comedy skits! 
I think i'm going to work on a top ten really soon. I was just getting my channel started with some commentaries to get some views and maybe get a small base before doing something that would take a bit longer.
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All kinds of random shit. Mostly videogames. Also, disregard the latest video. It is pretty retarded.

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I used my account to upload the Dragon Age origin trailers for each starting. I also used it to upload this gem I made for screened back when this was a meme. 

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I have one, but I haven't used it much yet.  I suppose I should start to more often.  I've considered doing vlogs, or ingame vids of stuff.  Just haven't. 
Reminds me though... Is FRAPS still the ingame recording software to use?
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Me and some of the guys from the Starcraft 2 forum do a podcast and recently started up a youtube channel:
Hyperion Television 
Just commentated replays of pro-games.

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Not a ton of stuff on mine but it is varied.  I have an Adventures of Lolo Let's Play on there, a few Realm of the Mad God videos and some of the noise music I make.  Besides that, some other random stuff.

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@DjCmeP said:
" Here's mine. Check out my SFX videos they are pretty funny. Also download my first album. The link for it is in the featured video's description box. 
http://www.youtube.com/user/NotSoCoolAfterAll2 "
You have some pretty cool beats man! 
@melcene said:
" I have one, but I haven't used it much yet.  I suppose I should start to more often.  I've considered doing vlogs, or ingame vids of stuff.  Just haven't. 
Reminds me though... Is FRAPS still the ingame recording software to use? "
Yeah use Fraps for in game recording. It doesn't have many options, but you don't really need them. You do however need a crapton of free space. That's why I have a 2TB drive for dumping and bringing together videos in Sony Vegas.
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@TFG: Thanks. I might do some lets play vids at some point but right now I'm trying to focus on getting better at making music. Please subscribe if you enjoyed my vids.
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@JJWeatherman said: 

*raises hand*  I've uploaded so much stupid crap to that account.  :P "

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I have an account. I don't upload to it really. I posted a couple of things from Spore just to see how that worked.
I've thought about doing stuff with Youtube but I really wouldn't know what to do. I'm not photogenic and I don't have anything interesting or funny to say.
Guess that doesn't stop a lot of other uploaders, but still.

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I was doing 2 playthroughs, but I formatted by harddrive, and I said fuck it. I may start one of em up again, but the other one, no thank you. I also made that Nolan North talking to Nolan North video.

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Mine is  http://www.youtube.com/BlastedRoof which I run with my friend and we upload funny videos mainly about Call of Duty and some song parodies about it as well. We also upload some videos to Machinima if you have heard of them.
I also have this one  http://www.youtube.com/BlastedToby which I more recently started and I upload commentaries and gameplay to it. 

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I have one that I just recently set up for doing the whole P90X workout thing.  
Put my first video up the other day. 
It was basically a picture gallery of my man-boobs as they were last sunday, but next sunday I'll be talking and giving some general tips for motivation and stuff etc, also some more pictures of how my man-boobs will be by that point. (I'll be uploading these videos every 7 days from last sunday onwards.) 
You get the picture, and if you're curious do feel free to check it out. :-) Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/crusnchill?feature=mhum 
(If you do check it out, get back to me with ways of improving this stuff, I'm a novice at the moment and don't know what will improve my viewership numbers.)
I may eventually put videogame related content up at some point in the future. 
In that vein of thought, is it better to make seperate channels for different topics?  
Thanks guys!

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I uploaded some videos from live concerts I've been to.  And there will be more of that as time passes.
Planning to shoot some random gameplay videos every now and then too.   
I'm all around with my channel

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@TorMasturba:  It might be a good idea to seperate channels, but then again if you have a really small audience i'd think it would be a good idea to keep your followers together under one channel until you have enough to make a seperate channel for a specific topic. At least that is what I'd probably do.
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Mainly just post gaming videos, vast majority being of Ninja Gaiden games.

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I also just posted quite a few DC Videos earlier, if you guys are interested in that. I know that it didn't get a very good review on the site, but I thought it would be fun to check out for myself, so I did a few videos of it.

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Yeah now that i've had a chance to look at most of this everyone has some pretty unique and interesting vids.

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I don't. I don't plan on getting one either. I just like to watch the videos and listen to the music along with the videos sometimes on Youtube.

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sometimes i put up videos on mine, but recently i've just been too lazy. i don't even do commentary or any kind of anything, just hey here's me playing a game.
i'm bad at getting videos made and then my upload is bad so one video is like an all day affair. my latest sc2 video was like 2 days.

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I use mine to host highlights from the Giant Bomb Forza 3 Race Night.

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i have one but i have nothing good there. i started uploading gamespot videos but i stopped doing that.