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Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4138 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Will you get on a music subscription service this year? (152 votes)

Apple iRadio 0%
YouTube Music 0%
Xbox Music 3%
Spotify Premium 28%
Sony Music Unlimited 3%
[Other] 6%
[No] 59%

Well. I want to know, if you guys have come around to the subscription bandwagon by now. It seems that Spotify got popular all of a sudden. But, I don’t even think that matters really, unless people pay the ten bucks for it. Ten dollars seems to be the amount that people seem to be okay with, these days. I doubt Xbox Music is very popular, but that might change whenever the heck it comes out on iOS, Android, and browser. Apple is supposed to launch iRadio later this year. Apple might be wooing Trent Reznor from his Daisy service, backed by beats by Dre. Google is supposed to be launching their Google Music Subscription service, powered by YouTube. Amazon might be finally launching theirs this year. Then there’s still Rhapsody, who bought Napster. MOG, bought by Monster. And Rdio, backed by Will Smith.

Of course there’s still CD, and vinyl. CD is still around, and that’s sort of weird.. The last CD I bought was The Beatles' LOVE, and Placebo’s Meds. It’s the one album I know of, that you can’t buy digitally. Weird.

So yup! Do you think you’re gonna finally jump onto subscription music, later this year? iOS has plenty of options for you now. Although! I do wanna know:

  1. How do you feel about YouTube powered music? I can’t stand YouTube for music, but I don’t really mind if I would pay for a subscription.. Would Google Music Subs have ads?. Hmm.
  2. Who of you actually do Sony Music Unlimited? I heard on CNN, PS4 might be a thing this year. Eh??! And I bet they’re gonna push Sony Music U at you, Day 1 you get it plugged in. What with Vita and PS4, maybe Sony Music U might be worth paying for. I just find it interesting..
#1 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6285 posts) -

I hate the fact that VEVO censors all their videos, I really do, but I mainly use Youtube to figure out if I like an artist enough to torrent their albums. If I like their shit I will go see them live when they visit town. Am I still stealing? Sure. But ask any artist busting their balls on tour today: the money is in touring.

#2 Edited by Reisz (1455 posts) -

Literally never.

I will support the bands I love by going to their concerts and buying their albums and merch direct. I have no interest in paying for access to an enormous library of music I don't listen to.

I love the model though, I adore it from Netflix and Amazon and am totally behind the idea for those who want access to that selection.

#3 Posted by Zella (689 posts) -

Almost certainly not, half the music I dig wouldn't likely be in any libraries(not trying to sound like a hipster but random canadian metal bands don't tend to get a ton of attention). Only one I would consider would be Google Music cause I love the standard Google Music, even living in Canada, cause it's so easy to sync and manage my music with it so if they added some special features only for subscribers I might consider it.

#4 Edited by rachelepithet (1332 posts) -

I constantly want to get into Spotify but the whole signup process is so weird. I think it requires facebook, or if you don't sign up that way it limits the number of free hours you get. There was some kind of early sign up bonus when it first came to America, that I thought I made the cut for, but was screwed out of when I quit Facebook. Whats the right way to sign up for and get the most out of spotify now? I always preferred MOG's sound quality, and Rdio's social features, and both companies playlist sharing, to what I remember Spotify having. But maybe its gotten better since then. Simply put, Ryan Davis shares playlists that way, so, i want in.

#5 Posted by mlarrabee (2875 posts) -

I love CDs. I listen to them only after ripping, but I still love CDs.

I know we're on the brink of the age in which you'll own nothing and license everything, but I don't care.

It's why I'll never consider PS+ a great value, I won't subscribe to music services, and I don't have a Netflix subscription.

#6 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7039 posts) -

I love Spotify. It helps me discover new music quite a bit and then I end up buying their CD(s). And their "Extreme" quality option is great with my Sennheisers.

#7 Posted by ShaggE (6297 posts) -

If anything, then definitely Spotify. I use it more often than my actual music library, even for songs I own. The ads don't bother me, but I would like to up the sound quality and support the service.

#8 Posted by Nev (539 posts) -

I've used just Spotify Premium for all my music needs for a good year or so now, and I really doubt I go back to buying music. Just going from spending anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks a month on albums, to just paying $5 a month for Spotify alone has really spoiled me.

It's rare I don't pop open Spotify after seeing a new album I'm interested in has released, and it not be right there in the new releases area. As someone who really loves listening to music, it's just made my interest in music even easier to deal with, and just as enjoyable.

I can just freely spend that 50-100 bucks on garbage now! Whoo!

#9 Posted by Sanity (1890 posts) -

I'v used Zune pass, or whatever there calling it now instead of that for a few years. Hate itunes so i got a Zune instead and have loved it tbh. Dont get why people hate on them so bad, i mean i know the itouch is better but i really hate itunes.

#10 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3048 posts) -

No? I just use Pandora.

#11 Posted by Vexxan (4612 posts) -

Been a Spotify Premium user for 3 years soon, before that I barely bought any music except for game soundtracks.

#12 Edited by Azteck (7450 posts) -

Gonna continue with the Spotify premium I've had for the last three years or so.

#13 Edited by Winternet (8002 posts) -

Isn't music free, like, for the last decade or something?

#14 Edited by kidman (465 posts) -

I'm on WIMP which is the European service kinda like Spotify. I use it cause they have a contract with my cellphone carrier so my monthly bandwidth is not being used when I'm streaming music from that service. If not that I'd be using Spotify.

#15 Posted by EVO (3850 posts) -

I'm subscribed to a service, but only cause I got it for Christmas.

#16 Posted by Danteveli (1158 posts) -

No since I totally don't give an eff about contemporary music and listen enough of that crap while I'm in clubs. The stuff I may be interested in ends up on some kind of mixtapes so I dont need service for that.

#17 Edited by Picsl (201 posts) -

The only audio I consume nowadays are podcasts (mostly), and only really listen to music in social settings and whatnot. So, I guess my answer is, no.

#18 Edited by Clonedzero (4051 posts) -

I wasn't away this was actually a thing. I know some people with satellite radio for their cars, but thats not really the same.

#19 Posted by believer258 (11565 posts) -

The closest I'll get to this is the free version of Pandora.

I definitely prefer having my own music.

#20 Edited by NegativeCero (2973 posts) -

No, I'll continue using the free version of Spotify to occasionally find new music and then buy that music. Although weirdly I still use Youtube for that whenever I happen upon something I like. Just found Garbage that way.

#21 Posted by Jrinswand (1695 posts) -

How do you create a poll about music subscription services and not include Pandora? I read a report somewhere that said that, worldwide, Pandora is the third most popular way to listen to music, behind radio and... something else that I'm forgetting.

#22 Edited by StrikeALight (1112 posts) -

Just how diverse are the selections of these music services?

I love the idea of an alll-in-one subscription, but with so many free mixes and podcasts available out there, I can't really see myself taking the plunge.

#23 Posted by 49th (2670 posts) -

If I could use a subscription model with a device outside without needing the internet I would probably sign up, at the moment you need to have a connection though right?

#24 Posted by budgietheii (153 posts) -

Happily been going on with Zune/Xbox Music for over a year since I got my Windows Phone. With an Xbox and windows laptop it's worth the money for me. Would maybe be tempted to jump to Spotify if they got an xbox app.

#25 Edited by Kidavenger (3487 posts) -

I have Sony Music Unlimited, it's a good service but I never use it, podcasts have really taken over 100% of my audio needs.

#26 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

I subscribe to SiriusXM total access or whatever which lets me listen on the computer / iPhone / iPad as well, and now with MySXM it can be a lot like Pandora. Basically each station has it's own unique sliders which let you tailor types of random songs you'll hear if you turn on MySXM, otherwise you can just listen live.

#27 Posted by mellotronrules (1171 posts) -

right now finances are tight, but with the glut of good music coming out this year i finally caved and ponied up for a spotify sub. but it's just stopgap- as soon as i can afford to, i'll lose the spotify sub and purchase physical copies of the records i'm enjoying. not only do i enjoy the tangible aspects of records (the artwork, packaging, etc.), but i feel compelled to support the bands that i like, and it's pretty clear that spotify's compensation model is pretty dodgy. especially for artists with a smaller following.

#28 Posted by Pachtar_Klepek (89 posts) -

^^I'm so pissed at SiriusXM, the one station I listen to is now in some special add-on, "best of XM" package". I'm sick of paying for entire services and each day they make it seemingly more difficult to support the sole entity I enjoy. This is really my personal issue with music services, I go on "music discovery" kicks twice a year, so if I'm not doing that, any streaming service is overkill.

#29 Edited by psylah (2161 posts) -


The kind of music I like isn't on these streaming services. Jerks.

#30 Posted by Marcsman (3094 posts) -

No. iTunes works just fine for me.

#31 Edited by Krataur (337 posts) -

Probably not. Spotify free and my own MP3 collection uploaded to Google Music work just fine. If I do sign up for something, it'll be for the $5 Spotify premium service, since I never really listen to music away from my desks anyway.

#32 Edited by SMTDante89 (2541 posts) -

The free version of Spotify is just fine with me, and then I'll continue to buy CDs from now into the foreseeable future.

#33 Posted by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

Hell no. Music's been free since like 1999.

#34 Edited by Apparatus_Unearth (3101 posts) -

Spotify's the only thing I could see myself subscribing to, that's pretty cool.

#35 Posted by FiestaUnicorn (1577 posts) -

I had a zune for a long time, liked their marketplace but hated the device.

#36 Posted by Milkman (16485 posts) -

Already a Spotify Premium member. If nothing else, it's worth it to not get any ads.

#37 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4252 posts) -

Most likely not. I dunno, I just prefer ye olde fashion way of doing things: just buying the entire album and listen to the songs I want to listen to.

#38 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

I've had Spotify Premium since 2008 and it's been fucking great. The only record I've bought so far this year was Kvelertak's sophomore album 'Meir'.

#39 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

Spotify is pretty terrible. There's a lot of issues with log-ins and their desktop client seems pretty poor. I just tried them out for curiosity's sake, and I greatly prefer Rdio so far. In about three days I've had something like 5 major technical issues with the Spotify Premium service. Rdio on the other hand never gave me a problem once.

Spotify seems to have the better free service though.

#40 Posted by Ben_H (3296 posts) -

Rdio. I would use Spotify but it isn't available in Canada.

#41 Edited by LikeaMetaphor (47 posts) -

I don't have a subscription service, and don't plan on getting one in the foreseeable future. Almost all of my music has been coming from Bandcamp, lately. There's a pretty diverse selection of artists on there, and from what I understand of their payment models, more of my money goes to artists.

Plus, I've the ability to give just $1 to folks when I can. It's become the best solution to my difficulties/wants buying music: being a poor college student, listening to only what I want to with the ability to freely seek out other artists, and giving more of my money to artists without having to work through a billion different band homepages.

#42 Edited by MonetaryDread (1987 posts) -

My answer is no.

I live in a country that does not have streaming services. Rdio is the only option for me, and it is mostly useless in my country.

#43 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6151 posts) -

Nah I was interested in Rdio but I listen to specific stuff that fortunately in Bandcamp.

#44 Posted by wemibelec90 (1497 posts) -

I don't feel a need. I do use Spotify but almost entirely on my PC (where it is entirely free), since I don't have a phone nor do I care to use Spotify on the go. If I like a song or album enough, I'll go ahead and pick it up but that is quite rare for me. Most of my music listening does come from Youtube, letting me pick and choose what I want to listen to at any given moment. Since I have an ad-blocker (and feel no qualms about using it on a site like Youtube), it works out pretty well. I can just buy those songs I listen to a lot (although I don't often do this).

#45 Edited by Caustic_Fox (112 posts) -

None. At the moment I am using Spotify and to a lesser extent, MOG free versions. Most of the stuff that I listen to is too underground anyways to find on either service.

#46 Edited by MC_Hify (319 posts) -

I'm a playstation plus subscriber, so music unlimited was $10 for a year and I picked it up.

#47 Edited by TinyGrasshopper (222 posts) -

I've been on Spotify Premium for ages now. It's awesome. Their selection is unbelievably good. They have high quality syncing on mobile. The apps in the desktop client are great. They have last.fm syncing, even in the beta web client. And it's a dollar cheaper than rdio. And by having a free version, when times get tough, you can bump down to free and still keep your playlists.

The crappy thing about all the services though is that they all use your playlists to lock you in to their service. The playlists are the only way to maintain a collection and none of them have playlist export to m3u or pls

#48 Posted by crusader8463 (14412 posts) -

I have never bought music outside of when a soundtrack gets included in a game and I don't think I ever will. I just never listen to music so I have never wanted to spend any kind of money on it. I find just sitting and listening to music the most boring thing in the world and any other time I'm doing something its playing a game or watching a movie/tv that has it's own music so it doesn't make sense to turn it on.

The last time I listened to music with any regularity was when I was in college and would spend hours doing 3D work on my computer. There's no audio aspect of doing that kind of thing so that was the first and only time in my life I had any kind of music collection. I have since lost all the music due to forgetting to back it up before formatting my pc so it doesn't matter much any more.

Any time I'm in a situation where there's nothing to do but listen, like driving to and from work, I throw a podcast on and just listen to it.

#49 Posted by Barrock (3525 posts) -

I've had Spotify Premium since it was available. It's fucking awesome.

Love being able to download music to my phone and stream it over my car stereo.

#50 Edited by HaltIamReptar (2029 posts) -

Until there's a streaming service that offers lossless file support, literally never. (and even then probably not. I like being able to have my stuff on demand no matter the circumstance)