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I would like to say Europe, but i've got a gut feeling that USA will win. I also know very little about golf, so take that as you will.

Bradley and Mickelson just through Donald and Garcia, who normally perform extremely well for us.

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Euro all the way baby. Looks like the US are off to a good start though.

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Ask Norm.

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@crazyleaves said:

Ask Norm.

I don't think he knows anything about golf. ;)
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Thought this was going to be some sort of competition involving DMX.

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2-2 after the morning matches. It'll be nice to see Dustin and Bubba tee up today in the afternoon. I think DL3 was saving them to unleash them in the afternoon. They are gonna overpower this course. USA! USA! USA!

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Zack Ryder because Woo Woo Woo You Know It

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I have my money on Jeff Daniels.

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Really strong play by the Americans in the afternoon (yesterday) and they started off nicely today as well. 
The behaviour of some of the fans is just atrocious, I never understood what kind of idiot you have to be to mock your opponents (in any sport).

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Europe I am sure.

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Milwaukee Brewers.

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Oh my god, did anyone see Ian Poulter? That man is a Ryder Cup machine!

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Houston Oilers.

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Most amazing Ryder Cup... ever.

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@emem: Seeing as it was the first one I've ever followed/watched I'm both super excited, but also disappointed that apparently it's not always like this! Glad Europe Won!

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That was incredible, Dad and I stayed up right till the end, couldn't believe it went down to the wire. Speechless. Stunning year of sport.

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@JBird: Well, the last Ryder Cup was great, too. But there were just so many things happening this time... the US team played fantastic golf on the first two days and then Ian Poulter basically single-handedly won the last game of the 2nd day, he was the reason why the European team believed in a comeback in the first place. That last day was just incredible and comebacks like that don't happen very often on such a high level. 
What made me personally root for the Euopean team even more than the last few times was the fact that Seve(riano) Ballesteros, who was one of the best friends of the European captain Olazabal (and still has the most European Tour wins, by the way), past away a little over a year ago and they basically played for him. Olazabal's speeches totally made me tear up, that man knows how to talk. 
I can't wait for the next Ryder Cup, it's amazing to watch every time.