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I gotta say Ithat I enjoyed his antics. If you've got pics or gifs, post 'em here so that we may refresh his memory come tomorrow. Let's pay heed to Norm and Gary Whitta's suggestions. 

Bonus gifs! 
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There was a live feed of the block party? I had no idea.

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Yeah I don't care about people getting drunk.

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Yes it's great!
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The greatest, Will.  You and Rorie were class acts.  Big ups, Will.  I'm coming to the next community event to get plastered with you boys.

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@ch13696 said:
" Yeah I don't care about people getting drunk. "
It's nice to watch when you are at home drinking alone. :P
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@ch13696 said:

" Yeah I don't care about people getting drunk. "

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Rorie was soooo ripped it was great.

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lol i agree with you whole heartedly 
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Rorie's surprise Enterprise theme encore was the best part of the night.

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  Never forget this Will never forget.
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@Lemoncookie01: I also like the backwards one.
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These are all going to haunt him as Team Fortress 2 sprays.

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Haha Rorie's dance is great!

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Hahaha, I think I'm in love with Brad.

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Will frightens me now. 
Edit: I think Brad has been practicing his photobombing technique. Kudos, sir.

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I guess this thread is a bit redundant, lock if you want.

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MOAR gifs in this thread.

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Just one more month and I'll be legal age to get hammered with the Whiskey Media crew. I'm so down for the next Block Party, I only live like 15 minutes away as is. No excuses next time.