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Maybe I missed the answer to this at some point, but I have always wondered why the "New Games" tab on the site only goes a month forward. It's nice to be able to just look at a nice big list of everything coming out this year and being limited to a month makes the thing seem kind of useless to me outside of one or two use cases. Is it some technical limitation or some design philosophy I'm just not aware of? I have yet to see a nice easy to read one and while I like the way GB has that stuff organized in there, it makes it useless if it's only one month ahead.

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Because stupid.

It's probably cause once you start getting further out than that all release dates boil down to "Q2" or "2013" at which point it's kinda useless information if you wanna see what's coming out in that week.

Although I do agree making it a little longer wouldn't go amiss.

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@chavtheworld: I get that at a certain point it just becomes wild speculation, but it would still be useful to see what's "projected" for later this year even if you have no way to narrow it down this early. Just having a best guess of stuff coming out later makes the year seem a bit more hopeful and for those on a tight budget it lets them try to plan a bit more for the future.

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@crusader8463: True.

Man I wish the new editor would stop bolding the first letter I type after an @ reply in Chrome.

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@chavtheworld: Oh god why did you have to point that out? That's going to drive me nuts now!

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Always just to be a month back.

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Laziness. Probably.

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It's a shame that they don't go further out. I really liked the way it was organized, though having all those dead systems in the filter is really pointless/annoying, but being so short sighted really makes the thing less useful.