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#1 Posted by GigaMunch (98 posts) -

Time for the battle of the century it's a no holds barred fist fight to the death and the can use anything in the CBS offices as weapons. GO!

#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19154 posts) -

Amazing, this isn't even a poll.

#3 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

Vindog has the guns and the will to use them.

#4 Posted by Zero_ (1970 posts) -

Drew easily. The guy fucking went to North Korea and survived, he's a machine. Vinny would just laugh and hug Drew.

#5 Posted by DarthOrange (3497 posts) -

Shelby Bonnie walks in right as they are about to fight and breaks both of their arms and legs and then laughs to the camera.

#6 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2041 posts) -

Vinny easily. Have you seen him? Dude is ripped.

#7 Posted by GigaMunch (98 posts) -

Vinny may be ripped but I still feel Drew has secret communist spy training. But on a side not Vinny did just become a father so he has the paternal rage to survive to protect his son.

#8 Posted by Coafi (1433 posts) -


#9 Posted by Nentisys (881 posts) -

Drew would fuck Vinny up.

#10 Posted by TOA_Doom (70 posts) -

I have to go with Vinny.

#11 Posted by adoggz (1952 posts) -

I got this guys. No one wins in a fight between Vinny and Drew.

#12 Posted by ShadowConqueror (2993 posts) -

They're both awesome, but Vinny could suplex a moose.

#13 Edited by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

Vindog's guns would take care of it. Although I wouldn't rule Drew out; I mean he did venture to North Korea and come back to tell the tale.

Edit: Why no poll?

#14 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

How is it a fist fight if they can use anything in the office as a weapon?

#15 Posted by Toxeia (721 posts) -

They don't call him Biceps Caravella for nothing. I'll be there to nurse Drew's wounds though and kiss him all better.

#16 Posted by Intro (1191 posts) -

Vinny would win every fight against anyone.

#17 Posted by RPGee (759 posts) -

Vinny "Baby-Maker" "Italian Stallion" "Two Pens" Caravella is probably the best choice, since he's got all dem arms and would be able to punch through walls RoboCop style to get to Drew.

But Comrade Drew Scanlon has probably got North Korean training, and has probably got enough contacts through Flight Club to be able to call in some sort of air-strike.

The answer? Doesn't matter, since there's no poll. Woops.

#18 Posted by Kandycane2029 (511 posts) -

Vinny has the muscles, but I'm sure Drew has the brains. It's a tough call.

#19 Posted by fetchfox (1158 posts) -

Drew, hands down. Massive flightstick muscles under that shirt.

#20 Posted by Sayishere (1838 posts) -


#21 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

No question, Vinny.

#22 Posted by Tolshakk (84 posts) -

The better question is who would win the fight between bleach-blonde Ryan and frosted-tips Jeff

#23 Posted by AlexanderSheen (4669 posts) -

They are the two most nicest guys in the World, my answer is:

#24 Posted by freakin9 (839 posts) -

Vinny vs. Dave and we got a debate.

Drew does not seem like a man that has the reflexes to even hold up his hands before the Vinny beat-down gets laid down.

#25 Posted by XenoNick (1367 posts) -

Have to give it to Vinny. It'd be a close one though.

#26 Posted by SurferZ (92 posts) -

Vinny has dad strength now.

#27 Posted by cutyoface (524 posts) -

Vinny because he got them muscles.

#28 Posted by Sweep (8541 posts) -

Drew is a North Korean sleeper agent. Who knows what the fuck is in that guy's head.

On the other hand, Vinny once climbed up onto a fridge...

#29 Posted by SeaMoose (41 posts) -


Just check out them guns.

#30 Posted by chu52 (226 posts) -

Vinny not only has paternal instincts, but also can channel his own terrifying father. But to get these two to brawl would take so many drugs I don't think an answer is possible to predict

#31 Posted by RazielCuts (2711 posts) -

Vinny's got the backup of his son now, the Caravella's can take on any man!

#32 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1255 posts) -

Drew maybe small, but I still think he wins. (and not because my name is also Drew.)

#33 Posted by BombcastGoldthwait (247 posts) -

mutual assured destruction

#34 Posted by Three0neFive (2274 posts) -

If poorly-dubbed kung-fu movies have taught me anything, defeating someone's father can only lead to your death.

#35 Posted by sonicrift (288 posts) -

Who'd win in a dogfight? #flightclub

#36 Posted by Video_Game_King (34599 posts) -


#37 Posted by HorseFactory (98 posts) -

Vinny's got the mass, but I'm pretty sure Drew is an expert in Krav Maga.

Also, his fists are named Semtex & TNT.

#38 Posted by jjnen (659 posts) -

Vinny will become one ruthless motherfucker when it comes to life and death. Drew isn't as eager to start banging Vinny's head to the table and would probably try to talk his way out of the situation while Vinny would be smacking Drew around with office chairs and other stuff he could get his hands on (like Ryan or bottle of booze). So Vinny.

#39 Posted by EXTomar (4125 posts) -

@GigaMunch: Richard Nixon.

#40 Posted by Red12b (9044 posts) -

they're both lovers not fighters c'mon...

#41 Posted by Mustachio (241 posts) -

Vinny has the power but I think Drew has some hidden moves. You can look into Drew's eyes and just know that he could kill you without even thinking, if he wanted to.

#42 Posted by JasonR86 (9372 posts) -

It would be a draw. As soon as they hit one another, a supernova would occur causing the planet to be engulfed. Hence, draw.

#43 Posted by Jayzilla (2538 posts) -

Who's Vinny again?

#44 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

Drew works out and he's got some guns. Why the hell are you guys saying Drew is scrawny? That's not even like... half true.

#45 Posted by SmilingPig (1337 posts) -

My money is on Drew.

#46 Posted by SarjuTheRapper (279 posts) -
@GigaMunch said:

Vinny may be ripped but I still feel Drew has secret communist spy training. But on a side not Vinny did just become a father so he has the paternal rage to survive to protect his son.

hahaha paternal rage 
also, yeah vinny's got this. you wouldn't want to mess with the gamecop 
He's got nothing to lose 
#47 Posted by SeanFoster (837 posts) -

The only winner of a fight between Vinny and Drew would be RIVAL VIDEO GAME WEBSITE.

#48 Posted by supamon (1325 posts) -

Vinny's double gun show. POW POW!

#49 Posted by Grixxel (758 posts) -

Someone clearly does not know about Drew's secret agent life.

#50 Posted by uniform (1830 posts) -

Vinny vs Drew: Whoever Wins...We Lose