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This would be under the premise that there is no escaping from said island and there is enough wildlife plants and animals to live off of for the remainder of your life.

I would probably choose the hippy. He looks like the kind of guy that would know his way around. Be fun to hang with. His shroom-induced visions might have some grain of truth.

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If I had to suffer, I'd definitely bring my wife to suffer the same fate. It's in the vows! ITS IN THE VOWSSS!

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Ether Girlfriend or Bestfriend.

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My romantic intrest ;).

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Depends on the girlfriend. I am single at the moment but assuming I had a girlfriend or wife at the time of this event I would probably bring her along depending on her personality. I guess if it was a wife then I would bring her along because I would know I get along with her night and day. If it was a girlfriend of two months or something I would probably go with the bestfriend choice.

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If I had to suffer, I'd definitely bring my wife to suffer the same fate. It's in the vows! ITS IN THE VOWSSS!


And I'm guessing sex and arguing are going to be the only two forms of entertainment available, so I might as well bring the one person I already know is going to be great at those two things.
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I don't think I would be able to stand seeing anybody I know that often. I chose celebrity, because eventually Scarlett Johansson will get lonely, and I want to be there for that.

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My cat.

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@GunstarRed said:


I honestly thought that I'd be the only person to say that.

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@AckbarTheGreat: Great minds think alike.

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I would definitely not bring my wife. She would suck at the whole surviving and having to slum it on the beach for the rest of our lives. I would never hear the end of it.

I don't know who I would bring though. Probably someone interesting that could entertain me. A friend perhaps.

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Does it matter? I could probably just transform into the Dragon Warrior IV Hero and zap myself to a known location.

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@Hunter5024 said:

I don't think I would be able to stand seeing anybody I know that often. I chose celebrity, because eventually Scarlett Johansson will get lonely, and I want to be there for that.

Beat me to it!  
Seeing as how this is hypothetical anyway can I get the younger version of her from when she did Lost in Translation? That way it would take more years for her to become an old lady.
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Scarlet Johansson

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The rest of my life? Yeah definitely my romantic interest.

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just make scarlett johansson a poll choice already

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A robot with a vagina.

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Fuck romantic partners (no pun intended), friends over anything

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I say romantic partner of course (you know because of sex) what's there to do on a deserted island? ... why would you want to bring your best friend? to talk.

I give you 2 days and you'll want to murder eachother.

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My dog...to fight/hunt other beasts and sniffing/looking for stuffs washed ashore.

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Dammit, I almost always choose before I read the actual post which has the real topic in question. I picked B, because then I could just get off the island and then be with choice A, but now, it's just choice A.

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Tom Hanks.

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And by survival expert I mean Bear Grylls. And by Bear Grylls I mean competent Bear Grylls, not drink own piss at any occasion Bear Grylls.

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< - - -

Man, this poll's a downer. I don't want to be trapped on an island!

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An angel obviously. Like duh.

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Someone who knows how to get off the damn island.

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@Nonused said:

Tom Hanks.

Hanx's volleyball to be more accurate.
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Zooey Deschanel.

I know that young scamp would be able to keep me positive about the whole thing, and she seems like she might be crafty.

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I was going to answer with my little brother, but people tend to die on deserted islands and that would be too much for me to bear.

Any girl both smart and pretty then, might as well enjoy it. Say, Emma Watson.

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Straight female survival expert!

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@aznjon12: I can't really decide who I'd bring. But apropos of nothing, I love your avatar.

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Steve Erwin; survival expert

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Goku. He can just fly me back home.

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i guess if it's a really good friend they'll never fuck you over

and you could always fuck a friend :/

but there's also the ever so remote possibility that the love of your life could also be your best friend

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A survival expert doesn't sound like a bad idea. Unless he gets the idea, that the only way to survive is to eat me.

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You perv.

My answer is: Vinny.

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Other: MacGuyver

why? obviously because he'd build a boat out of sand and leaves (possibly turning sand into glass so we'd have a glass boat! woo!) so we could get home :)

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@Cloudenvy said:


You perv.

My answer is: Vinny.

That's some world-class innuendo. Both the trap and the Vinny parts.

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A gay man.

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@Cloudenvy said:


You perv.

My answer is: Vinny.

Not Shinobu?

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No one, just me....I like my privacy

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Famous person definitely like Kim kardashian. because at first she's not gonna be interested, but once she's starving and i've gathered all the food and supplies from the island she will offer herself as payment for my muscular protection XD

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Voted for the 1st before reading the rest, I'd bring my girlfriend.

Edit: Read the rest, still would have chose the 1st. Although I can't argue your hippy logic :p

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@No0b0rAmA said:

@Cloudenvy said:


You perv.

My answer is: Vinny.

Not Shinobu?

Of course not. I need a Ham radio expert there!

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Emma Stone.

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isn't it obviously?

chuck norris! he could pull the rest of the world to the island and it wouldn't be a deserted island any more :)