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I was named after Bieber. My parents foretold his arrival twenty years ago. 
...God, if this were true I'd have to kill myself.  :P

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@KaosAngel said:
" @Video_Game_King:  
My parents named me "Annas", and it has been the very worst experience of my god damned life.  All throughout middle school and high school I was called "anus", so if people wonder why I fucking hate people at first sight...they know why now.  To this day my parents can't tell me why they picked to name me this, and to this day people in Saudi Arabia ask why I was given a Hebrew name.   
Even in Arabic my name is written like the Hebrew and not like the Arabic, and when I go to a Muslim Country they always look at my name, when at least two have asked if I was Muslim, despite the fact that my Visa for Saudi Arabia was for religious reasons. 
My brother gets named a "lion" in Middle Eastern and I get the religious stuff.  Wonderful.

Oh man, that's classic.
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Named after my great grandpa, moved from France to here as a 15-year-old coal miner, served in the war and got a purple heart. Pretty cool guy.

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My name is Simon and my parents chose that name because they liked the name Simon. I have been told that if you trace it back far enough it means "he who hears the voice of god" in Hebrew. My middle name is Allan as that was my grandfathers name. 

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Using morse code, I named myself by punching my mum in the womb several times. 

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I was named after Michael J. Fox's character on Family Ties.  My parents named me after a damn fictional Republican.   

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Mad Max.

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I was named after a god. Which is quite suitable, if you ask me. 

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I was named after Ryan Giggs. 

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I actually have no idea. I haven't thought about asking my parents and I don't really care either.

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Named after a grandfather who passed away before I was born.

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Adam Ant I believe, Mum was a big fan xD

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After some merchant.

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Adrian Belew

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MIddle name after Luke Skywalker...I was born a nerd D: 
that's it :(

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After my grandfather.
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I was named after the Bollywood movie my parents watched on their first date. It... hurts. 

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Well my parents decided that it would be a good idea to let my sister name me. Seems like a good idea right? Well my sister was 3 years old at the time so the best she could come up with was Fætter BR which is a chain of Danish toy shops. 
My parents didn't exactly agree with that so they forced her to pick a better name. Another girl from her kindergarten had just gotten a brother too who had been named Jens so my sister decided that she wanted a Jens too.

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I´m named after my two granddad´s who both fought in the war. One on the good side and one on the bad side...(German, US)

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It doesn't really translate well, since Earth computers don't really have my alphabet on their keyboards, but for simplicity's sake, when around humans, I just use the name Vincent. It's a cool name.
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After a friendly ghost.

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My dad named me after Saint Michael. My mom named me after Michael Palin, the famous Python. I think that being named after Palin is more awesome.

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My parents wanted normal names that weren't common at the time. Many other parents had similar ideas when naming their son Benjamin. (3rd most common UK name in '89).

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
"After a friendly ghost. "

Casper! (with a smidgeon of doubt) Right...?
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I'm named after a village in the north of England called Austwick. 

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@KaosAngel said:

" I'm named after a Jew...which is ironic cause I'm Arab.  :| "

You would rather take the Jewish meaning rather than the Arabic one?
To be honest with you, I don't think anyone in the Arab world would look at your name and go "Sheeh man, what a Jewish name". No. In fact, "أنس" is a wonderful name because it refers to tranquility and calmness with your surroundings. 

Your name is your identity, you should be proud of it.
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@GunnBjorn said:
" @TheSeductiveMoose said:
"After a friendly ghost. "
Casper! (with a smidgeon of doubt) Right...? "
Yup :)
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after my parents' uncle cuz he's a bigass doctor

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" After a friendly ghost. "
Vigo The Carpathian?
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@HandsomeDead said:
" @TheSeductiveMoose said:
" After a friendly ghost. "
Vigo The Carpathian? "
No, but I wish.
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Named after my Mother's Father, Joseph. Same name, I go by Joe however.

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No one in particular, but its a pretty common name shared by various kings, and biblical figures. Never liked it.
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i'm not named after anyone. my middle name is also my dad's middle name.

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@AngelKore: Ha! No way! Are you yanking my chain? Because not only would it be too fucking cool that I've bumped into someone who has the same name for the same reason (up top, mate!) but the magic just had to happen here at Giant Bomb, didn't it? Man, this place rules hard.
P.S. Quests are fun.
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My Dad. I'm Scott Neal Ellison II (the 2nd)

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An American folk singer. My parents were hippies.

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My little brother was named after the John Wayne movie Big Jake.  If you can't guess, his name is Jake.

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My first name... eh. 
But apparently my middle name Albert is named after Albert Einstein. 
I would have prefered Einstein if that was their thing but oh well.

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Alistair, after my dad. I'm rarely actually called by my full name, I go with Ali since it's much less clunky.

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My name is Spencer and I'm not named after anyone, because my parents  had enough creativity to come up with a fucking  name.

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My name is Chris Kent, my parents were thinking of naming me Clark. Sadly, they did not.

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Diego Verdaguer

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I'm named after Thomas Edison and Mr. Ed, the talking horse. I just had this discussion after one of my classes today.

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My dad did his best to name us all uniquely because he didn't want us to be stuck with boring common names like his, so my first name is not after anyone in particular. My middle name was inspired by my grandma's first name, however.

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@buzz_clik said:

" @AngelKore: Ha! No way! Are you yanking my chain? Because not only would it be too fucking cool that I've bumped into someone who has the same name for the same reason (up top, mate!) but the magic just had to happen here at Giant Bomb, didn't it? Man, this place rules hard.
P.S. Quests are fun. "

Yep, Giantbomb is the greatest matchmaker website on the internet it seems D; 
And yeah. My parents didn't realize it was a surname until after they submitted the naming form so I guess I was stuck with it. Callan's quite a cool name though, you have to admit. :D
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I was named after I was born. I have no idea who was named before me though. Could be anyone really.