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I'm torn between Denis Leary and Willem Dafoe as Bigby Wolf, but maybe I'm missing someone.

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I think Bigby would be Josh Holloway from Lost hands down. While the role of Snow White would have to be played by someone who can present royalty but would also be head strong. My choice for the role would be between Olivia Thirlby or Liv Tyler.

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Dude Willem Dafoe? lol no way. He'd look terrifying with that scraggly beard and watching him turn into a wolf would just knock me out with fear.

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Jaleel White as everybody. Dude needs work, and bad.

Honestly, I'd go with Hugh "Huge Ackman" Jackman for Bigby. It's a little on-the-nose, but it would work.

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@geraltitude: It sounds like you're making a case for Willem Dafoe? You could be going either way on that one.

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I might be ignorant but "fables" the game right? are they really considering making a tv show out of it?

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Eddie Murphy as everyone, it'd be a smash hit!

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But seriously the Josh Holloway as Bigby is the correct answer.

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I might be ignorant but "fables" the game right? are they really considering making a tv show out of it?

Actually HBO had already greenlit a project some years ago but then the company changed leadership and they axed the show. Fables as in Fables the comic book, just now a game in The Wolf Among Us. Fables in its first 5 years was a giant fucking success for Vertigo. Pretty much everyone wanted a piece. Ever since those crap shoes like Once Upon a Time/Grim started showing up talk about The Fables TV Show has increased again.

@sometimesavowel: haha, yeah I didn't really think about that. Bigby is supposed to be tough (and terrifying as a wolf) but his human appearance shouldn't make you just recoil in fear.

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@geraltitude: In the opening moments of the game, it's established that everyone in Fabletown is afraid of Bigby. But idk I haven't thought of Josh Holloway. He might be better. Chris Hemsworth could make a good Beast when he's not playing Thor.

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Peter molenux himself.

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@Cubical: wrong franchise, still a great idea though

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Vin Diesel playing every role like Eddie Murphy does in those terrible movies that make fun of fat people.

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Boris Johnson

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The cast of Torque

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Or a stick.

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Can we resurrect the late Yul Brynner to play Bluebeard?