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My name is Garett, I was named after Pat Garrett, the Sheriff who shot and killed Billy the Kid. At first, I was told this was an honorable thing, however after doing some research, it seems that Pat Garrett was kind of a coward, and shot Billy the Kid from the shadows.  
So what is your name and how did your parents decide it?

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I'm named after a Jew...which is ironic cause I'm Arab.  :|

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My name is Mike because it's a pretty cool name. I was the fourth kid in my family, so at that point my parents probably didn't really need much more of a reason than that.

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No one

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My name is Jesse and I'm named after the father of David in the Bible.  *sigh*  It's kinda lame, but at least I have an uncommon name. 
Oh and also my middle name is my Fathers name.  I am Jesse David *blank* 
and my son will be *bleep* Jesse *blank*

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My first name and my middle name came from the movie Gone with the Wind ....

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Uh...  Two Catholic saints and my father.  That is, first name == Saint, middle name == Saint, but was also my father's name.

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My name is Rene, My dads best mate died before I was born, In Europe (Dad's Dutch) Rene is quite a common name for men, in New Zealand only girls are named Renne or Renee so I was picked on quite often at school until I grew to 6"2 and towered above the dicks who gave me shit about my name, Now I have a good story for it,

My two Middle names, one was my Grandfathers name and My mum just like the name of my second middle name.


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@chstupid said:
" No one "
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My papa. 
Yes, my dad's name is Dalai.

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I'm named after my father's middle name, which in turn was named after the doctor's last name who delivered him into the world.

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@KaosAngel said:
" I'm named after a Jew...which is ironic cause I'm Arab.  :| "
Wait, which Jewish figure is Kaos Angel? Is he the person who invented the wrong use of the word "ironic" (there are Arab Jews; they're pretty much called Israelis, but they're still Arab)?
Oh, and I wasn't named after anybody, which explains why I'm called King Vincent I.
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Named after No one.

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My parents named me "Annas", and it has been the very worst experience of my god damned life.  All throughout middle school and high school I was called "anus", so if people wonder why I fucking hate people at first sight...they know why now.  To this day my parents can't tell me why they picked to name me this, and to this day people in Saudi Arabia ask why I was given a Hebrew name.   
Even in Arabic my name is written like the Hebrew and not like the Arabic, and when I go to a Muslim Country they always look at my name, when at least two have asked if I was Muslim, despite the fact that my Visa for Saudi Arabia was for religious reasons. 
My brother gets named a "lion" in Middle Eastern and I get the religious stuff.  Wonderful.

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@fearthephins said:
" My first name and my middle name come from the movie Gone with the Wind .... "
I think you should be proud of the name Prissy Pork.
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I had a grandfather named Claude. I was named after him.

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We're not so different, you and I. I, too, developed a deep misanthropy after horrible school experiences. Also, yea, it sucks that your brother is named Lion and you get both Human Fault and Other Human Fault.
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I don't think I'm named after anybody, it's just my name.

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I'm named after Luc Robitaille because my family were huge Kings fans...and I'm a Ducks fan :)  Fuck the Kings!!!
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@Kyreo: @Dimsey:  
My middle name is James, according to my father, I was supposed to be named Jesse James, however my racist grandparents thought it was too close to the reverend Jesse James. Names are crazy.
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Ryan named after Nolan Ryan.  My dad is a big baseball fan.

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@Video_Game_King: Damn, what's your background and name anyway?  I shared mine!  Now yours!
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I was named after a friend of the family.

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My first name isn't named after anyone, my parents just liked the sound of it.  However, my middle name is the same as my father and grandfather's middle names.
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Jacob from Christianity. Yea, that's right, I wrestle angels motherfucker!

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My dad.

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I was named after the movie Logan's Run... Or not so much named after it as my mom saw the film and thought that Logan was a good name and gave it to me. She actually didn't like the movie.

Also, my Father and I both share the middle name Don and we both have the same initials so I'll probably try to do the same with my kid.

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Hi everyone. My name is Robert, and I've been sober for two weeks. 
Oh wait, this isn't the AA meeting? Whoops.

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Bruce Springsteen, Lenny Bruce, and the guy who introduced my father to "coke parties" in the early 60s.
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I have two uncle Mikes and an uncle Greg, so I am Michael Gregory. I kind of wish my parents had gone with their previous idea and given me my great-grandfather's name for my middle name. I could have been Michael Angelo. Ah well, this way my initials are MGM, which is kind of neat.

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I'm named after one of my uncles who died before I was born.

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My name sounds like "love people" in Mandarin Chinese.

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Tim after the bible.

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I was named after the mexican singer Cristian Castro just because my dad thought his wife was hot.

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I wasn't named after anybody. My parents only named me Zach because they were in a rush to get out of the hospital. That basically set the tone for much of my life, sadly...

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Chuck, so that i might be able to inherit some of Chuck Norris's numerous attributes, they were really hoping for that whole tears curing cancer thing to become millionaires but sadly, i also inherited the never cry feat. 

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I wish I knew.

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Bjorn meaning Bear in Scandinavian.
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My first name is my paternal grandfather's middle name, and my middle name is my maternal grandfather's first name.

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I think I was named after this one "village idiot" sorta person... Dunno why.

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My name is Aaron, I was named after the brother of Moses. My mother named all her kids, all four of us, after some saint or person in the bible.
I despise religious things.

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My name is Rodrigo , my mom just liked it ... but after doing extensive research I like my name , comes from the germanic Hrotriks which  translates  to glorious leader/famous leader  .... :D so bow to me suckas

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My first name is my grandfathers name Zackery and middle is my grandmas maiden kinda funny since I'm related distantly to Zachary Taylor the president haha  

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Long answer: Nobody that I know anything about 
Short answer: Nobody

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First name? I have no idea. Last name? I dunno, but the literal translation from Spanish is "Bear River". My middle name I do know a bit about, I'm named after my great uncle Alexander, the only brother born to 6 sisters (my grandmother included). He passed away shortly before my birth and since I was the first male grandchild, I bear his name.

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I was named after one of the relatives from my dad's side.
Dude called Leopold who looked so god damned good everyone slept with him and he got driven out of the country by angry husbands.
True story.

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The Omen