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Despite not liking the art style, you cannot debate the fact that all minecraft assets are instantly recognizable by any gamer. Second, my friends and I have never laughed as hard as we have while playing SMP.

But most of all, the entire list of games you listed as better are constantly being trolled for not having enough player agency. Can you think of a game that has more player agency than Minecraft? Play Tekkit with a few friends and go from dirt farmer to nuclear power plant. Play the Hunger Games servers and enjoy some of the most tense competitive multiplayer I've ever enjoyed.

The creativity is much more about the macro than the micro. Sure moving one block to another block is really boring. But what does that mean? What can I do when I put my mind to it? Like most games, RPG's especially, the moment to moment is not the main source of joy. It's from the larger world and what it offers to those who work for it.

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*facepalms what am i supposed to avoid my friends to.

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@xxxthejuggernautxxx said:


*facepalms what am i supposed to avoid my friends to.

As I only speak English, I'm going to go ahead and assume from the above that you are trying to say "Am I supposed to avoid my friends too?" as they are talking about Minecraft too much.

Well that's even easier than avoiding content on a site that you have no control over. They are your friends and likely to be more receptive to a quick explanation that you don't want to keep talking about a given subject so much. In this case, that subject being Minecraft.

If they know that you hate something as vehemently as you are trying to make out that you hate this, and yet they keep on mentioning it around you, well they really aren't as good friends as you think they are.

See. No snarky facepalm needed.

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the OP's formatting is far more offensive than any amount of pixelation.

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I think your username needs a few more X's. Only then will I take your opinion seriously.

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Really guys? OP has the writing skills of a sub-10-year-old because he's probably under ten years old. That would explain why all of his friends talk about it all the time. He doesn't understand life enough yet to realize that minecraft, for many people, instilled lost creativity and imagination. The imagination that they lost years ago reading threads like this. There's no logic to this young mind yet. After all, if he was so sick of hearing about minecraft, why was this the first thing he decided to post about? Was he expecting for us to say "oh yeah you're right, let's change the subject!" So stop feeding the troll, let him go to 4chan or some other shitty forum where he can get all the attention he needs.

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"why (game) is a over-rated game"