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@xyzygy: Im not saying you should do this, but when i was in highschool i used alotta drugs. And when i got my wisdom teeth out i smoked a shit ton of pot with codine crushed up onn top. Couldnt feel a thing for days haha.
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@xyzygy said:
" @DystopiaX: Holy hell! That sounds like it went awesome for you, only a day of pain! Another guy on here said it was terrible, for over 3 weeks for him. Guess I'll just have to wait and find out. (PS: This is the first time my wisdom teeth actually hurt. I'm assuming they were growing fine before this) "
Yeah, mine weren't even hurting before I got them out. The dentist said that he recommended I pull them because he could tell if they kept growing they would cause pain and cause the rest of my teeth to become misaligned so it was better to do it sooner rather than later.
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@xyzygy: Well they're definitely holes right now. Not sure how it'll be in a month or so.
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@xyzygy: Hah! I don't have any wisdom teeth :P Went to the dentist, got x-rays to see if I needed to get em out, and he said I didn't even have any.
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@JJWeatherman: Yeah some people have no prob has it just fits right it.I don't know why some people have it and some don't.Always seemed strange to me.
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Not checking to see if it was mentioned yet, but the last time that I had intense tooth pain I took a couple of Aleve a couple of times a day until I could get to the dentist. It didn't kill the pain, but it definitely made it tolerable enough to go about my day without crawling into a corner and crying.

@xyzygy said:

" I just got back from the dentist: He's taking my two bottom wisdom teeth out! My top two are in and fit perfectly so it's just the bottom they're worried about. I feel so much happier! But still am in a lot of pain... :P "

Let me edit, so now that you have gone to him he didn't give you a script for anything??? Should have given you a script so you can get some percocets or pills equal to that. Maybe my pain was just the worst, it was an exposed root on my tooth, just taking a breath made me literally weep in agony, I needed them.
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Weird. I had mine taken out a couple years ago and all I remember is taking pain killers the day after they were removed. It hurt a lot afterwards for a bit but it was nothing that would be on a level of pain that generates tears. Your case sounds more dire.

Edit: Just read the post again and I thought for a second you were talking about the pain after removal. Sounds like you need to get that shit removed. Go to a dentist to make sure.
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swish salt water in your mouth, or is that for braces...i forget

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@xyzygy said:
" @Sir_Ragnarok: Did you feel anything through the actual surgery? I'm more scared about the surgery than the after effects. "
I had mine taken out years ago (all four).
Doc asked me to count backwards from 100 and turned on the gas.
I remember hitting 98 and then being in the car on my way home.

Not only did I not feel a thing, I don't remember a thing.
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You just reminded me that I have to get my wisdom teeth removed in two years. UGH.

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get them out if you haven't already. i got some Tylenol and painkillers when i got them pulled out. i took them for a week and made me tired all the time. towards the end of the week the painkillers started to not be as good as they were in the beginning.

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Weird; they're not bothering me at all.


Well, I think I'd probably use heat or something similar.

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That's how I got through my pain.
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If only this thread was around earlier! I got mine out a few months ago. Like others have said, the pain varies from person to person. I had a friend who was up and moving 2 days later, granted he was on pills. My mom drove me home after I got them taken out and refused to give me any of the medication until 3 days later, easily the worst pain I've ever felt. I was lying still in bed, moving only to throw out the bloody gauze and replace it with more because anything else caused more pain than I could tolerate.

It also helped I was sharing a room with siblings who decided now would be a perfect time to screw with me, a dog who loves to lick me when I'm defenseless, and a father who said I was simply being a big baby and gave me steak for dinner.

Good luck on getting them taken out, hopefully you'll fall into the former case rather than the latter. 
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My broken wisdom tooth hurt so bad that nothing helped. I waited for far too long to get it pulled. The operation took like a minute and I felt no pain at all, but it felt weird as hell. They used heavy local anesthetics (3 separate injections) on me, but I guess that's the usual deal here in ye olde Sweden.

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I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth plus a bottom molar about 2 weeks ago. The day of the surgery i just laid in bed took it easy and watched some movies took maybe 3 hydrocodones that day but the pain wasn't really bad. The 2nd day I felt good as new didn't have to take any more pain pills just still took it easy hung around and caught up on some Quick Looks that I had missed. I still has small holes where 3 of the teeth were it's more annoying than anything because food gets down in them and then you have to wash them out with salt water. It's strange that your dentist didn't want to just take all 4 out even though they fit they're so far back in your mouth it's really hard to keep them clean. I hope you're surgery goes as well as mine did.

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Go to a dentist and get them removed. If they're causing that much pain it's not going to ever get better unless they're removed.

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I had mine come in but I got an infection on the side of my face. It was swollen so much that my ear was sticking out. It felt like I'd been hit with a plank over the side of the head for over a week. I just lived with it. I didn't go to the doctor or take any kind of pain killers. But from what I've heard I was really stupid and it could have been dangerous. It luckily came out OK, but my teeth got a little more crooked.

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If you let them grow too deep, it can actually puncture nerves that move your lower jaw. Don't postpone a visit to the dentist kids.

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Morphine or anything related to that.

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I feel the pain. I'm actually going through as we speak and there is no room so all my teeth are bein pushed together. unfortunately I have to wait til after dec 11 to have my surgery because of college. I need help getting through these two weeks

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As someone who waited several years too long to get their wisdom teeth out, hope you get them out soon. I had some nights where punching myself in the face repeatedly was the only thing to get my teeth to calm down (though that pain was for an infected abscess more than for the wisdom teeth). After getting them out (got all 4 pulled at once, and they were pretty gnarly when I did) I felt no pain at all and my mouth pain has all but disappeared ( I still have 4 broken molars I need to get pulled so I get occasional pain from that but nothing compared to when I had the wisdom teeth). The one thing I wish I did different after getting them pulled was I did not stick to regular salt water rinses, would suggest you do so.

Good Luck Duder!

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You just reminded me that I have to get my wisdom teeth removed in two years. UGH.

It's been over 2 years

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Try Oil Pulling, just google it. It really does work, scientifically proven biatches!(well in your case it might not but if it doesn't it still does a bunnnnccchh of other AMAZING things!) Raw Virgin Coconut oil works best IMO.

edit: o gawd this is 2 years old....bur mah word.

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A bottle of cheap vodka, some Oxycotin and a pair of pliers should help.

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All four wisdom teeth with no surgery required Master Race.

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I had similar problems when mine were growing in, though your pain sounds much worse than it was for me. You should probably see a dentist. I personally didn't want to have them removed because I don't like the idea of doing unnecessary procedures, and my Dentist said I have room for them. But if your in that much pain, you might have a gum infection or something...definitely see a dentist.

Oh, two years ago? Well, maybe this will help someone else then.

#80 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5022 posts) -

warm water with salt always does the trick. Probably don't want to booze up for the time being.

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Well I was on some percocets for the first few days but after that I found a slurpee, or other slush drink, worked pretty well. It was cold so helped numb the pain and full of sugar so it gave a bit of a sugar rush. Just make sure to use a spoon and not the straw as you don't want dry sockets.

I had a mixed experience as my top two wisdom teeth didn't even really need to come out but we figured it would be best if I was already getting the bottom ones out. Had to get a couple teeth removed for braces so the gap left behind from them made it so the top teeth pretty much fully came in without any pain and when they were removed they barely hurt and were healed for the most part in a few days. The bottoms on the other hand hurt like a son of a bitch and took about a week and a half to fully heal. I was put under for the surgery, so I just remember waking up with a mouth full of bloody cotton.