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I don't pay for web sites.

#52 Posted by ripelivejam (5875 posts) -

i may have accidentally perused giantbomb more than i actually play games lately, so i thought it was worth it to fork over a measly $5/month to these guys.

also i'm a BETTER supporter as i'll end up giving them MORE money this way vs. year sub. but i do want the gold medal, and fancy printed t-shirt...

even if it were just the bombcast though i'd probably think it was worth it.

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Cause they rarely put out any content that's of any value to anyone, Patricks a terrible writer and is constantly preaching on a soap box and loves stirring up the community, Brad's terrible at games, they make stupid jokes and then sell dumb merchandise to try to scam users out of their money, this site is a joke, there's no way I'd ever pay for this crap.

...wait a minute.

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when/if said condition is alleviated, I'll consider resubscribing.

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I'm considering not to re-subscribe this time around. Giantbomb and I has grew apart somehow.

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Fuck those lying bastards.

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#57 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7785 posts) -

Whatchu talking about? I'm subscribed and in for the ride.

#58 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6497 posts) -


But for real I just don't have the money for it.

#59 Posted by egg (1615 posts) -

So? What's your reason? Why haven't you joined the paid membership yet?

You're kidding right? Why would I donate to a game review site? o.o

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I spent all my money on the John Drake Tracker. Oh nooooooo!


#62 Posted by Daveyo520 (7328 posts) -

When I couldn't I had no money and no bank account and had no way of buying things online really.

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I took advantage of the Thanksgiving sale last year. I reget NOTHING.

I'll probobly resubscribe when the time comes, because I'm a Hardcore " Duder for Life".

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@fattony12000: Aside from calling you a spammer, I also consider you to be deep and dop-- Oh I see you've taken care of that :)

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Because I dont care for Patrick.

#66 Posted by Eric (28 posts) -

I am looking for another 35$ sale...here is hoping that the bomba squad is looking at this and consider it. Their store is weak right now (Already have two of their shirts too) so the 15$ credit is not doing anything for me.

#67 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3597 posts) -

The way I see it, in ten years any content worth seeing we will have to pay for in some way. I'd rather have GB there in the mix when that happens. I'm not even talking about a lot of money, but the 'good stuff' online will have to be paid for somehow.

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If I find myself with an extra $50 to spend, I will choose to buy a game 100 times out of 100.

Precisely. If I have extra money, I'm not going to spend it on a website to download videos. The very concept of it just sounds ridiculous.

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Being British almost all the live stuff happens when I'm going to bed so the premium access is great for me.

Plus I like to support nice things, and Jeff has stated several times that without the subs this site probably wouldn't still be around.

#70 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

I doubt I would watch most of the stuff it would give me. Mostly feel like i'm missing out on Jar time. No desire to watch these guys play more games.

#71 Posted by Superfriend (1632 posts) -

If I find myself with an extra $50 to spend, I will choose to buy a game 100 times out of 100.

Yeah, this is the reason I´m no longer an Xbox live gold member too. All those "it´s just a dollar a week"- arguments kinda don´t work if I can support an indie dev with the same sum (or maybe a little more)

Now that they are with CBS I tell myself they are fine.. at least from a financial perspective. As in, they get enough to feed a family. At least I hope they do.

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Being British almost all the live stuff happens when I'm going to bed so the premium access is great for me.

Plus I like to support nice things, and Jeff has stated several times that without the subs this site probably wouldn't still be around.

I actually feel that this is one of the unfair things about GiantBomb. A lot of people from Europe simply don't have the option to watch any of the live content.

Also - I like the site and the guys a lot - but that whole "without the subs we wouldn't function" shouldn't be an issue anymore. They partnered up with one of the biggest gaming sites in the US and if their financial situation is still so dire they need to rely on "tip jar" contributions to function then they got a pretty raw deal. I already think it's kind of weird that they don't have the budget to get Rory onboard but hey what do I know about budgets and websites and shit.

#73 Posted by Metzo_Paino (350 posts) -

@humanity: I'm summarising from Jeff's tumblr, but lots of subs gives Giantbomb autonomy from CBS, resulting in things like 1 long video segment, when the marketing team would prefer 3 short videos because it would look better on their stats when attracting advertisers.

It also makes it easier to justify a weekly, usually 3 hour podcast that doesn't make them any money directly, but creates goodwill that hopefully equals more subs.

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Sub until December i think but i may not resub once it ends. I visit the site a lot less and no longer obsessively consume every piece of video they put up. Premium content is very hit or miss and unless i can catch the premium stuff when it's live i have to settle for the video player and it's rotten in a big way.

#75 Posted by James_Hayward (575 posts) -

I want video games to exist so I pay for them. I want something like Giantbomb to exist and so I pay for it.

$5 a month almost seems embarrassingly cheap for what is provided and I would be willing to pay more if there was an option to do so.

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It's funny to see so many people saying they will never pay for content on the internet, when I bet in 10 years (tops) this will be the standard, Giant Bomb is using a business model I think we will see a lot more of in the near future. Why? Because the current advertising-based system websites on the internet are almost universally built on is rapidly failing, and will probably take like 95% of websites with it.

I pay for a subscription because I want to see the GB guys succeed, whether the content is worth the price or not. I really like most of the crew, and $5 a month is not even remotely recognisable to me, so wouldn't not "donate" it to a good cause? I totally understand why people don't subscribe, though. Giant Bomb is an acquired taste, and not everyone likes their style, which is fine. It took me about 2 years of casually checking up on the site every now and then to get to a point where I could fully appreciate Giant Bomb and everything it's about.

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Needs more Vinny.