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#1 Posted by Cauxt (10 posts) -

In all of world history. Who's your favorite historical figure?

Famous or infamous doesn't matter.

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#2 Posted by DopeToast (534 posts) -

It's hard to pick one, but I really like studying the history behind Hebrew scripture, so probably King Josiah of Judah.

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#3 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Mel Gibson.

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Alaric .... king of the visigoths who kicked roman ass and also Joan of Arc ... her story always intrigues me.
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#5 Posted by inkerman (1492 posts) -

This is really hard...Darwin maybe?

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#6 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1412 posts) -

Hitler of course

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#7 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

I don't know, but Theodore Roosevelt was incredibly bad ass.

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Ezio Auditore da Firenze

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#10 Posted by coakroach (2497 posts) -

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

I'm not even Finnish, but this guy was one badass motherfucker.

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#11 Posted by Christoffer (2301 posts) -

I know it's a spoiled cliché by now, and then some, but it has always been Leonardo Da Vinci. I admire creative people and he kind of personifies creativity, for me, aswell as a master of his instruments.

Clearly, I don't tell people this unless I want to get into discussions of grails being vaginas and some dude being a woman in a painting. Couldn't care less.

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#12 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

@PeasantAbuse said:

I don't know, but Theodore Roosevelt was incredibly bad ass.

This was pretty much going to be exactly my response.

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#13 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1531 posts) -

Alexander the Great is my favorite i guess, either him or Hitler both fascinate me.

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See what I did there?

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Obviously, this is a hard question to answer.

I will go with one most probably don't know. Nathanael Greene had no military experience at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. He was raised by a father that hated the idea of being educated, so he had to teach himself. He learned what he knew about war strategy from reading books and rose through the ranks of Washington's army to become one of it's best generals.

There are many great people from the American Revolution that one could choose.

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I'm not sure. It depends in what context. If we're talking military conquerers, Alexander the Great had a kingdom twice the size of the Roman Empire by the time he was 30. Speaking of ancient Greece, I really like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle as well. I also like Leonardo da Vinci, but not for his paintings. In terms of music, Beatles maybe... or Elvis... or Bach. Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, anyone who's made a contribution to science. And Shigeru Miyamoto.

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Jesus Christ

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Either Churchill or Albert I. Both faced the brunt of human brutishness and thuggery with immeasurable courage. Though, to be honest, I still have a lot of history to catch up on -- I look forward to it.

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Are you trying to "hack" my msn account or something.

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Leeroy Jenkins.

He's considered a historical figure now right?

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@coakroach said:

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

I'm not even Finnish, but this guy was one badass motherfucker.

@mylifeforAiur said:

Either Churchill or Albert I. Both faced the brunt of human brutishness and thuggery with immeasurable courage. Though, to be honest, I still have a lot of history to catch up on -- I look forward to it.

Those, as well as Bór-Komorowski, Abraham Lincoln, W. T. Sherman, and Hannibal have to be some of the most interesting historical figures, but favourite? Thomas Paine.

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#24 Posted by RobertOrri (1178 posts) -

Does myself count?

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#25 Posted by TobbRobb (5811 posts) -

I'm very interested in the great conquerors, like Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great or Julius Ceasar.

If you haven't already, read some books by Conn Iggulden, he's made novels about Khan and Ceasar which are mostly historic but with a few changes for the sake of narrative. Good reads.

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@Stingraymond said:

Jesus Christ

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#28 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2521 posts) -

Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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#29 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

Churchill because he's badass.

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#31 Posted by Rattle618 (1505 posts) -

W.A. Mozart.

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god I dunno there's so many; Gustavus Adolphus? Meiji? Tommy Douglas? There's so many to choose from ;_;

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#33 Posted by handlas (3127 posts) -

Penn Jillette

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#34 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

I like winston churchill... He really know how to come back at people when they called him a drunk. 

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#35 Posted by Alexandruxx (248 posts) -

Alexander the great was a genius.

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#36 Posted by jetsetwillie (882 posts) -

Winston Churchill or Isambard Kindom Brunel

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#37 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Roger Ebert

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#38 Posted by uniform (1841 posts) -

Puss in Boots

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#39 Posted by EvilTwin (3316 posts) -

Dammit if I don't love this picture.

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#40 Posted by UncleClassy (405 posts) -

Wilt Chamberlain. He knew how to get his if ya know what I mean.

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Ron Jeremy

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Harvey Milk is pretty high on my list

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

I blame video games

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@sionweeks said:


See what I did there?

You posted a historical figure whose existence is accepted, despite not having enough sources to confirm said existence? In that case, I'll go with Socrates, since most of what we know about the dude is from Plato using him as a mouthpiece for whatever he wanted to say. Also, his story is still a very appealing one; it pulls off Greek tragedy and the quest for knowledge really well.
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#46 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Tycho Brahe! Gold noses all around!

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#47 Posted by mazik765 (2363 posts) -

Siddartha Gautama or Charlamagne off the top of my head. Also Vikings.

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#48 Posted by el_tajij (851 posts) -

Florence Nightingale. Without her, I wouldn't be in a job at the moment.

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#49 Posted by Veektarius (5857 posts) -

Going to say Frederick II (of the HRE, not Prussia). He was a cunning bastard. Maybe not the most successful emperor militarily but he did some great diplomacy for the 13th century, and a very secular mind. And he wrote texts on falconry that I've heard are still used (though art was so bad back then, i have trouble believing it.)

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Andrew Jackson

His only regret in life was that he didn't kill enough people.