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I will buy a WiiU for it's exclusives like Zombi U, but I was wondering if third party sales will pick up. I know we can't know for sure until then, but looking at upcoming titles like Assassin's Creed IV and Watch_Dogs I wonder how they will do.

I have a gaming PC and I will buy a PS4 aswell but I may buy those two games on WiiU because I will enjoy gaming on the pad away from the TV and maybe Watch_Dogs will use it in interesting ways.

The problem I have is that (and I know this is way too early to tell) I'm afraid that those games will sell poorly and WiiU will not get sequels to them and I really don't want to spread a series over multiple platforms. I hated when I had to buy Dead Space 3 and Mass Effect 3 on Origin instead of Steam, or Orcs Must Die 1 on XBLA and Orcs Must Die 2 on Steam.

Do you think sales will pick up for third party? Assassins Creed 3 and pretty much any third party right now have done horribly even if some had good ports.

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third party support will die off for the WiiU i think.

since once the PS4 and nextbox are out then devs won't want to put a crippled version of it on the WiiU, plus work in a lazy use of the controllers screen.

im guessing alot of games will be cross generation at first? as in on PS3 and PS4, clearly hte PS4 version will be superior, so the WiiU will probably get the same treatment but after awhile the WiiU's power can't keep up. then publishers won't want to develop just for the WiiU when they could make their game come out on PC, PS4 and xbox.

also theres people saying the new frostbite and unreal engines won't work on the WiiU at all, so yeah.

third party won't be getting any better for the WiiU i suspect it'll get alot worse as we get the next gen consoles.