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Favorite game, movie perhaps? I chose mine since the Ace Attorney series is one of if not my favorite game series. Phoenix is my favorite character in it, so naturally I had to go with him. Plus the icon looks pretty cool I think. :P

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Half Life 2 and its episodes are among my favorite games, and Gordon Freeman is a total badass.

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It's one of my favorite episodes.

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I was ready for something different.

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favorite game

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Because Giant Bomb put this picture for my icon

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Starslip Crisis is my favorite webcomic

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Favorite TV show. :)

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I chose this because I love the new batman movie.

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Crysis is a great game. Love how that suit looks.

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i like meatwad and ATHF

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Colin Mcrae is awesome... but he's dead.

And I have always had this icon on gamespot, so why not here?

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i made my first icon which was lower quality than the one i have now , then it was optimized by and333, I like my icon the way it shows my username and the GB logo with a cool background and effects, so that's the story of my icon

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I study math and theoretical physics. Wanted to bring that further side of geekyness into my avatar.

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I like Blue Oyster Cult :P

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It's an album cover, the bands called Camel. No idea why I chose it.

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My icon is of me, or at least the character named Felix from Golden Sun. :)

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I think it looks cool, dont you think?

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I job shadowed Mr.T in high school....... no that's not true
The A Team was on T.V

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Cuz it is hilarious to anyone who enjoyed Mike Tyson's Punch Out which includes me.

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Mercenaries 2 is going to be the most rad game evar

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I enjoy me some Sam & Max.

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My eye. Scary..... no sexay.

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I really really like Dragon Ball Z.

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Green_Incarnate said:
"My eye. Scary..... no sexay.

It reminds me of Command n Conquer...don't ask
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lloyd's the man

plus his amused facial expression contrasts with my usually sardonic nature in a comical fashion

hmm, quite

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If I ever found one, I'd hit it

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I wanted a transformers G1 Picture and prime was already taken. I couldn't find a good megatron so I choose this instead. I always loved Bumblebee.

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Soul Caliber is the first arcade style fighting game I got good at, and the only one really.
Nightmare is my best character.

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I was looking at http://www.dlcstats.com/, which tracks how well Rock Band's DLC sells; they had a cherry bomb wallpaper that I liked, so I put it as my desktop wallpaper at work (as well as my icon here).

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I thought the pencil drawing of Cloud looked legit and was something different. Plus I love the Final Fantasy series.

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My GS avatar that I made was too small, so I settled for a picture of some zombies. I like zombies, but hate dead rising though, which is ironic.

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Because the Dark Magician Girl is awesome.:P

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Because it has stuck with me for almost two years now. :D

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I always use Diddy Kong, because the first game that got me into gaming was Diddy Kong Racing.

The Giantbomb logo next to Diddy means this is my Giantbomb icon.

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I'm a fan of Little Big Planet, so why not include the little guy avatar.

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Travis Touchdown, do I need to say more

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I love donkey
donkey dont lie
I love donkey
almost much as pie!

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I drew it for a project that didn't pan out, and I wanted to use it somewhere.

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It's a long and embarrassing story that kind of stuck, haha. ;D

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I couldn't think of what to use as my icon so I just got a picture from Shaman King, my favourite manga.

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 My avatar is just awesome.

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because L is awesome?

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Iceman reflects my personality :P

Plus I like blue^^

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Because Nico B. is a badass and realistic Nico is even more badass and I liked the pic.

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Cause I like Ghost Rider.

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It's my default avatar everywhere.

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I like the movie Anchorman.

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I spunked mine up in Photoshop to celebrate joining this community.  Y'like?